2014 Chicago Men’s – Week 3 Hoops/Floor Hockey/Flag Football (June 23)

Updated: June 27, 2014

Week 3 is in the books (mostly) and what a week it was.. For the Football games that were rained-out (field conditions) those will be made up later in the Summer… The action Indoors more than made up for it.. The Floor Hockey on Monday Night was as intense as All Sports Series has ever seen and we had more fantastic Hoops finishes.. Before we get to the Rankings, here’s the Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! Ok let’s Rank ’em

Power Rankings

1. Team Maione (Wrigley View Rooftop) – Currently tied for 4th with 45 points.

Although they’re still undefeated, the Defending Champs, Team Maione showed their first sign of being human.. Scoring a normal amount of points and winning by just 12. Maybe it’s for the best so Team Maione doesn’t get too comfortable moving forward.. Although these guys seem hungry for a Repeat (the first ever in Men’s League history) so complacency shouldn’t be too big of a worry.. Chris Wroblewski and Josh Bartelstein had strong games, and if these guys can keep using their size the way they have in hoops, they should have no trouble riding out the rest of this season on top.

2. Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports Marketing) – Currently in 1st with 65 points.

Team Kornblatt fought hard in all three of their games to land atop the Standings, and they’ll have to fight hard to stay there with the fierce competition they have nipping at their heels. They won a hard-fought softball game 7-6 last week against Rivals Team Hakimian and a nail-biting, come from behind, 6-4 Floor Hockey game this week with Rivals Team Fallows.. Are you sensing a theme? Alex Freund led with 2 goals while defense and the supreme goalie-play of Matt Emer resulted in the Kelly Parker Hockey win of the night. The Hockey game between these guys and Team Fallows will go down as the most intense Hockey game in All Sports Series’ history.. This is not some ploy to try and get other Teams to go out and match it.. It’s simply the case.  There was some stuff brought onto the court based on off-season acquisitions (or lack thereof) and it was all settled on the court.  Would love to see these two squads lock horns once again in the Playoffs.

3. Team Hadelman (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) – Currently tied for 9th with 30 points. 

Team Hadelman had their Flag Football game postponed this week, but the 2013 Runners-Up have made quite an impression during the first two weeks of 2014 with strong Wins over two very solid teams. They deserve their Top 3 Spot.

4. Team Bernkopf (Accelerated Rehab Centers) – Currently tied for 4th with 45 points.

Team Bernkopf is overflowing with one key quality, that some other Teams just don’t possess: passion. These guys leave it all on the court and play with an obvious intensity that is tough to match. Alex Simmons and Matt Wolk both had doube digit games in their 56-54 win over Team Harris, which was without a doubt the best Hoops Game of the night. This crew plays with an overall athleticism that will take them far moving forward.  If you told them at the beginning of the Season that they’d go 3-0 in Hoops to start the year with a 3OT W against Team Hakimian and a 2pt victory against Team Harris, well they’d take it obviously, but they might have been a bit surprised as well.. These guys are flying high right now and their best sports are yet to come. Beware.

5. Team Holzman (Trifecta Grill) – Currently tied for 4th with 45 points. 

Team Holzman was a defensive wall on Monday Night with fast and active hands. They also displayed fantastic ball movement inside the perimeter. They managed to go 3-0 in Hoops this Season.. But that part of the season is over – if these guys can bring what they brought to Hoops to the rest of the Sports everyone else better watch out. These guys are going to surprise some people before the 2014 Summer is all done.

6. Team Horwitz (Benjamin & Shapiro Law) – Currently tied for 2nd with 50 points. 

With a solid 50 points, Team Horwitz has earned its place near the top and are looking down on much of their Competition. After a win in Week 2 Softball, and a decisive Floor Hockey win this week they are looking mighty, mighty fine. Max Guggenheim and Jon Horwitz killed it in on the Offensive end with 3 and 2 goals respectively in this 9-3 win. Graham Conatser is OK at Hockey too.  Captain Jon was also lucky enough to the be the 2nd Manny’s Deli #DELIvered Weekly Award Winner for his extra spirit this past week. Congrats on the FREE Sandwich Jon!

7. Team Daar (popchips) – Currently tied for 2nd with 50 points.

Team Daar had a dominant performance in Floor Hockey this week led by an ironclad presence in goal and supported by a relentless attack.. The level of play in the Floor Hockey games this year has been stepped up all around. Very impressive stuff and Team Daar was right at the forefront of this.. Their Week 3 W is fresh off their Week 2 walk-off Win in Softball last week. The momentum is mounting!  These guys are popping their way up the Power Rankings (ha! ha? maybe..)..

8. Team Shlofrock (Danley’s Garage World) – Currently tied for 7th with 35 points.

Team Shlofrock did their best Team Maione impression going for 110+ on Monday Night.  They were dominant this Week. Last week they lost a heartbreaker to Team Zimmerman in Hoops.. They opened the season winning a narrow 5-4 floor hockey game.  If they can rattle off a couple more Ws and avoid being an up and down Team they are going to go far in the Playoffs.. This is not to say they can’t make a run from the middle of the Pack but it will certainly help their first Men’s League run if they have a high seed come August.

9. Team Zimmerman (Duke Cannon Supply Co.) – Currently tied for 9th with 30 points.

The Zimmerman squad was another postponed team this week. Nothing new to report.  They looked good in Weeks 1 and 2.. Will likely look good again in Week 4 and beyond.. Moving on.

10. Team Watts (West Coast Shaving) – Currently tied for 12th with 15 points.

See Team Zimmerman above. — Expect Team Watts to fly up the Power Rankings in the next couple weeks.  FLY.

11. Team Sharrin (Michael’s Events) – Currently tied for 7th with 35 points.

This week Team Sharrin did the seemingly impossible: challenge Team Maione. The Hoops titans who have trounced their opponents in their first couple of games couldn’t break away from Team Sharrin.  Andrew Saturno and the rest of the guysmade up for a lack of size with tenacity and toughness. In the All Sports Series Regular Season, you often learn more about a Team during a Loss than a Win.. These guys showed a ton in this loss to the Defending Champs.  They are in a great position to claim a top Playoff seed and now can/should/will think they can truly play with anyone. Team Sharrin is no joke.  Everyone better take notice.

12. Team Wilneff (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently tied for 12th with 15 points. 

Weight officially lifted off shoulders.  Team Wilneff got over the hump on Monday Night and looked good doing it. This is a group that has had significant success in other All Sports Series realms but not yet in the Chicago Men’s League. They play Hoops with lot of quick passing and perimeter shooting. Connor Nass led them with aggressive breaks that cut through the Team Jasinski defense. Team Wilneff wants it.  It’s obvious..  In the coming weeks we’ll see just how much..

13. Team Riskin (SLA Insurance Navy) – Currently tied for 12th with 15 points.

Wasn’t able to get their Flag Football game in because of the rain, but they looked good in Week 2.  Should be a fun one when they get their make-up game in with Team Mason.

14. Team Altman (Sunset Foods) – Currently tied for 12th with 15 points.

Team Altman picked up their first win in their Franchise’s history on Monday Night. They can now breathe a sigh of relief. Led by Tim Weltzer, Bill Myers and Captain Micah Altman who scored 12, 11 and 9 points respectively, these guys put on quite a show in their win over Team Kaplan. Their schedule has not been easy and that should help them as the season rolls on.  They will be able to look back on now they can compete with whoever. Interested to see what this squad can do moving forward.

15. Team Schulte (PPM Apartments) – Currently in 11th with 20 points.

Despite the great looks they were getting all game, Team Schulte just couldn’t seem to get the ball to stay down enough on Monday Night.. Hoops in general is about getting open looks and making them.. They did the first part so well on Monday Night. It bodes well for their future Hoops contests, those shots will go in.. law of averages.. When these guys are on, they’re really on. Case in point when they put up 10 in Hockey during Week 1 (still the high score for the season..).

16. Team Kaplan (SLA Insurance Black) – Currently tied for 12th with 15 points.

Team Kaplan has played in 3 close contests so far this Season.. Winning in Week 2 with a 65-55 W over Team Mason. Their week 1 hockey performance was fantastic but in a losing effort to Team Sharrin.. They clearly are talented and its obvious they are going to go battle each week.  As long as they continue to bring it, the Ws will come and to the Playoffs they’ll go.  They play hard and they are a potential Cinderella should matchups shake down correctly later in the Summer.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical) 

Team Cohen (Crystal Lake Jeep) – Currently tied for 12th with 15 points.

Team Cohen faced a brick wall in goal this week when they faced-off with Rivals Team Daar. These guys are the ultimate Veteran Group.. They are going to be heard from when all is said and done.. They already have a solid Win under their belts.. Captain Andy is well aware the Playoffs are all about matchups.. These guys are always gearing up for the Playoffs. The Regular Season is just about fine tuning..

Team Fallows (Teplitz & Bell Law) – Currently tied for 12th with 15 points.

This is going to sound nuts.. But these guys moved the ball (“puck”) incredibly well during their game against Rivals Team Kornblatt that ended in a tough 4-6 loss. These guys will not be down for long, if at all, they are vets to All Sports Series and know that there is no time to wallow.. Their was a ton of emotion left on the court on Monday Night.. It had a Playoff atmosphere and win or lose those types of games are incredibly valuable come Playoff Time.  Both Teams truly deserved to win that one on Monday Night.. But what fun would that be?

Team Free Agent (Worth Sports) – Currently tied for 20th with 0 points.

Flag Football didn’t happen last week.. Another week to bond via Gmail thread and get on the right track together!

Team Hakimian (the MacMentor) – Currently tied for 20th with 0 points.

Let it be known Team Hakimian will not only make the Playoffs.. They are going to win MULTIPLE PLAYOFF Games this Summer.. For your own safety, DO NOT think that this is a down year for them for whatever reason.. They are as lethal as ever.. Schedule hasn’t been kind and they are a sleeping giant.  A couple months ago this same core were crowned the first ever All Sports Hoops Champions.  They are going to get a W (or two) in their remaining Hoops games and they are always among the favorites to win the entire Vball Tourney.  Gambling is obviously not encouraged (or sanctioned) in All Sports Series but if it were, now is the time where you should grab the odds of a Team Hakimian – 2014 Championship.  Again, it’s not though. 🙂

Team Harris (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Purple) – Currently tied for 20th with 0 points.

Team Harris plays with a confidence and ease that shows they are not afraid of the position they find themselves in.. The depth this League is unparalleled and Team Harris going 3 weeks without a victory could be exhibit A.. Both Hoops defeats have been heartbreakers (and thrills to watch) and they suffered a close 5-4 loss weak 1. The 2013 Champaign League Champs are on the brink of busting on to the scene.  Just wait for them to get momentum.

Team Jasinski (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Silver) – Currently tied for 20th with 0 points.

Team Jasinski has faced stiff competition so far this Summer and just hasn’t been able to get over the hump yet. Patrick Nielsen led this week playing big on the boards and making a lot of plays happen. There’s still plenty of time and plenty of sports outside of hoops for these guys to make an impact this summer.. and they will..

Team Mason (Alternative) – Currently tied for 12th with 15 points. 

They were rained out of Flag Football as well this Week.. More time for WWE Network and trips to Davanti Enoteca. Excited for their make-up game with Team Riskin on the gridiron.

Team Mentgen (Paws-N-Effect) – Currently tied for 20th with 0 points. 

Team Mentgen has nothing to hang their heads about.. Their schedule has been brutal.. Casper Melchert was as strong as ever on the glass on Monday Night, and also walked away as the Night’s top scorer with 32 points while teammate Patrick Noonan was hot on his heels with 30 points. With players like that these guys won’t stay down for long. They have the capacity to make a very strong run this season.

That’s it for us. Have a great weekend! See you Monday Night!