2014 Champaign – Week 5 Hoops (Oct. 15)

Updated: October 16, 2014

JUST TWO WEEKS LEFT to make a final impact on the Regular Season and get ready for the Playoffs! Week 5 Hoops is in the Books and now all that is left is two weeks of flag football!  The normal Power Rankings format returns this Week after a couple of Tournaments the past couple of weeks.. No Video this week (Madison was rained out) but there will be extended Video Highlights  next week that include Week 5 Hoops.  This past Wednesday Night the ATO house took charge and grabbed not one, not two, but three big Ws; while some Teams atop the Rankings last week took a tumble..  Let’s see what else happened and where the Teams fall!

Power Rankings

1. Team ZBT (Biaggi’s Black) – Currently in 1st with 93 points. 

Another Week and Another Dub for Team ZBT.  They are on quite the roll in this 2014 Season and it seems like they will be the top dogs entering the Playoffs in a couple short weeks.  Just 1 win in 2 weeks will lockup the #1 Seed for the Black/Gold squad..  The way they’ve looked thus far.. there seems like little doubt in that. Zach Aranas led the way for his crew on Wednesday Night.. going for double digit points and help setting the tone for the Game.  ZBT gets ATO 16s in Flag Football next week in their first chance to click the #1 Seed.

2. Team Sig Ep (Starr Limo) – Currently in 3rd with 65 points.

Back up to #2 is Team Sig Ep who really bounced back on the hardwood Wednesday Night. They took down former #2 Team Evans Scholars and with it literally grab hold of the #2 Ranking. Bryan Schley and his 15 points did a lot to help their cause. They still have an outside shot at the #1 Seed. Currently though they sit at #3 in the Standings so to move up they’ll need a little help.. They still have two flag football games ahead and if last year was any indication — they’ll be closing awfully strong in 2014.  They are going to be clicking at the perfect time for a stretch playoff run.

3. Team Evans Scholars (iHotel) – Currently in 2nd with 67 points.

Took a minor step back for the first time all season. Frankly, it’s impressive it took this long.. They’ve taken their Rookie campaign and really made something of it.. They still sit at #2 in the Standings and if they can replicate their early season success on the gridiron they are going to be in perfect shape come November.  They were fantastic in softball a few weeks back as well so they are going to be feared in the Opening Rounds of the Playoffs.  Do not let 1 Loss from them change your mindset on them.. They are for real. Very, very real.

4. Team SAE 17s (Cookie Jar) – Currently in 4th with 50 points.

Another top 3 Team from a week ago that took a fall this past Wednesday Night.. That’s how All Sports Series goes though.. One week you are at the top of the mountain, winning the dodgeball tourney and the next you can’t pull out the Hoops W.  That’s what makes it so interesting! They are still a top contender for the Crown when all is said and done — 1 Hoops L won’t change that.  They won their first Hoops Game back in Week 1 so this isn’t something for them to necessarily worry about. Keep your eyes peeled for a special interview involving these guys in next week’s Video Highlights!

5. Team Sammy’s (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 7th with 40 points.

After a couple down weeks Sammy’s got back to the Winner’s Circle on Wednesday Night. They had a big Senior presence this Week and the experience clearly paid off.  Scott Schwartz led with 18 and Jacob Fajerstein pitched in 16 more.  These guys have what it takes to win the whole thing. They just need to get the whole crew there each and every week. Depth is a big deal in All Sports Series. They have two weeks to climb into the Top 6 of the Standings so they can miss the Opening Round of the Playoffs (Teams seeded #7-10 play an extra Game in the Playoffs). Flag Football is historically a strong sport for Sammy’s.. Perfect timing for them..

6. Team SAE 15s (Farm Lake Barn) – Currently in 5th with 47 points.

Last week was an all-time high for SAE in All Sports Series. The 17s won the Dodgeball Tourney and these 15s took 3rd!  This Week it sort of 180’ed.  Now, nothing to worry about. They are sitting #5 in the Standings.. Still a great spot.  These Guys have a leg up in experience over many of the Teams on the gridiron and it’s likely to pay off over the last weeks of the Regular Season.

7. Team ATO 15s (No. 7 Salon & Spa) – Currently in 8th with 30 points.

These guys clearly are right at home on the Hoops court. They are 2-0 in Hoops this Season and really have looked unbelievable both times out. Charlie Steinhoff was the high scorer with 23 and George Sotos added 16.  The Champaign League Championship Game takes place on the Hoops court. Everyone beware.. If ATO 15s get through to the Championship Game.. They are going to be the favorites to win it no matter who is standing in front of them.. Take care of them beforehand.. Or else.

8. Team ATO 17s (Meijer) – Currently in 9th with 18 points. 

Sometimes one performance change the course of a season.. That’s all it takes.. Mitchell Talbot might have turned his Team’s Season around on Wednesday Night. He went for a 2014 League high – 38 points and willed his Team to a W.  They were on the outside looking in on the final Playoff spots and now they are entrenched in the #9 spot in the Standings with just 2 weeks to play.  They need to show up in Flag Football and then anything can happen.. Just ask many of these Guys who were on board for the Cinderella ride to the Championship Game in 2013!

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team AKL (Biaggi’s Purple) – Currently in 6th with 46 points.

Took one on the chin this Wednesday. But as is the case with many of the Teams listed in the Rankings this week. It’s just one Game.. Dawei Chen shined with 24 points in the defeat.  They are still within striking distance for a top seed come Playoff Time.  These guys have a knack for bouncing back.. They’ll be fine come next Wednesday!

Team ATO 14s (Houlihan’s) – Currently in 10th with 15 points.

Took a bit longer than anyone would have guessed for this Final4 squad from 2013 to get their first W.  It says more about the depth and talent in the 2014 League, than anything else.. They took care of business with their backs against the wall.. If the Playoffs started today they’d be in the dance. That’s all you can ask for.. is a shot. They were strong in Flag Football a year ago and they should be once again this season.  In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see them with a Top5 seed when the Playoffs roll around.

Team ATO 16s (Testing Timers) – Currently in 11th with 6 points.

Always strange when Teams from the same house tangle.. The 16s fell to their older brothers the 15s this week in a battle of ATO squads..  This group, many of which made a Cinderella run to the Championship Game a season ago.. Have a lot of fight left in them and know what it’s like to win when no one thinks it’s possible.. Believe it or not.. They might have everyone right where they want them.

Team Delta Chi (Biaggi’s Gold) – Currently in 12th with 0 points.

Young Teams take time to blend together..  As Freshman, most of these guys are just getting to know each other, let alone learning how to play sports together.  They are going to get a W before this is all said and done.. Also, they are only 1 W away from the Playoffs and have two Weeks left to do it. They can.  It only takes one.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend! ILL!

– Holden