2014 Chicago Co-Ed – Week 5 Volleyball (July 7)

Updated: July 10, 2014

We had our second helping of Volleyball this Season on Monday Night and it served as the last “playoff preview” that we will truly get until the battle for the Crown really begins.. In terms of the Standings, many of the rich got richer on Monday Night but before we get to the Rankings, here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! OK Let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Lazarov (Accelerated Rehab Centers) – Currently in 1st with 65 points.

Continuing on their seemingly unstoppable winning streak, Team Lazarov steamrolled to 5-0 volleyball rout this Monday Night. These guys are ruthless on the court and don’t have a single weakness.  It’s a good spot to be.  2013’s Runners-Up are looking like the team to beat in 2014 and lucky enough for them, Volleyball — one of their many strong suits — serves as the home to the Opening Rounds of the Co-Ed Playoffs.

2. Team Kirshner (Davanti Enoteca) – Currently in 2nd with 60 points.

Joining the ranks of several teams to clean house Monday night, Team Kirshner picked up a shutout win over Team Silberstein. They’re hot on the heels of the current top dogs, Team Lazarov and ready to take their place as soon as they slip up.  Those two won’t see each other until the Playoffs, but man oh man will that be something if (when) they do battle.

3. Team Fischer (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 3rd with 53 points.

Team Fischer have forced their way into the Top of Standings and turned what seemingly was going to be a 2-Team race, into a Big 3.  They like the other Big 3 squads, stepped it up on the court this week, refusing to allow a single game to be won against them. There may be a while left to go, but these teams are red hot right now and it doesn’t look like anything will cool them down.  It’s been really something to watch the youngest Team in the League grow up before our eyes in the last few weeks.. Come August, it’ll be fun to look back and see what these past few wins really meant on the entire Co-Ed League’s landscape.. Remember it was a tough Hoops W against back to back Champs Team Bartlett that got them on this roll..

4. Team Bemoras (RazorReef.com) – Currently in 5th with 39 points.

Sensing the pattern of rich getting richer this Week? Yes, another shut out.  Not sure what happened this week, maybe it was the long 4th of July weekend that gave the top Teams in the Standings some extra umph.. But Team Bemoras looked great on Monday Night.

5. Team Jacobs (The Karyn Collection) – Currently in 7th with 30 points.

Team Jacobs has shown themselves as a volleyball powerhouse in this competition after taking part in a tough showdown the first week and their super strong performance this week. It’s also worth mentioning the run they gave Team Lazarov last week.. The only real trouble Team Lazarov has had at any point this Season.. Team Jacobs has what it takes to seize opportunities whenever they play and they’re sure to show that off as the season goes on.  Scary, scary squad come Playoff Time.

6. Team Albanese (Cy Fredrics) – Currently in 4th with 44 points.

Unusual week for these guys.. Didn’t have their best stuff. Rather that happen in July than August of course.  They’ll have to right their volleyball ship within the next few weeks because if their Championship aspirations are going to be accomplished they are going to need to win some Playoff Volleyball games.  They might be the true wild card in the entire field.

7. Team Bartlett (Sofia Live Lovely) – Currently in 6th with 33 points.

3 points are 3 points. They all help. Last year, Team Bartlett went through a bit of swoon as well and when the dust settled it was them holding the Crown at Season’s end.  Not worried one bit about the Back2Back Champs.. That being said there is more talent than ever before in the Co-Ed League and they will need their A-Game to make a 3Peat.  Time to turn the switch to “on.”

8. Team Mazurek (Wrigley View Rooftop) – Currently tied for 9th with 21 points.

Team Bartlett made team Mazurek work for the win this week as they challenged them serve after serve. But this resilient squad was still able to pick up big points in a 4-1 Vball win.. Any week you can beat the Back2Back champs is a great one. Team Mazurek has as much talent as any Team in the League just need to show it on a more consistent basis.. As the sports move outdoors, these guys are going to start screaming up the Standings (and Rankings).

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Apuli (Manny’s Deli) – Currently tied for 9th with 21 points.

Team Apuli had the unfortunate chance of catching Team Bemoras on a hot streak this week, keeping them from pulling off the volleyball victory they achieved in Week 1. Don’t let this week fool you, Team Apuli still has some tricks up their sleeve going forward.

Team Isaacson (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) – Currently in 8th with 22.5 points

Team Isaacson have fared very well this Season except when on the VBall Court. Despite the prowess they’ve showed in every other sport, these guys just haven’t been able to hit their stride playing VBall. Good news – done w/ Vball for the Regular Season. Bad news – Vball awaits in the Playoffs. They’ll get it together, they’ve won many volleyball games in past seasons.

Team Pivar (Loree’s Closet) – Currently in 12th with 6 points.

Being the only Team to have played all 3 of the current Big 3, Team Pivar has certainly had its challenges this season. But all of that’s out of the way, and now they have the breathing room to build chemistry and work on what they need to in order to make leaps and bounds before the Playoffs.  These guys have several Wins left in them.

Team Silberstein (Trifecta Grill) – Currently in 11th with 10.5 points.

Team Silberstein has been hot and cold this Season. At their best they showed us one of the most hotly contested matchups so far this season in Week 2 kickball, but have since stumbled. This happens often with Rookie squads. Plenty, PLENTY of time to make adjustments.

That’s it for us. See some of you on Saturday for Make-Ups and then everyone on Monday Night!