2014 Madison Leagues – Championship Night! (Nov. 10)

Updated: November 13, 2014

Two Champions were Crowned on Monday Night!  We officially have a Dynasty in the Madison Men’s League and the first ever Co-Ed Championship went to 2OT!  So we have a ton to Recap! First, here’s a Link to the Extended Highlight Video for this Week!  We’re going to tackle the Co-Ed Championship Game before moving into the Men’s Final4 and Championship.

Co-Ed Championship Flag Football

1. Team Bruksch (Goben Cars) v. 2. Team Fischer (Badger Bowl)

Both of these Teams took care of business last week in the Final4 (as they did all season long) and came into Monday Night hoping to become the first ever Madison C0-Ed Champs.  The Game was played inside at Keva Sports Center on an indoor soccer field.. The field turf provided a fast playing surface and allowed for the Offenses to really get going.. After a couple possessions of really feeling each other out the scoreboard continued to light-up throughout this one.  It was Team Bruksch who struck first (and second) to jump out to a 12-0 lead midway through the first half..  Team Fischer would answer however and at Halftime Team Bruskch would lead 18-12.  Mitch Ebenreiter who had 2 TDs came out hot in the second half as well and Team Bruksch actually would push the lead to 30-12 just minutes into the second half.. It seemed as if Team Bruksch was destined to go wire to wire both in this Game and the Season..

However, Team Fischer just wouldn’t give in.. They kept fighting back and got the next 2 TDs.. Making the Game 32-24.. Led by Tred Dean’s 3 TDs their Offense kept them alive and with just a couple minutes to go in Regulation Team Fischer tied it all up at 32.  As the final seconds of Regulation ticked away, everyone knew that the first ever Madison Co-Ed Championship was heading to OT.. Quick breakdown of the Rules — it’s like College Football — both Teams get the ball with a chance to score.. The one difference from College, is that in All Sports Series the Offenses start with the ball on the 10 yard line with 4 downs to score (instead of the 25 like College).   In what was one of the highest scoring Championship Games ever — the Defenses held strong in the first OT.. Neither Team could get into the endzone and, thus, a second OT was needed.. Small rule change for 2OT — the ball was moved into the 5 for the Teams…

In 2OT, Team Fischer, took their first lead of the night and that’s all that mattered — as they went up 38-32 which would be the Final!  Team Fischer won the Championship!  More on them in a second… The Runners-Up, Team Bruksch deserve lots of praise as well.. They were the #1 Team all season long and played valiantly once again on Monday Night. Captain Emily’s squad has nothing to be ashamed of and in fact they will provide a nice measuring stick for future Madison Co-Ed Teams.. They will be back in 2015 with a new found hunger and are the likely favorites to take the 2015 Crown!

For the Champs, Team Fischer, you can’t really say enough.. Captain Blair has competed in more Co-Ed Games than any other person in All Sports Series history.. She now holds the Crown for the first time and in her only chance in the Madison Co-Ed League.  Along with her was a fantastic cast of teammates..  Tred Dean’s 3 TDs will go down in All Sports Series lore. Many (even most) Teams would have packed it up and gone home for the Winter down 30-12 in the second half.. But not these guys.. That’s what Champions are made out of.. They never quit and eventually they willed themselves to the Crown.  Congratulations on becoming the first ever Madison Co-Ed League Champs!  Hope to see many of you in the Chicago Co-Ed League this Summer upon Graduation!


Men’s Final4 Flag Football

2. Team Callahan – KSig JR (SLA Insurance Green) v. 4. Team Saltzman – KSig SR (9Round Madison)

Who would represent Kappa Sig in the Championship Game?  That’s been the question going around since last week when 1. Team Max chose to play 3. Team Holway in the Final4… Well, we got our answer rather quickly in this one.. Team Saltzman was last year’s Runners-Up and they came out of the gate in this one with every intention of making it to their second straight Championship Game..  They did just that.  From the opening whistle, Team Saltzman was flying around, and just too much for Team Callahan to handle on this night..  For Team Callahan, they finished the Regular Season in second place and have enough talent to beat anyone on a given night.. They will enter 2015 as the favorites to become Men’s Champs.. They’ll retool a bit in the off-season and it’s going to be fun to watch how next year they handle being the “hunted” rather than the “hunter”.. See many of you this Summer!

For Team Saltzman, the waiting Game began.. Would they get a Rematch with Team Max from last year’s Championship?  Would Team Holway shock the world?  Could Team Saltzman keep up the gigantic amount of momentum they created in their huge Final4 W while watching the next Game unfold?  Time would tell…

1. Team Max (Ian’s Pizza) v. 3. Team Holway – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s Market)

Brief recap of how we got here.. Team Max are not only the Defending Champs and the #1 Seed but they also earned the right to select their Final4 opponent last week in the Top2 Game with Team Callahan on the Hoops Court.  After that big W, they selected a familiar foe to go to battle with in the Final4 — enter 3. Team Holway.. #1 Team Max’s resume is well documented but 3. Team Holway had an extremely successful season as well.. At times, they seemed to fly under the radar but Captain Brad’s bunch had many big Ws during the course of the Regular Season and most importantly believed they could be the Team to knock Team Max off the mountain…

When the Game started it was Team Max who struck first.. and second.. that was all they’d need to advance.  They ended up taking this one by a score of 21-6 and they were moving on to their second straight Championship Game with hopes of doing what so few have.. #Back2Back.. For Team Holway, a great season ends in the Final4. No shame in that.. Especially when coming at the hands of the Defending Champs.  As Juniors, they have one more off-season to make a key acquisition or two and then make a final run at the Crown.. This Fall showed that they have what it takes to win the whole thing and with some smart GMing they should be there in the end.  Thanks for playing Guys!

Men’s Championship Flag Football

1. Team Max (Ian’s Pizza) v. 4. Team Saltzman (9Round Madison)

Much has happened since the 2013 Madison Men’s Championship Game.. but in the end we all wound up in the exact same place.. It’s very rare we are graced with a Playoff Rematch let alone a Championship Game Rematch but that’s exactly what was in-store for us with the 2014 Madison Men’s Championship Game.  Both Teams are chalk full of Seniors so everyone knew this was their last shot at a Madison Crown.. Team Max enters as the true Goliath of the Madison League — They are Defending Champs and have only 1 true Loss in their 2 years.. Team Saltzman was last year’s Runners-Up.. They took the off-season to improve the Roster.. They got older, bigger, faster and stronger.. All with hopes to get Redemption and win the Crown that they were so close to holding a year ago at this time.. So would it be #Back2Back or #Redemption ?

The Defending Champs started off hot as they so often do.. Fresh off their Final4 victory they were able to keep the momentum going and strike first vs. Team Saltzman. As the Game would wear on.. Much of what happened a year ago would show up again.. Team Max got strong QB play from Josh Newman and then their speed on Defense was just too much to overcome for the Saltzman Offense..  When the final whistle blew — the score read 20-0..  Team Max are your #Back2Back Champs and still the only Team to have ever won the Madison Men’s League!  More on them in a second..

Team Saltzman didn’t claim their ultimate prize on Monday Night.. However, once the heartbreak leaves, they’ll be able to look back and now that they went to two straight Championship Games in a very competitive League.. They will leave Madison with much more success under their belts than many other squads have ever achieved in any All Sports Series League.  Captain Scott will likely get the troops rallied in some form or another in the Chicago Leagues this Summer.. Congrats on a great two year run and hope to see all of you soon!

To the 2x Champs — just wow..  The sheer dominance they’ve exerted since Sept. 2013 is nearly unparalleled in All Sports Series.  A couple Teams come to mind but the others have not had to do it with this type of competition in front of them week after week.  Team Max is now etched in the Madison Mt. Rushmore and it’s going to take quite a long time for any one Team to supplant their Legacy here.. They will leave Madison with their heads held high and return to the Summer Leagues where many have won Championships in the past too.. These Guys are among the most successful in the history of the League and it’s exciting to see how many more Crowns they can add to their mantle.  Congrats guys!

That’s it for us in Madison for 2014. We’ll be back in 2015 ready and raring to go. Thanks to everyone and good luck on exams!

– Holden