2014 Chicago Men’s – Week 6 Hoops/Flag Football/Softball (July 14)

Updated: July 18, 2014

The sun was shining on Monday Night and that allowed us to get a full-slate of Games in on Monday Night.  We had some crazy finishes in a multitude of sports and when the final whitstle blew this is where we were left..  We have Rain Make-Ups both this Saturday and Next (July 19 and 26).. Those Games in addition to the Volleyball Tourney next Monday Night is all the stands between us and the best time of the year.. The Playoffs.

Here’s your first look at the 2014 Chicago Men’s Playoff Bracket.  For the Rookie squads out there.. The Playoffs are a single-elimination tourney unlike any other.  Over those few weeks, the sport will change numerous times and everyone’s journey will come to an end.. Except for 1 of course. Whoever is the final Team left standing will have earned it, running through a gauntlet of either 4 or 5 Games.. So, are you ready?

Quickly, here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video which has many awesome plays from Week 6! Also, have you VOTED for the ALL-STAR Team?? Do so HERE!

Before we get to the Playoffs, there’s still a TON left to be done.  Volleyball this coming Monday will tally 40 points for the Winner and a few other Teams will take home a nice total as well.. Not to mention most of the League still has a Rain Make-Up Game to take care of..  That means everyone is still in the Playoff hunt.  OK Let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Maione (Wrigley View Rooftop) – Currently tied for 2nd with 90 points.

The Defending Champs haven’t lost in anything since this point last year.. The 2013 Volleyball Tourney.  It’s one of the best runs in All Sports Series history.. Can they keep their point streak alive this week?  They are dominating every game with what is starting to seem like ease. The football field looked pretty similar to the basketball court as we saw these guys running back and forth unchallenged in their 33-6 win. They haven’t locked up the #1 Seed and in fact are in second in the Standings because Team Zimmerman has been equally impressive in 2014.  It will be interesting to see who stumbles first (if either)..

2. Team Zimmerman (Duke Cannon Supply Co.) – Currently in 1st with 95 points. 

Team Zimmerman hasn’t missed a single opportunity this season. Every chance they get, they take it and don’t look back. They’ve climbed the rankings each and every week and here they are as the season’s end is near sitting at #2 in the Power Rankings and #1 in the Standings. In their last Hoops game big man Kyle Nelson led through the air and with brute force down low.. Killer looks from Esteban Vega at point guard helped all night long. Team Zimmerman has a wealth of talent and unmatched energy. It’s gonna be a challenge for any team to rattle them from the top of the hill.

3. Team Shlofrock (Danley’s Garage World) – Currently in 4th with 80 points.

Team Shlofrock has sort of appeared out of nowhere in the past few weeks. Not that they didn’t have an impressive roster (or history to fall back on — there are past All Sports Series Champions among them).. However, the schedule (and rain) sort of lined them up for a slow start but they have really put their foot on the gas as of late. It’s one impressive W after the next.. They still have a Flag Football game and the Volleyball Tourney to try and rise even higher in the Standings before the Playoffs.. These guys could really win this whole thing and it’s not looking like it would be via the Cinderella route any longer.

4. Team Hadelman (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) – Currently tied for 6th with 65 points.

They’re back. After a small hiccup last week Team Hadelman re-gained their Winning way on Monday night with a solid Hoops win over Team Riskin. They’ve worked hard to earn this position at #4 and they have what it takes to keep it, but have to get ready for some tough competition w/ a Flag Football game and Volleyball Tourney looming.. They will be one of the odds on favorites to win the Championship, but like most Teams their matchups/seed will matter a great deal.  No one will want to face them in hoops. No one.

5. Team Bernkopf (Accelerated Rehab Centers) – Currently in 5th with 70 points.

It must feel good to relax. After a whole season of fighting tooth and nail for every point and every win, Bernkopf finally was able to breathe easy on Monday Night..  Oh wait.. scratch that. They won another heart-pounding, nail-biting Game.. This one in Flag Football by the score of 8-0 on Team Holzman and might serve as their 2nd most impressive W of the Season (1st being they defeated Team Hakimian in 3OT Hoops back to open the season).  In the Playoffs, you need to be able to look back on the Season and know “we can do this.” Team Bernkpof will certainly have that to fall back on.

6. Team Horwitz (Benjamin & Shapiro Law) – Currently tied for 2nd with 90 points.

Everyone wants to be on top, and Team Horwitz found out this week that when that’s you it just makes every opponent play that much harder. And this week Team Fallows BROUGHT it. It was a close Hoops battle until the very end but Team Fallows came out on top with a 3 point victory. Is this gonna hurt them in the long run? Nope, far from it. It’s just a reminder not to get too comfortable. This squad deserves to be where they are.. They took a dip in the Rankings but still sit tied for 2nd in the Standings which is all that actually matters.  They need to rebound in the Volleyball Tourney this week if nothing else just to get back their swag before the Playoffs begin.

7. Team Holzman (Trifecta Grill) – Currently tied for 6th 65 points.

Team Holzman is really good. Doesn’t matter if no one has noticed. Not only were they undefeated going into this week, they were practically unchallenged. They lost in Flag Football to a top squad – Team Bernkopf – by one possession.. One loss won’t do much to stop this crew’s momentum, and you often learn more from losses than you do wins.. This might be blessing in disguise as the Playoffs.

8. Team Wilneff (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently tied for 9th with 60 points. 

Softball is most often the make or break factor in an All Sports Series season. It takes depth, total team chemistry and a lot of skill which Team Wilneff brought in heaps this week during their 17-3 rout on the diamond.  Led in softball by 2013 College/Prep Champion Morris Greco these guys may be the best softball Team in any of the All Sports Series Leagues. With that they picked up a crucial 30 points springboarding them to the front of the pack fighting for top 10 spots.  These guys certainly have Playoff victories in them. The question now becomes just how many?

9. Team Fallows (Teplitz & Bell) – Currently tied 11th with 55 points. 

Hats off to these guys on putting on the best show of the night with a big-time W over Team Horwitz. Led by Rashad Singleton, they hustled every play and didn’t give up on a single possession. It was a narrow win, but just what they needed to make their presence known. There’s still a lot to be decided this season, but it looks as if Fallows decided this week that they’re done messing around.  They will be among the favorites in the Volleyball Tourney and if they can capitalize on that they well wind up with a high seed when the Playoffs begin.

10. Team Mason (Alternative) – Currently tied for 9th with 60 points.

Team Mason picked the right week to play one of their best games of the season. Tim Wang and Ryan Francis both had big offensive nights in this 86-54 win over Rival Team Kornblatt that brought them just within striking distance of the top Teams in the Standings. Down on the block, Josh Feld, really was something. They still have Flag Football and the Volleyball Tourney, so truthfully the sky is the limit here.

11. Team Schulte (PPM Apartments) – Currently tied for 13th with 50 points.

All it takes is one play. To turn the whole season around.. Bottom of the 7th, tied 0-0 with Team Sharrin.. Captain John Schulte up to the plate.. and he drives in the game-winning run.  With that one run they picked up 30 points and bounded ahead of their competition. Big time players make big time plays. The Captain is big time. It’s the beginning of big things for this big crew. Stay tuned for more big moves.

12. Team Jasinski (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently tied for 15th with 45 points.

The first one is always the hardest.. They crossed that off last week in Floor Hockey and now the floodgates have opened! Man, were they impressive with a dominant 26-6 Flag Football Win over Team Altman. They haven’t locked anything up just yet but they are certainly trending up and if they can make a run in the Volleyball Tourney these guys are going to be in the field of 17 Playoff Teams.

13. Team Kornblatt (VIP Sports) – Currently tied for 6th with 65 points.

Team Kornblatt took one on the chin this week after a whole season of doling out punches.. Week after week they face different rivals.. They are the Oprah of Rivals.. “You are our Rivals, and you are our Rivals..”  Only it’s not that easy.. Rivalries aren’t just dished out with words.. they are created through tough games over the course of many years.. They held tight with Rivals Team Mason through the first 10 minutes of the Game, even without many of their usual Hoops starters… Then Captain Kornblatt checked into the Game for the first time.. Over the next 30 minutes, well they lost by a large margin.. We don’t keep plus/minus, in All Sports Series, but teammates were quoted as saying “the anti-Willis Reed.”  They did manage to get great performance Jeff Weisberg bringing in 25 points. In all seriousness, this fits the bill for Team Kornblatt’s storied past.. They are up for a few weeks and then fall back down and then get back up again.. They will be one of the stronger Volleyball Teams in the Tourney on Monday Night and if they can just stay within themselves they will earn points and still wind up with a top seed going into the Playoffs.

14. Team Cohen (Crystal Lake Jeep) – Currently tied for 11th with 55 points.

This wasn’t the week Team Cohen needed to play Rivals Team Zimmerman.  Team Zimmerman’s been climbing for weeks and this was the last step they needed to get to the top of the Standings, and you bet they knew it. Team Cohen played a fantastic game, switching up defenses and trying to keep the dominant Team Zimmerman off balance.. That kept them within reach for the entire first half and continuing to make them work for shots all throughout the second half but it wasn’t enough. Team Cohen may be down but they’re far from out..  Much noise left to hear from these guys.

15. Team Hakimian (the MacMentor) – Currently in 19th with 30 points.

Team Hakimian did what they have done so often in their now 5-year All Sports Series run.. They won a do or die game against  an extremely talented opponent. They’ve had one of the biggest rollercoaster rides of this season. Playing several Top5 Teams and suffering close losses..  This was nothing short of HUGE for them. They are going to be the odds on favorite to win the Volleyball Tourney on Monday Night.. Even if they don’t win and can manage to just get to the Championship Game they should have enough points to get into the Playoffs.  Once they are there, their seed is irrelevant. They know they can beat anyone and in anything. Their trophy case can back that up.  No words necessary.

16. Team Daar (popchips) – Currently tied for 13th with 50 points.

Team Daar walked into this game with a name for themselves. They’ve played solid competition and had big wins all season long.. They happened to be catching Team Free Agent at the wrong time however.. At about half time they seemed to realize what was happening as their lead slipped away.  Team Daar picked things up and played some incredible ball in the second half led by Matt Reddy and Justin Apuli who crushed it on both ends of the court, but it wasn’t enough to stop the Free Agents from picking up their first win.  These guys will have a strong VBall crew as well and will look to improve upon their Seed on Monday Night.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Altman (Sunset Foods) – Currently tied for 20th with 15 points.

Still time. Softball and the Volleyball Tourney provide enough points for them to make a run at the Playoffs still.  They are still alive..

Team Free Agent (Worth Sports) – Currently tied for 20th with 15 points.

It looks like the Free Agents finally got signed. This week they came out swinging and took home a well-earned, hard-fought first win against Team Daar. From the tip they had an energy that couldn’t be matched and as the clock winded down the match heated up with neither team giving an inch. Watching from the sidelines you could see and hear just how bad these guys wanted the win. That’s what this season’s all about: great team chemistry amounting to amazing things on the court. Just a fantastic thing to see. Well done, boys.. Still more victories to be had.

Team Harris (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Purple) – Currently tied for 20th with 15 points.

The 2013 Champaign League Champs just need to catch a break. And it looks like that break won’t come through softball. They didn’t show their best on Monday Night, but that’s over with.. They still have a Flag Football game and the Volleyball Tourney ahead.. They’ll need great showings on both nights to get into the Playoffs. Honestly, telling the rest of the League this.. You don’t want these guys sneaking in.. Deal with them, now before the Playoffs start. If not.. their will be some “upsets.”

Team Kaplan (SLA Insurance Black) – Currently tied for 20th with 15 points.

Had a tough double dip on Monday Night where neither game went their way.. Turns out playing the #1 and #3 Teams in the League in the span of 2 hours is not a recipe for success.. They still have a shot to get in. They’ll need to play well in VBall Monday Night. They can do it. Just have to shake off last week first.

Team Mentgetn (Paws N Effect) – Currently in 24th with 0 points.

Still trying to lock in Win #1.

Team Riskin (SLA Insurance Navy) – Currently tied for 15th with 45 points.

Team Hadelman in Hoops is one of the hardest Challenges in the Chicago Men’s League.  Not many ways to come out on top, so you can’t let it keep you down. These guys would be in the Playoffs if they started right now, which always a spot you want to be in. They control their own destiny and if they take care of business they’ll be lacing it up in the Playoffs.

Team Sharrin (Michael’s Events) – Currently tied for 18th with 35 points.

Tough loss this week. Both teams fought back and forth and couldn’t force the other to budge all game long. Team Sharrin has faced some of this league’s toughest competitors and this week Team Schulte put up some of the toughest defense we’ve seen  on the diamond yet. Team Sharrin matched it for all but one crucial play. Just a real heartbreaker.. Still within striking distance for the Playoffs!

Team Watts (West Coast Shaving) – Currently tied for 18th with 35 points.

Want to know how important chemistry is in All Sports Series?  Look no further than Team Watts.  Individually, they (conservatively) have 8-10 of the top 40-50 athletes in the League. However, they still are playing these sports together for the first time as a unit and it just takes time.  Before the season if you said they’d be in danger of missing the Playoffs I’d say you are nuts.. However, that doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is they have a Flag Football Game and the VBall Tourney (which they will be fantastic in).. I still stay they get into the Playoffs..  Now the question is if they win not 1, not 2, not 3.. Playoff Games once they get there.

That’s it for us. See you on Saturday/Monday, cross your fingers for sunshine!