2014 Chicago Co-Ed CHAMPIONSHIP (Aug. 18)

Updated: August 25, 2014

The stage was set.. What started all the way back on June 9 was finally going to conclude on Monday Night.. Either Team Bartlett would continue on their magical run atop the Chicago Co-Ed League for the 3rd straight Summer or Team Albanese would become the first Team to ever beat Team Bartlett in the Playoffs.. Before we get to the Game Recap below — here’s a Link to the Championship Highlights!

Also, a quick reminder that in addition to a tremendous amount of pride and Champ shirts, these Teams were playing for their choice in two amazing prizes: a Trolley from Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. or Tix to Wrigley View Rooftop!  OK Let’s get to the action!

Championship – Flag Football

4. Team Bartlett (Sofia Live Lovely) v. 6. Team Albanese (Cy Fredrics) – 6. Team Albanese wins 26-6

As alluded to atop the article, Team Bartlett is the 2x Reigning, Defending Champions of the Co-Ed World.  They are the only Team to have ever on the Co-Ed League.. They have sent nearly a dozen Teams home in their 3 year run and their 3-straight Championship appearances is of course a record.  Enter, the Challenger.  Team Albanese..  Who are bigger, stronger and badder than any Challenger that Team Bartlett has faced so far…

The Game started with a bang as Team Albanese struck first with a TD nearly the length of the field and before you knew it they were up 6-0 on the Defending Champs.  Team Albanese didn’t let up from there and before you knew it they were up 3 scores.  Team Bartlett has showcased over the years that they have the heart of a champion and fought back to grab a TD before half to cut the lead down just before half. However, they did not have enough to catch-up.  Team Albanese was simply magnificent on Monday Night.  No one in the Co-Ed League could have beaten them in this Football Game and that is why they are the Champions!

For Team Bartlett, not enough can be said about their 3-year run. They have been the gold-standard of the Co-Ed League.. Their return to next year’s Championship Game is probable and knowing them they are going to work tirelessly to do everything in their power to make it 3 in 4 years.  This was said a few weeks ago but they are on the All Sports Series’ Mt. Rushmore even if they were to never win another Game.. Which certainly won’t be the case.  Congrats on an amazing run, and here’s to getting back on top!

To the new Champs, Team Albanese — that was impressive stuff!  This group really hit their stride in the middle of the Season and never looked back. They ended the Season on an absolute tear.. They might have flown a bit under the radar in the Regular Season for a couple of reasons: 1) Mostly a Rookie squad and 2) they played a double header in the last week of the Season and didn’t have many of their regulars.. They took Ls in both of those Games which greatly impacted their Seeding coming into the Playoffs.. However, they managed to overcome that and just got to work in the Playoffs.  They were excellent in every sport and managed to knock off the #s 3, 2 and 4 seeds on their journey to the Crown.  They have all the makings of a new Dynasty and it will be exciting to see how they fare as the hunted rather than the hunters next Summer!

Congrats again. Hope everyone had a fun Summer, see you again next June!