2014 Chicago Co-Ed PLAYOFFS – Final4 Softball (Aug. 11)

Updated: August 14, 2014

Monday’s Final4 was one of the wildest in All Sports Series history.. 4 Teams set out to earn a spot in the Championship Game in crazy elements and under insane pressure.  Entering Monday Night we had the Top 2 Seeds (Team Kirshner and Team Lazarov) who were undefeated up until this point of the Season and joining them were Back2Back Champs – 4. Team Bartlett as well as upstart/under-the-radar Rookies 6. Team Albanese.  We really couldn’t ask for more intriguing match-ups.  Before we get to how everything played out, here’s a Link to this Week’s Playoff Video Highlights.

Below we’ll breakdown the Final4 action and Preview the Championship Game as well.  Final Note, remember that the Champions will get to take home either a Trolley from Chicago Trolley and Double Decker Co. or Tix to Wrigley View Rooftop for a Cubs Game!  Regular Season Champs – Team Kirshner will take home the other Prize.  Let’s get to it!

Final4 Softball

1. Team Kirshner (Davanti Enoteca) v. 4. Team Bartlett (Sofia Live Lovely) – 4. Team Bartlett wins 10-3

For the 2nd straight year these Two Teams journeys have crossed paths in the Playoffs. In 2013, Team Kirshner burst on to the scene with a great Regular Season and snagged the #2 overall seed before falling in the Elite8 Volleyball Round to #7 Seed and eventual Back2Back Champs Team Bartlett… In 2014, both Teams improved on their Regular Seasons.. Especially Team Kirshner who went undefeated in the Regular Season and finishing as the #1 overall seed.  For Team Bartlett, the Regular Season has served as a tune-up for their Playoff Title-Defenses..  Anyone with hopes of winning the Co-Ed Championship knows they’d eventually have to knock off the Back2Back Champs to get there..

The conditions were certainly not optimal for softball but the weather held just enough to still get the game in.. Team Bartlett started fast with the bats and before you knew it they were out their normal commanding leads that we’ve come to expect come Playoff time.  When the final out was recorded it was once again Team Bartlett with their hands held high.. It was their 9th straight Playoff W dating back to August of 2012.  For the second straight year, Team Kirshner leaves All Sports Series at the hands of Team Bartlett. Nothing to hold your heads about… Team Bartlett is now 1 more Win away from an unimaginable 3peat.   Team Kirshner also gets to leave this Summer with either a Trolley or Rooftop Tix.. Not bad!  They will be back in 2015 and Captain Jordan has already begun the retooling process.. This group is 1 or 2 bats away from being atop the Co-Ed Mountain.. He has 9 months to add the softball offensive punch.. I wouldn’t doubt him. Thanks for a great ride guys, it was fun watching you play this Summer.

2. Team Lazarov (Accelerated Rehab Centers) v. 6. Team Albanese (Cy Fredrics) – 6. Team Albanese wins 6-4

Team Lazarov finished 2nd in the Regular Season but no fault of their own.. They joined Team Kirshners as Undefeateds in the Regular Season.. They lost out on the #1 Seed due to the Strength of Schedule tiebreaker.. To say they had a tremendous Regular Season would be an understatement..  They were last year’s Runners-Up and had one true goal this summer — bring home the Crown.  Team Albanese came in this Summer as a Rookie squad and relative unknowns to the rest of the Co-Ed League. They didn’t fly out of the gates, as is the case, with many Rookie Teams, but as the Regular Season progressed you could see they had all the makings of a great Team..

I think its a safe assumption that most people thought that Team Lazarov would advance to their second straight Championship Game on Monday Night, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Team Albanese screamed out to an early lead thanks to a ton of offense and they really never looked back.. This Team is as confident as they come and you get the feeling they think they can beat anyone in anything.. They might be right!

For Team Lazarov, they will leave 2014 with a bitter taste in their mouth.. They came up a bit short from their ultimate goal of winning the Crown but you can’t make light of what they accomplished before the Final4. Going undefeated in an All Sports Series Regular Season has only been done a handful of times (in any of the Leagues) and it’s a true testament to their depth.. They are one of the cornerstones of the League and will again be a favorite to wear the Crown in 2015.. The question is will they be trying to take it from a new upstart or a 3x Champ?


Championship Football – Preview

4. Team Bartlett (Sofia Live Lovely) v. 6. Team Albanese (Cy Fredrics)

The story lines more or less write themselves here.. We have the Back2Back Champs – Team Bartlett, trying to get a 3peat and carve their place in history.. Then we have the Rookie squad that managed to go under the radar for most of the Season trying to sleigh the giant.  As mentioned above, Team Bartlett is 9-0 all-time in the All Sports Series Playoffs.  They’ve sent 9 Teams home in this three year run and #10 could be their toughest test to date.  Team Albanese doesn’t necessarily care who they are matched up against and it is seemingly the one team who will not get wrapped up in Team Bartlett’s history..  This one is going to be an all out slugfest and with the Winners earning the right to be called Champion. Good Luck to both Teams!

That’s it for us this week. Thanks again for reading have a great week and see you soon!