2014 Champaign – Week 6 Flag Football (Oct. 23)

Updated: October 23, 2014

Well… It all comes down to next Wednesday Night!  Who will get in?  Who will climb the Standings on the League’s final Regular Season night?  Who will be left on the outside looking in?  Just 1 Week of Flag Football separates us from the Playoffs!  This week we’re going to dive in to some Playoff Scenarios, but first here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (which includes last week’s hoops highlights as well!)

Everything you need to know about the Playoffs is right here: It’s simple really.  10 of 12 Teams make it.  Win or Go Home. The Opening Round will pit the 7 seed against the 10 seed, and the 8 seed v. the 9 seed.. in Softball.. The winners of those Games will join the Top 6 Seeds in the Elite8 Round (also Softball)… The Final4 moves to Flag Football and the Championship will take place on the Hoops Court… In just a few short weeks a new Team will be wearing the Champaign Crown and earn a FREE Barn Dance at Farm Lake Barn!  OK Let’s Rank ‘Em for the Final Time! (Next Week will be a Playoff Preview!)

Power Rankings

1. Team ZBT (Biaggi’s Black) – Currently in 1st with 113 points.

What expecting someone else?  Team ZBT did it again on Wednesday Night.. This time by notching a 30 point lead.. by halftime!  Richie Renner was en fuego hitting 5 different targets for TDs in this one. They have now officially locked up the #1 Seed in the Playoffs and can use next week to prep for their expected long Playoff run..  Captain Ross Lehrman knows that he can’t let his Players breathe a sigh of relief now, so expect them to be going full throttle next week against SAE 15s.  Here are your odds on favorites to win the whole thing… Don’t like that? Well, you’ll have to knock them out then..

2. Team Sig Ep (Starr Limo) – Currently in 3rd with 85 points.

A huge, huge come from behind W for these guys against SAE 15s in what was the Campus Florist Game of the Night. Brandon Shaw was lights out and had 5 TDs..  They kept pace with the other Top Teams – ZBT and Evans Scholars – and are still in the hunt for the #2 Seed.  With a Win next week  against Delta Chi and a Loss from Team Evans Scholars.. They will finish #2.. However, if they lose, and Team AKL wins.. Then they can fall to as low as #4 and be staring at a potential Final4 Battle in Flag Football with the dominant ZBT bunch.. Next week is crucial for Sig Ep’s Championship aspirations!

3. Team Evans Scholars (iHotel) – Currently in 2nd with 87 points. 

Big bounce back week for Evans Scholars who had their first hiccup last week.. It’s always vital in All Sports Series to be able to pick yourself back up and get another W right after a loss.. These Rookies did just that on Wednesday Night — and looked great doing so. Trevor Freberg had a big hand in that — with 6 TDs — which led the League on Wednesday.  They’ve really excelled thus far in the outdoor sports (softball and flag football).. They’re going to be a tough out come Playoff time.. They have locked up either the #2 or #3 seeds and can clinch #2 with a dub to close the season next week!

4. Team AKL (Biaggi’s Purple) – Currently in 4th with 66 points.

How do you go from being Unranked to #4 in just 1 week — you get a great W and some help from the Teams ahead of you in the Power Rankings/Standings.  AKL had a down week last Wednesday Night but looked strong in their first Flag Football game of the Season this past Wednesday. Walter Johnson found the end zone twice in their in Win.  Along with their W, came some losses from Teams in front of them and all of a sudden they are in the #4 spot of the Standings and more than deserving of that Ranking as well.  They still have some climbing left to do.. With a Win next week and a loss from Team Sig Ep they can climb into the Top 3 — avoiding a Final4 Flag Football battle with ZBT — which seems like a great thing at this point.. With a Loss however there are several Teams that can jump them.. They could fall to as low as #6 by this time next week — they have one of the largest set of possibilities headed into the Final Games.  Certainly one to watch..

5. Team ATO 14s (Houlihan’s) – Currently in 8th with 35 points.

They are screaming up both the Power Rankings and Standings these past few weeks and deservedly slow.. They will tell you that they didn’t get off to the start that they wanted to in September but their backs got pushed up against the wall a bit and now their full potential has been put on display.  Captain Joe Gross helped shoulder the burden with 4 TDs on the night. These guys were a part of the Final4 last year and intend on going farther in 2014.  They flew a bit under the radar early because of their sept. swoon but they are the dark horses to win the whole thing.  They can compete in each and every sport and they know as 5th years — this is their last chance as a unit to wear the crown. With a win next week they can jump as high as high as 5th in the Standings with some help. A loss means they will land in the Opening Round and need to win one extra Game to get to the Championship.. Either way they are determined to get the Crown.

6. Team SAE 15s (Farm Lake Barn) – Currently in 6th with 47 points.

Took a tough L on Wednesday Night in the Campus Florist Game of the Night — the win really would have catapulted them into a top seed come the Playoffs — however they are still in very good shape. Scott Ingram did all he could to keep them in it, with his 4 TDs. A win next week keeps them out of the Opening Round and into the Elite8 (they can climb as high as 4th in the Standings).. However, if they drop another Flag Football game its possible that they will be jumped by 3 different Teams and looking at the #9 seed.. Either way they are locked into a Playoff spot and will be ready.. They have a deep run in them. No doubt about it.

7. Team ATO 15s (No. 7 Salon & Spa) – Currently in 9th with 30 points.

t-8. Team SAE 17s (Cookie Jar) – Currently in 5th with 50 points & Team Sammy’s (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 7th with 40 points.

Went to a Draw this Week.. Both should and will be in the Playoffs but they need to show up in a big way next week to stay out of that Opening Round…

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team ATO 16s (Testing Timers) – Currently in 11th with 6 points.

If they win they’ll be in great shape to get into the Playoffs.. If they don’t they’ll be on the outside looking in.. They know what it’s like to be the Cinderella (we’ve talked about this before).. But to even be eligible for the glass slipper you have to be invited to the ball.. They should get there with a W next Week vs. Team Sammy’s.. Which actually could lead to a potential rematch the very next week in the Opening Round of the Playoffs.

Team ATO 17s (Meijer) – Currently in 10th with 18 points.

They hold the last and final Playoff spot.. If they started today, they’d be in.. Unluckily for them, there’s still 1 more week left to decide some things.. However, you can look at it this way — with a Win they not only lock up a spot in the Playoffs but also then have the potential to leap frog a few others who lose next week in the process.. They need to bring their A Game.. They likely will.

Team Delta Chi (Biaggi’s Gold) – Currently in 12th with 0 points.

Down but not out. They’ve put together some good performances the past couple of weeks and they still have a shot to sneak in to the PLayoffs.  Flag Football is worth 20 points so with a Win and a bit of help they will be a part of the best time of the Year. They need losses from both ATO 16s and ATO 17s + their own W to get in — so they’ll be scoreboard watching.. If they do get in, do not sleep on them.. Crazier things have happened in the All Sports Series Playoffs then the last seed making a run.. Go ask the younger ATO guys about last year.


That’s it for this week.  Have a great weekend and good luck in the Final Week of the Regular Season!

– Holden