2014 Chicago Co-Ed PLAYOFFS – Opening Rounds Volleyball (July 28)

Updated: August 3, 2014

The Opening Night of the Playoffs is always one to remember.. Monday Night was no different. All 12 Teams began Monday Night with the hopes that they could be the last Team standing and hold the Co-Ed Crown.. By the end of Monday Night, only 4 Teams’ hopes were still alive.  Shortly we’ll Recap the week that was and then Preview the Final4 that is on tap for Monday August 4.  First, here’s a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights!  Also, in case you missed it last week — want to once again Congratulate the Chicago Co-Ed All-Star Team and MVP** as voted on by you:  MVP** for the 2nd consecutive year – Andrew Kaplan of Team Bartlett, Captain Blair Fischer and Briana Collier of Team Fischer, Ben Klassman of Team Isaacson, Caroline Schwartz of Team Bartlett and Aaron Epstein of Team Lazarov.

Opening Round – Volleyball (12 Teams Remain)

9. Team Mazurek (Wrigley View Rooftop) v. 12. Team PIvar (Loree’s Closet) – 9. Team Mazurek wins 2-1

Based on previous Vball weeks and Playoff Seeding, 9. Team Mazurek was favorited to win going into this one, but that didn’t stop 12. Team Pivar from getting a running start and snagging a huge 27-25 win in the first game.  Team Mazurek was awoken from that point on and really turned it on for the final 2 games of the set.  They ended up winning 2 Games to 1 to advance to the Round of 10..  For Team Pivar, they had several strong performances and their seed/record may not do that justice. They were in several games that they could have taken and it just didn’t go their way this Summer.  Captain Cori will regroup the troops and they will be back and ready in 2015.  This Team has a bunch of skill, just need to get some momentum going.. Next year could be theirs.

10. Team Bemoras (RazorReef.com) v. 11. Team Silberstein (Trifecta Grill) – 10. Team Bemoras 2-0

Vengeance is sweet, but unfortunately for 11. Team Silberstein they weren’t able to get a taste of it Monday night. It was their second time facing off against Bemoras who had won their regular season volleyball match 4-1. Monday night’s game went down similarly even with Team Silberstein’s great efforts. 10. Team Bemoras walked away with the W and into the Round of 10 with 2 straight victories.  This was Team Silberstein’s first Summer in All Sports Series.  Like many Rookie squads, they struggled out of the gate just trying to learn how to navigate an All Sports Series season.. On top of it being their first ride in the League, many Team Members did not meet each other until Week 1.  It’s just a tough thing to get the necessary chemistry to be truly successful with so little time.  They will certainly finish better in 2015!


Opening Round – Volleyball (10 Teams Remain)

8. Team Isaacson (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) v. 9. Team Mazurek (Wrigley View Rooftop) –  9. Team Mazurek wins 2-0

8. Team Isaacson has been around the block before and knew what they had to do walking into this Game. They were apart of the very first Co-Ed Final4 back in 2012.. They struggled in volleyball during the Regular Season but they usually are cold-blooded killers come Playoff time… On this night, Team Mazurek wouldn’t let anything past them and didn’t even give Team Isaacson a chance to get the mojo going before walking away with the win..  Have to think that Team Mazurek really got going in the Opening Round and that helped them with their confidence in this Round of 10 Matchup with Team Isaacson.  Team Mazurek would move on to the Elite8 and face #1 overall Seed Team Kirshner.   Getting back to Team Isaacson.. It was their first go of it w/o former Captain Harry Leibow.. They gave it everything they had each week and still managed to finish ahead of the bottom 1/3 of the League.  They have as much fun every week as any group in any All Sports Series League.. Truly a fun bunch to be around. Thanks for playing (and bringing treats).. See you next Summer!

7. Team Apuli (Manny’s Deli) v. 10 Team Bemoras (RazorReef.com) – 7. Team Apuli 2-1

This match was one of the most intense of the night. These squads know each other well and a nice little rivalry has grown throughout the years.  10. Team Bemoras was an absolute volleyball powerhouse going into the Playoffs and already had one win for the night to get them fired/warmed up. It seemed like they would continue on their roll as they walked away with the first game by a large margin, but that’s when 7. Team Apuli flipped the switch. The next two games were battles til the very end.. It really seemed as if everyone on the court was holding their breath for about 20 minutes as one little run would be the difference between advancing or going home for the Summer. In Game 2, Team Apuli was able to knot it up at 1-Game a piece.. Then in Game 3, the tide must have turned a half dozen times.. The final spot in the Elite8 was truly up for grabs.. In the end, Team Apuli scored the final point moved onto the Elite8.  For Team Bemoras, it will be tough not go through the “what if” thought process, but they should be proud of what they accomplished this Summer. Captain Bemo and co. won their first Playoff Game in the Franchise’s history and that is something that can be built upon.  Th


Elite8 – Volleyball

1. Team Kirshner (Davanti Enoteca) v. 9. Team Mazurek (Wrigley View Rooftop) – 1. Team Kirshner wins 2-1

There’s a reason Team Kirshner is the #1 Overall Seed in this whole thing (w/ a little help from the tiebreaker system), and that’s because they don’t take no for an answer. They’ve played every game with grit and poise, refusing to let any squad stand in their way at any point.  9. Team Mazurek was coming into this Elite8 Matchup coming off back to back Playoff Ws and then managed to win the first game in this one… For the first time all Season Team Kirshner was pushed up against the wall.. Champions know how to respond to adversity and that’s exactly what happened.. #1 Team Kirshner rallied and fought back to claim the next two games and sent 9. Team Mazurek home with some heartbreak. Team Kirshner is heading to their first Final4 and is now just two more Wins away from sweeping the Regular Season and Playoffs..  Find out who their Final4 Opponent will be below.. As for Team Mazurek, although their night didn’t end how they wanted it to, they really were one of the more impressive Teams on this night. They managed to knock out 2 Teams before being sent home.. They also have a TON to build on for next Summer. Captain Allison had shaken up the roster a bunch before this Season and giving this specific group more time to gel will do wonders. They could and should be a top seed in 2015.

4. Team Bartlett (Sofia Live Lovely) v. 5. Team Jacobs (The Karyn Collection) – 4. Team Bartlett wins 2-1

No one needs to be reminded that Team Bartlett is the Reigning, Defending Back2Back Champs of the Co-Ed World.. Oh well.  While, they weren’t a top seed when the Bracket was finalized last week, everyone still had their eyes on where the Champs would fall..  5. Team Jacobs drew the unenviable task of trying to do something that no Team has been able to accomplish in the history of the All Sports Series Co-Ed League… Defeat Team Bartlett in the Playoffs..  Well, the Streak lives through Monday Night.  Team Bartlett took Game 1 and while Team Jacobs took Game 2 to make it interesting, Team Bartlett put away Game 3 early and did what they do best — advanced.  Team Jacobs has nothing to hang their heads about.. They finished in the top half of the most competitive Co-Ed League we’ve seen in All Sports Series.. They were a Team full of mostly rookies and really should be proud of the impressive Regular Season they put together.. They will be back in 2015 and will be considered one of the favorites in June.  Team Bartlett will face #1 Team Kirshner in the Final4..  Couldn’t script it any better than this…

2. Team Lazarov (Accelerated Rehab Centers) v. 7. Team Apuli (Manny’s Deli) – 2. Team Lazarov 2-0

#2 Team Lazarov is sort of the forgotten undefeated in all of this the past week or two.. Again, they finished with the same amount of points as Team Kirshner during the Regular Season — the first time to Teams ever tied atop the Standings, let alone gaining the maximum amount of points.. The Schedule just never placed them against each other and because of that, we were left looking at Strength of Schedule which gave Team Kirshner the nod..  As for their Elite8 Game on Monday Night — 7. Team Apuli showed a lot of heart on their way to this point as they picked up a well-deserved but hard-fought win over 10. Team Bemoras earlier in the night. But Team Lazarov is just too strong on the VBall court..  They took out their frustration from losing the tiebreaker in a quick and decisive performance on Monday Night.  Team Lazarov would move onto their second straight Final4 and would face the winner of the 3/6 Game (scroll down)..  For Team Apuli, they won a Playoff Game.. Something not many Teams can claim.  They are a strong group that just ran into a force on Monday Night.  They will be back and ready for action by this time next Summer.  They have all the pieces for a deep run, just need to hope to avoid Team Lazarov on the VBall court..

3. Team Fischer (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 6. Team Albanese (Cy Fredrics) – 6. Team Albanese wins 2-0

History rewrote itself in this final Elite8 Matchup as 6. Team Albanese bounced back from their week 5 volleyball Loss to 3. Team Fischer to grab the win and advance. Talk about clutch. These were two of the most impressive teams all season long and one of the most anticipated Games of the night and it didn’t disappoint. Both teams left everything out there in their first taste of Playoff action.. Team Albanese move on to Final4 Softball with 2. Team Lazarov next Monday Night. For Team Fischer they had a remarkably impressive Rookie campaign. They were the youngest team in the field (by a lot) and had several signature Ws over the course of the Season. They earned the praise and grabbed the attention of the League back in July and will be a true wrecking ball in the Co-Ed League for years to come.  Truly excited for what the future could bring with this group.


That’s it for us. To those that are still in it.. Good Luck!  Hopefully see everyone soon!