2014 Chicago Men’s – Week 2 Hoops/16″ Softball (June 16)

Updated: June 20, 2014

After two weeks of Regular Season action we have one squad that has separated themselves from the pack and sit atop the Standings.. Before we get to who that is (and if they are #1 in the Rankings) here’s a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights!  Also, want to give a big Thank You to our MVP Sponsor Kelly Parker, who many of you had the privilege to meet on Monday Night!

We were able to just squeak by with the rain on Monday Night and still get in our 16″ Softball Games..  Week 2 also provided some fantastic Hoops action.. Let’s Rank ‘Em shall we.

Power Rankings

1.  Team Maione (Wrigley View Rooftop) – Currently tied for 3rd with 30 points.

The Reigning, Defending Champs get to stay at #1 until someone beats them. Period.  The fact that they put up triple digits in Hoops for the second consecutive week makes this even more obvious.   Team Maione has played two Hoops games, and made the exact same statement with both of them: they’re here to Repeat in 2014. They are a true Hoops powerhouse.  This week Team Maione had 4 players score over 20 points: Johhny Lindquist, Chris Wroblewski, Josh Bartelstein and Josh Berman. They are really settling in and getting comfortable wearing the Crown…

2. Team Hadelman (Chicago Trolley and Double Decker Co.) – Currently tied for 3rd with 30 points.

Keeping pace with the Champs is the steady at #2 – Team Hadelman crew.  Led in Week 2 by Ben “born ready” Hadelman this group rattled off an extremely impressive W against Team Wilneff. Don’t let the score or their current Standing fool you.. Team Wilneff is a top squad in the Chicago Men’s League (more on that later).. These guys are as deep a basketball team that has ever been assembled in All Sports Series.  It’s reached a point where their second unit could likely take on (and defeat) many of the other Hoops Teams.  Depth is not a luxury in All Sports Series its a necessity and Team Hadelman has loads of it.  Also, big Congrats to Danny Goldin who tied the knot this past weekend!

3. Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports Marketing) – Currently in 1st with 45 points.

You play to win the Game.  You play to win the Game… and twice this season Team Kornblatt has done just that.  They have made the biggest leap in the Rankings this week after catapulting into 1st place in the Standings with their nail-biting 16″ victory against the Dynasty Team Hakimian.  One of the original rivalries in All Sports Series is between Team Hakimian and Team Kornblatt.. it dates back to 2010.. In 2014 (at least for now..) Team Kornblatt gets to keep their bragging rights.  More importantly they picked up a gigantic 30 points in the Standings and sit alone atop the Standings… These guys are well aware that it’s easier to be the hunter rather than the hunted and their hardest games are still very much ahead..  Quite possibly more than any other Team in the League, Team Kornblatt needs a high seed in the Playoffs to win the whole thing.  They possess the talent to win the Crown in August, but matchups will be key and that requires a top seed come the Hoops Rounds. Stay tuned.

4. Team Bernkopf (Accelerated Rehab Centers) – Currently tied for 3rd with 30 points.

Tough to go down a spot after a decisive win like these guys had on Monday Night but sometimes that’s just the way it goes (sorry). Team Bernkopf continued to separate themselves from the pack this week with their second Hoops Win on Monday Night. Matt Wolk, Alex Simmons and Horace Grant led the team with cohesive play and a strong offense. Team Jasinski hung in the game with a resilient defense but in the end couldn’t overcome the deficit taken early in the game.  Captain Bernie and Sam Harmelech are really pushing these guys early on this Season and it is showing.  This is the best these guys have looked early on in a season in quite sometime.  Great to see and big things seem to be on the horizon.

5. Team Holzman (Trifecta Grill) – Currently tied for 3rd with 30 points.

Another week, another W, and another #5 Ranking for Team Holzman.  They are defying all past experience with “new squads.”  Not that they are completely new but Team Holzman has many new pieces and they have not missed a beat.. They are really rolling and with another win or two they will cement their spot as a Top Contender in the Chicago Men’s League.  When looking at the roster from top to bottom you realize how deep they are and that there really aren’t any holes.. They should be on everyone’s radar from here on out..

6. Team Sharrin (Michael’s Events) – Currently in 2nd with 35 points.

In one of the night’s first games, these guys duked it out for all 44 minutes with Team Free Agent in an incredibly close contest. Jack Manilow and Captain Alex Sharrin led their squad in what ended with a 7-point victory. After back-to-back wins in hockey and hoops, Sharrin now sits alone in 2nd place of the Chicago Men’s League. For being one of the youngest Teams in the field they have shown no fear and an aggressiveness that is fun to see.  Most probably aren’t aware of them.. Yet.. That’ll change soon.

7. Team Zimmerman (Duke Cannon Supply Co.) – Currently tied for 3rd with 30 points.

Team Zimmerman’s big men Kyle Nelson and Trevor Parker were big on the boards while Esteban Vega kept a fast-pace with quick plays and strong drives to the wrack.. They won what was likely the Game of the Week with Team Shlofrock on Monday Night and I think everyone still in the fieldhouse at the end of the night had their eyes open to just how lethal Team Zimmerman can be.  These guys are not up this high as a result of a “weak” schedule or a lucky bounce or two.. They have won two great games against two quality opponents.. They are 2-0 in Hoops and in Week 3 they are looking to continue their stellar ride.

8. Team Watts (West Coast Shaving) – Currently tied for 11th with 15 points.

Week 2’s version of Team Watts is what we had been anticipating since their blockbuster off-season took place. This is one of the best rosters put together in the League and it was on full display in Week 2’s Hoops game w/ Team Harris.  Team Harris might be the most underrated Team in the League and when we look back at this hard-fought victory for Team Watts it might just serve as their best W of the Season. Neither squad wanted to give an inch in this one and it was Team Watts persistence of getting to the rim that really set them apart in this one.  Matt Sharp was the League Leader in scoring on Monday Night with a big 28 points. (Only 35 points less than College/Prep record-breaking performance — Brad Reibel and his 63 points).  Team Watts can now breathe a sigh of relief after getting their first (of many) dubs.

t-9. Team Horwitz (Benjamin & Shapiro) & Team Daar (popchips) – Currently tied for 3rd with 30 points.

Both Teams have mirrored each other’s performances in the first two weeks of the Summer. Both got off to rough starts against Hoops powers but turned their Seasons around on the 16″ softball diamond this past Monday Night.  The way they won the games differed significantly however.. For Team Horwitz, many were still feeling the lingering effects from this past weekend’s festivities.  They were not killing it at the plate, but they showcased stellar D for 7 straight innings and held Team Cohen to just 1 run in their victory.. Team Daar on the other hand, won with their bats defeating Team Fallows 11-8 on Monday Night.  Softball wins are worth the most all season long (besides the VBall Tourney) and they really are a huge boost.  Both Teams need to keep the momentum in Week 3 to stay near the top of the Standings. Team Daar will lock horns with Rivals Team Cohen while Team Horwitz will be facing the suddenly desperate Team Hakimian.. on the ice (floor).

11. Team Riskin (SLA Insurance Navy) – Currently tied for 11th with 15 points.

Team Riskin is up from the land of the Unranked last week after their solid Hoops victory against Team Schulte on Monday Night. Team Riskin has been heavily improved since 2013 where they were already a steady Playoff squad.  They are bigger than you.. End of story.. They can dominate in the paint and when they focus on just getting ball under the basket, it really is game over for their opponent.  They need to just stay focused and they have a very successful Regular Season ahead.. If they can win in Flag Football next week they really will be set up for a strong push.

12. Team Kaplan (SLA Insurance Black) – Currently tied for 11th with 15 points.

These guys stepped up hugely in the last 10 minutes of their game on Monday Night to grab hold of their first victory of the Summer. Team Mason controlled much of this Game, but when the final buzzer rang it was Team Kaplan earning the crucial 15 points in the Standings. Captain Justin Kaplan shot well, hitting a few 3-pointers while teammate Tom Fox snagged enough on the glass to tilt the game in their favor..  They like Team Sharrin are among the youngest in the field but they have shown no sign of “deer in the head lights” syndrome.  They are hear to make an impact and have so far.

t-13. Team Shlofrock (Danley’s Garage World) & Team Schulte (PPM Apartments) – Currently tied for 9th with 20 points.

Both Teams spent post-Week 1 sitting pretty in a tie for 1st Place in the Standings after impressive Floor Hockey Wins..  Then, both Teams got to feel what the Chicago Men’s League is all about…  They were knocked from atop the leader board with tough Hoops losses.  Both squads are veterans to All Sports Series but are experiencing their first ride in the Chicago League… The talent is too deep and the Teams too good to really go on long winning-streaks. Both are among the top young Teams in the League and the Squad that will end up ahead of the other will be the Team that figures out how to bounce back (and not harp on the week that was).. Both Teams will have a quick opportunity to right the ship, with their 2nd Hoops Games on Monday Night.  They won’t be tied going in the Week 3 Power Rankings, but it’s anyone’s guess who will leap ahead.

15. Team Hakimian (the MacMentor) – Currently tied for 18th with 0 points.

Unfamiliar territory? Check.  Back-to-Back heartbreaking defeats? Check.  Tough Week 3 matchup? Check… Composure? Check.  Championship Pedigree? Check.  Playoff Bound?  You bet. Listen, these guys have had two rough losses in a row.. That’s not the norm for the Dynasty.. The League is also the deepest it’s ever been… That will factor in also.. However, these guys are JUST FINE.  If you appear on Team Hakimian’s schedule the rest of the way just be prepared to get a new sense of desperation that we may have not seen in years past.. In the long run, this is going to be a good thing for these guys.. They will not be coasting into a Top Seed like in years past but instead will need to fight through the Regular Season to secure their spot.. That means they are going to be flipping their playoff kill-switch earlier this Summer and will likely be even more ready to go come August.  In a sick and twisted way, Team Hakimian losing these first two games, might have been the worst thing for the rest of the Chicago Men’s League field.

16. Team Fallows (Teplitz & Bell Law) – Currently tied for 11th with 15 points.

Couldn’t pull out a crucial 30 points on the diamond with familiar foe Team Daar on Monday Night, but they were right in it for the entire game.. These guys have another familiar foe, in fact, they play the Team that I would describe as their fiercest Rival.. In the sport that truly pushes this Rivalry to the next level… The Team sitting atop the Standings after Week 2, Team Kornblatt. Much of this rivalry centers on Jono Matasar who was once a member of the Team Kornblatt crew..  There was a defection a couple Summers ago and then a flirtation/pump-fake type situation which actually had Jono once again spurn his former comrades once again this past off-season.  The Game between these two Teams might be the hardest played in the entire League all Summer long.  Get your popcorn ready folks..and stand back from the rink.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Altman (Sunset Foods) – Currently tied for 18th with 0 points.

Playing the Reigning, Defending Champs in their best sport and only in your second week ever in the League is just horrible luck.  That’s all we’ll go into on that.

Team Cohen (Crystal Lake Jeep) – Currently tied for 11th with 15 points. 

Couldn’t get enough going with the bats on Monday Night as they fell to Rivals Team Horwitz on the diamond.  Team Cohen has run this Chicago League gauntlet many, many times over and will not let one loss dictate the way the play in future weeks. They know its a marathon and they will be ready to grab points next week Team Daar in floor hockey.

Team Free Agent (Worth Sports) – Currently tied for 18th with 0 points.

These guys certainly improved in Week 2 and will likely do so each and every week as they get more and more comfortable with each other.. They were in it to the very end on Monday Night and a W is not so far off.. It could come next week on the Flag Football field.

Team Harris (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Purple) – Currently tied for 18th with 0 points.

The 2013 Champaign League Champs have had an extremely tough schedule to start the Chicago Men’s League this Summer. They are among the most talented in the League even if their current place in the Standings is not indicative of that. There’s plenty of time for these guys to get movin’ on the leader board.  Nothing to be worried about from their perspective.

Team Jasinski (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Silver) – Currently tied for 18th with 0 points.

Scheduling matters a ton in All Sports Series. Obviously, different Teams have different strengths, etc… They ran into one of the best Hoops squads in the League this past Monday Night and faired pretty well for only having 5 guys (exhausting). Their first W is right around the corner..

Team Mason (Alternative) – Currently tied for 11th with 15 points.

It was looking as if these guys would pull in their second consecutive Hoops W throughout the Game but they just ran out of gas in the game’s closing moments. The young pups on Team Kaplan just had more energy in the final moments and took this one.. Team Mason had 6, and really could have used a 7th, possibly someone with large biceps to help keep everyone else fresh.. They have Flag Football next week, a sport that should prove to be a strength.  Look for them to back up into the Rankings next week.

Team Mentgen (Paws-N-Effect) – Currently tied for 18th with 0 points. 

Played tough against Team Holzman but in Hoops it often comes down to who can make more jumpers.. This past week Team Holzman did just that. In Week 3, Team Mentgen looks to turn it all around against Team Shlofrock in Hoops.

Team Wilneff (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently tied for 18th with 0 points.

See Team Harris above.. The same can be said for Team Wilneff. These guys have players who have been called Champions in past seasons, and really their schedule in their first go of it in the Chicago League is doing them no favors.  They are a Playoff Team and the Wins are going to start coming.. Soon.

That’s it for us this week, have a great weekend and see everyone Monday Night!