2014 Chicago Co-Ed – Week 7 Football/Softball (July 21) – Playoff Preview

Updated: July 25, 2014

Win or go home.  There’s nothing better in sports.  One Game where everything is on the line for both Teams.   We have reached the apex of the Chicago Co-Ed League.. It’s Playoff Time.  12 Teams will battle it out on Monday Night, with the hopes of finding some magic and continuing on with their journey to the crown. By night’s end, there will be just 4 Teams remaining in the Co-Ed landscape.. Will we see a #3Peat take form?  Will we see a Cinderella sneak through? Will the Teams that have looked so strong all season feed off their momentum or crumble from expectations? Only one thing is for sure.. On Monday Night we get answers.

Need to give a big shout-out to the Regular Season Champs – Team Kirshner (Davanti Enoteca).  They actually finished the Season tied w/ Team Lazarov (both going Undefeated and gaining the maximum amount of points available this Season – which is nuts)..  The tiebreaker (as per the Rules section) went down to Strength of Schedule as the Teams did not compete Head to Head and when all was said and done Team Kirshner came out ahead.  Team Kirshner will be taking home either a Trolley courtesy of Chicago Trolley and Double Decker Co. or Rooftop Tix via Wrigley View Rooftop!  Congrats!!

Before, we preview the Playoff Matchups, we’d like to Congratulate the 2014 Chicago Co-Ed All-Star Team and MVP** (as voted on by the Players in the Chicago Co-Ed League): MVP** for the 2nd consecutive year – Andrew Kaplan of Team Bartlett, Captain Blair Fischer and Briana Collier of Team Fischer, Ben Klassman of Team Isaacson, Caroline Schwartz of Team Bartlett and Aaron Epstein of Team Lazarov. Congrats!

Also, here’s a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights from Week 7.

The Power Rankings turn into a true Playoff Preview this Week.. We are going to highlight the Playoff Matchups that are in-store for us on Monday Night’s Playoff Volleyball.

Just a reminder on format.. Everyone has qualified for the Playoffs… Which of course means 12 Teams will enter Monday Night with their dream still alive. Matches will be played in a best-of-3 format to 25 (rally scoring).. First Team to 2 wins advances..  The Teams seeded 9-12 will battle each other for the right to move on and play the 7 & 8 seeds.  The Winners of that second round of matches will move on to the Elite8 where the Top 6 Seeds are waiting for them.  By night’s end, we will have our Final4 Co-Ed Teams set!  OK let’s Preview!

Playoff Preview

Opening Round 1 – Volleyball (12 Teams Remain, 2 will be Eliminated)
9. Team Mazurek (Wrigley View Rooftop) v. 12. Team Pivar (Loree’s Closet) – Winner plays 8. Team Isaacson

Both Squads are about to embark on their second Playoff ride.. Team Mazurek’s had their fair share of ups and downs this season, but have really seemed to click the past few weeks. They looked great in Week 5 Volleyball against the Back2Back Champs Team Bartlett — taking 4 of 5 Games.. That’s a great barometer to see where these guys are heading into Monday Night.  Meanwhile, Team Pivar hasn’t had a ton of luck on the VBall Court.. Their schedule may have had something to do with that however.. Both Teams know that they can win, and not just against each other, but make a run in this thing.  They’ll of course need to do away with the other before getting on any sort of Playoff roll.. Should be an exciting one. 8. Team Isaacson awaits the victor.

10. Team Bemoras (RazorReef.com) v. 11. Team Silberstein (Trifecta Grill) – Winner plays 7. Team Apuli

Strange how things play out sometimes – this week these two teams will be circling back to face each other on the Volleyball court just like they did in Week 1.  Team Bemoras may have come out on top 4-1 then, but things have changed a lot. Both Teams have had room to grow and come a long way.. Team Bemoras is entering their 3rd Playoff run together.. That type of experience cant be overlooked.. For Team Silberstein, they are going to be taking in their first Playoff Game on Monday Night.  The speed and intensity will of course be a bit different than the Regular Season but they should adapt well.  Both Teams face an uphill battle with the Winner facing 7. Team Apuli and then a potential date with 2. Team Lazarov.. Get Ready…

Opening Round 2 – Volleyball (10 Teams Remain, 2 will be Eliminated)

7. Team Apuli (Manny’s Deli) v. Winner of 10. Team Bemoras v. 11. Team Silberstein – Winner plays 2. Team Lazarov

If past performance is any indication, then Team Apuli is likely rooting for Team Silberstein to knock off Team Bemoras.. Not that Team Silberstein is an easy W, but Team Bemoras has been great in their Volleyball matches, and that has included Team Apuli (in 5-0 fashion). But the Playoffs are of course a completely different beast.. Team Apuli will have the fortune to scout their potential opponents as the 10/11 Game immediately precedes their Game… Team Apuli needs to lock in on their first game and try to block out their potential Elite8 Matchup with Team Lazarov.. If they don’t, it could be one and done for them.  This group is full of All Sports Series vets however and Captain Justin has been through tons of Playoff battles already.  They will certainly be prepped for Monday Night.

8. Team Isaacson (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) v. Winner of 9. Team Mazurek v. 12. Team Pivar – Winner plays 1. Team Kirshner

Has Team Isaacon’s best been shown on the Volleyball court this Summer?  No.  Does that matter right now?  No, not really.  They did enough in the Regular Season to avoid playing in an extra Round of the Playoffs.  That’s where the focus needs to be.. They will be able to analyze both of their potential opponents prior to their Game and they have everything they need to get the job done.  This Team has a past Final4 run on their Resume.  They may seem like nice people, but they are cold-blooded killers. Past Captain Harry Leibow would use a phrase when describing his bunch “we are that nice Team next door.. We smile, we bake, we don’t argue calls.. and then when the Playoffs begin, we crush them.”  They’ll be ready.  #HarryPlayoffs?

Elite8 – Volleyball (8 Teams Remain, 4 Teams will be Eliminated)

1. Team Kirshner (Davanti Enoteca) v. Winner of 8. Team Isaacson v. 9. Team Mazurek/12. Team Pivar

Team Kirshner hasn’t let anything stand in their way this season, and it’s gonna take a lot to knock them off their place on top of the mountain.  They have been determined ever since their early exit in last year’s Playoffs.  They were the #2 Seed but got terribly unlucky with the Bracket and faced the Back2Back Champs – Team Bartlett in the Elite8 – Volleyball Round.  Whoever gets to this round to play 1. Team Kirshner will have fought hard and have loads of confidence from success earlier in the night. There’s some real volleyball talent on this side of the bracket, so this Game could go anyone’s direction..  Team Kirshner will look to avenge last Season, and take their journey at least one step further this year.. They are one of the odds on favorites to wear the Crown when all is said and done.. To do that, they need to take care of business Monday Night.

2. Team Lazarov (Accelerated Rehab Centers) v. Winner of 7. Team Apuli v. 10. Team Bemoras/11. Team Silberstein

Starting to feel like a broken record, but the song’s almost over as the Season comes to a close, so it’s worth saying one more time, it doesn’t seem like anything can stop Team Lazarov. Well except for their Strength of Schedule.. In one of the most surreal and unlucky things that have happened in the 5 years of All Sports Series — Team Lazarov managed to go undefeated but couldn’t haul in the Regular Season title. It’s just crazy when you think about it.  Too bad the schedule makers didn’t pit them up against Team Kirshner in the Regular Season (whoops).. But there’s still a potential Championship clash with the other undefeated.. This squad has demolished every team its played, especially in volleyball. One game can change everything when it’s in the Playoffs, but its going to be tough to knock them off on Monday Night.

3. Team Fischer (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. Team 6. Team Albanese (Cy Fredrics)

This match will be the second Rematch of the Night, with these two facing off on the Volleyball court again after their Week 5 clash. That was the battle that saw Team Fischer walking away with a 5-0 shutout. Team Albanese bounced back with a Kickball W in Week 6 so they are not reeling by any means.. Team Fischer are rolling right along heading into the Playoffs, after sweeping a Double Header on Monday Night.  Even though they are the 3 Seed they might have had the most impressive Regular Season of anyone.. Yes, there were two undefeated Teams.. However, this group was in their Rookie Campaign, knocked off the defending Back2Back Champs in a tight Hoops Game, and are by far the youngest group in the League.  Whether or not they hold the Crown at season’s end, their is a budding titan forming here w/ Team Fischer.. Both of these squads will be getting their first taste of Playoff action on Monday Night.  Team Albanese is better than what they showed in Week 5 and the expectation is that this will be a classic. Can’t wait.

4. Team Bartlett (Sofia Live Lovely) v. 5. Team Jacobs (The Karyn Collection)

So here it is.. the biggest storyline saved for last.. Can Team Bartlett make it 3 in a row.  Not wins. CHAMPIONSHIPS.  This Team is the only one who has ever held the Co-Ed Crown.  Forget seeds.  Forget past Volleyball weeks. Forget it all.  What matters to them is titles.  They have 2.. The only group to ever go Back2Back.  They want to make it 3 and, thus, carve their place in All Sports Series’ Mt. Rushmore forever.. With each Playoff victory they leap toward immortality..  To do all of this they of course need to go through the best/deepest set of competitors ever assembled in the Co-Ed League… Enter Team Jacobs, who quietly snuck into the 5 Seed with a stellar back half of the Season.  They are a solid bunch and nothing would burst them onto the scenes faster than in their first Playoff run together to knock off the Back2Back Champs!  Team Bartlett always needs to be ready for their opposition’s best and that is exactly what Team Jacobs will bring on Monday Night.


That’s it for us. Have a great weekend and good Luck on Monday Night!