2014-15 Hoops – Playoffs Week 3 (March 29)

Updated: April 3, 2015

With Week 3 of the Playoffs behind us we are officially half way through the marathon that is the Triple Elimination Playoff Bracket. We now have a 3-week sprint to the Crown. Want to give a big THANK YOU to Greater Than for keeping everyone hydrated at the League on Sunday Night! Quick housekeeping note – we are off this coming Sunday (April 5) for Holidays and we’ll return on Sunday April 12 for what is known as ELIMINATION SUNDAY. 6 of 8 Games played on that night will take place in the ELIMINATION Bracket. 14 of 16 Teams remain after this past Sunday and by night’s end on the 12th we’ll have just 8 left. Here’s a Link to the updated Bracket.

Quick explanation on how the ELIMINATION BRACKET works for those who haven’t necessarily been following as closely as others – Each Round, we reseed. So, if you look at the current Playoff Bracket (which can be found here) you’ll see that some Teams are penciled in farther along the Bracket. For example, you’ll see 3. Team Zimmerman awaiting the result of several ELIMINATION GAMES before the Bracket catches up to them.. They are the highest seed remaining and because of that they are assured to play the lowest seed remaining in every round. You’ll also see 14. Team Levitan at an equivalent place in the Bracket.. While 3. Team Zimmerman and 14. Team Levitan are currently not matched-up on the Bracket, depending on how the Games before them shake out, it’s very possible they will actually play each other in that Round. Essentially, in every Round (i.e. group of two Games listed side by side on the bracket) – the highest seed left will play the lowest and the other Two Teams will play as well.   Any questions?

Here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video. We’re going to take it Game by Game once again.. Tonight in chronological order.. OK let’s Recap!


Playoff Results


5. Team Horwitz (Esser Hayes Insurance Co.) v. 16. Team Elrod (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Navy) – 16. Team Elrod 89-86

There’s always a different sense of urgency out there when both Teams know they are playing for their Playoff lives. You know the saying that Big Time Players make Big Time Plays in Big Time Games and that is exactly what happened on Sunday Night. The Game was obviously a close one and a big reason why was because League MVP Alan Tucci just wouldn’t allow Team Horwitz to fall out of it.. He ended the night with 51 points. FIFTY ONE. He scored FIFTY and ONE more for good measure. Just unreal.   Captain Jon Horwitz also re-separated his shoulder in this one but decided to battle through it. That’s how much these guys wanted to continue on their journey.. Only, it wasn’t meant to be..

When the buzzer sounded 16. Team Elrod hung on to a 3 point victory and got what is easily the biggest W in their Franchize’s history. They will continue on now in the ELIMINATION GAME Bracket for as long as they continue to Win Games. They’ve been a much improved team since the start of February and it finally showed up in the Win column Sunday Night. Based on how the rest of the night broke down they’ll face 11. Team Apuli when we return on April 12 (and potentially a couple more Teams too).

Finally, for 5. Team Horwitz.. It’s undoubtedly a disappointing end to what should still be categorized as a successful season. They finished #5 in the Regular Season of a tremendously deep Hoops League. Alan Tucci took home League MVP honors and Drew Zahora will join him in the All-Star Game as well. They have the building blocks here for a Championship squad and they can use this pain to get ready for a run at the crown next season. Many of these guys will take part in the Chicago Men’s Summer League as well. Congrats on a great season guys.

11. Team Apuli (iShot Mounts) v. 15. Team Shaffer (Muchacha Salsa Black) – 11. Team Apuli 129-90

Team Apuli has been up and down a bit this year and on Sunday it was certainly an “up.” They were firing on all cylinders as the score would indicate and it’s terrific timing as they are taking part in the biggest Games of the season right now.. 129 is a huge point total and you have to know that Team Apuli is going to be feeling pretty great heading into what will be a crazy ELIMINATION Sunday on April 12. They’ll get 16. Team Elrod in their next ELIMINATION GAME.

For Team Shaffer, the journey ends here.. Only one Team can win the Championship when all is said and done and this just wasn’t their year.. Captain Ian is already working on improving the bunch for a 2015-16 run and many will also take part in the Chicago Summer Leagues. Thanks for playing guys!


1 Loss Bracket – 6pm

2. Team Harris (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) v. 9. Team Schwartz (Greater Than) – 2. Team Harris 81-67

The way the bracket broke down has caused Team Harris to only play one Game so far in the post-season.. They were defeated by 10. Team Hernandez back on Opening Night of the Playoffs and we haven’t seen them since. 9. Team Schwartz also dropped their first Playoff Game to 8. Team Bernkopf but rebounded nicely by defeating 16. Team Elrod to set up this interesting matchup.

2. Team Harris, North Division Champs, have been playing extremely short-handed over the past month or so and it was going to take time for them to adjust to their new rotations and roles. Sunday Night they showed that they used their time off wisely and figured out a way to survive and advance in the Playoffs. With their W they would remain in the 1 Loss Bracket and take on 3. Team Zimmerman right away.

9. Team Schwartz is now sent to the ELIMINATION Bracket where they will take part in 1 and potentially 2 ELIMINATION GAMES on ELIMINATION Sunday (April 12). Their high seed allowed them to skip a round, which is nice, they certainly have what it takes to win a couple in a row – we’ve seen them do it this Spring. They are a Team no one will want to line-up against with their lives on the line.

12. Team Shamberg (Muchacha Salsa Silver) v. 14. Team Levitan (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Maroon) – 14. Team Levitan 59-51

Both squads came into this contest with an appropriate sense of confidence.. 12. Team Shamberg opened the Playoffs for the whole League with a stunner against 5. Team Horwitz.. A date with 4. Team Lalez later in the first night sent them to the 1 Loss Bracket. While, 14. Team Levitan won their only Playoff game so far against 11. Team Apuli. However, they started in the 1 Loss Bracket with their Bottom-4 seeding.

On paper it was supposed to be a very even matchup and that’s exactly what it was.. Team Levitan’s size ended up being the difference maker in this low-scoring affair as rebounding was at a premium. 14. Team Levitan earned the right to play another Game immediately with 7. Team Goldin while 12. Team Shamberg heads to the ELIMINATION BRACKET for what could potentially be an ELIMINATION TRIPLE HEADER for them on April 12. First things first, they’ll start with 13. Team Holzman.


1 Loss Bracket – 7pm

2. Team Harris (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) v. 3. Team Zimmerman (Biaggi’s Orange) – 2. Team Harris 93-84

2. Team Harris started making up for lost time in a hurry on Sunday Night.. They knew they were in for a long road if they wanted to make a splash in the Playoffs and that’s exactly what they got.. Both Teams knew that their paths would cross in the Playoffs and it’s been a highly anticipated rematch after their OT classic in the Regular Season. Privately, both Teams would likely state, they’d hope that the Rematch happened in the No Loss Bracket, but nonetheless here we are.. In their current states both Teams are not playing at 100%. Again, 2. Team Harris is without leading scorer and All Star Dylan Richter and 3. Team Zimmerman has an All Star, Kyle Nelson, whom is playing with a sprained ankle, which is really limiting their mobility.

These two crews brought it though on Sunday Night (so I hear). Both groups were putting the ball in the hoop and the lead fluctuated time and time again.. Even into the Game’s final moments. When the dust settled it was 2. Team Harris winning their second Playoff Game in the span of two hours.. As a reward, they earned a third Game on this night and with Defending Champs 4. Team Lalez.. More on that soon. For 3. Team Zimmerman it hasn’t been the storybook Playoff run that they had hoped for but the truth is that can only happen for a few Teams.. Just 4 Teams currently sit above the ELIMINATION BRACKET. 3. Team Zimmerman’s high seed will allow them to play the Lowest Seed in each round for some time.. They are capable of long winning streaks as they have shown a couple times this Season.. To count them out now would simply be foolish.

7. Team Goldin (Cy Fredrics) v. 14. Team Levitan (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Maroon) – 7. Team Goldin 71-65 OT

We kept the OT streak alive in this Game and of course with that brings some suspense and drama.. Obviously in any OT Game there are a number of plays that had they gone just a bit differently the end result would have been different.. The way it did play out landed Team Goldin in the Winner’s Circle of this defensive and physical battle.  Some may think the seeding doesn’t matter and it some extent when the ball is tipped the seeds do sort of go out of the window.. However, what can’t be denied is the path that each seed must take to get to a certain spot. You have to wonder if 14. Team Levitan was fresh for this one, would they have had just a bit more legs in the second half and been able to pull away? We’ll never know.. 7. Team Goldin moved on to take on 10. Team Hernandez immediately and 14. Team Levitan drops to the ELIMINATION Bracket where they will await the outcomes of several Games before knowing their opponent on April 12. At least for them they will be the ones waiting instead of playing double or potentially triple headers..


1 Loss Bracket – 8pm

2. Team Harris (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) v. 4. Team Lalez (Crystal Lake CDJ) – 4. Team Lalez 84-54

In what had the makings of a true classic — as two of our top Seeded Teams met — with so much on the line turned into a one-sided affair. Simply, 2. Team Harris was just gassed.  They had already won two straight Games on this night and just didn’t have anything left in the tank. How could you blame them?  This one was over quickly and frankly it’s impressive that 2. Team Harris even got to the third Game.. Many Teams in the coming weeks will be hoping to repeat what they were able to do on Sunday Night.. They will move down into ELIMINATION Bracket territory where their high seed will result in them playing the lowest possible opponent for pretty much the Remainder of their Time in the Playoffs.  The perks of having a great Regular Season.. No idea at this point who they’ll face.. They actually will get a couple weeks off — and they’ll need it after this long night. As for the Defending Champs — they find themselves in a great spot — they are one of just four Teams who remain above the ELIMINATION Bracket.. They will face 7. Team Goldin on Sunday April 12 with a TON at stake.. This will serve as a Rematch of a couple classics from last season.. This one takes place in the 1 Loss Bracket where the Winner stays put and will be able to taste Championship Sunday while the Loser will have to claw back in ELIMINATION Bracket land for a couple extra Games.

7. Team Goldin (Cy Fredrics) v. 10. Team Hernandez (Kelly Parker Home Collective) – 7. Team Goldin 73-54

The Final Game of the Night, as so often is the case, proved to be the loudest..  Both Teams knew what was at stake.. The Winner would find themselves in really great shape and the Loser would add a few do or die Games to their Journey for the Crown.  The Game turned 7. Team Goldin’s way as they have really found their stride in the Playoffs for the second straight season.  They got 3rd last year and it’s because they were able to string multiple Playoff Ws together over the course and many in the same night as they did yet again on Sunday. Next up for them is Defending Champs 4. Team Lalez.. A ton is on the line in that one and it’s chronicled above.. Both Teams know they are capable of holding the Crown.. But only one has.. For now..  As for 10.  Team Hernandez, they are not done yet.  They will play in the ELIMINATION Bracket for the Remainder of their season but they’ve shown this Spring that they are capable of going on a run.. Just as they did on the first night of the Playoffs.  They will have the advantage of sitting and waiting for many ELIMINATION GAMES to take place before they play again on Sunday April 19.  This is for sure — they will be one of the last 8 Teams standing — a feat they should be proud of and one that many likely doubted in the League’s opening months.

That’s it for this Week. Everyone please have a wonderful holiday weekend and see you back on Sunday April 12!