2014 Madison – Week 3 Flag Football (Sept. 29)

Updated: October 2, 2014

Madison took to the gridiron on Monday Night for the first time and the scoreboard got lit up!  We had some fantastic action in both the Men’s and Co-Ed Leagues. Before the Power Rankings, here’s the Link to the Weekly Video Highlights!  Next Week the Co-Ed League has a double dip with both Softball and Kickball on the diamonds!  Last Week we started with Co-Ed so we’re going to change it up and go with the Men’s League first this week. OK let’s Rank ’em!

Men’s Power Rankings (scroll down for Co-Ed)

1. Team Max (Ian’s Pizza) – Currently in 1st place with 55 points.

What?  Expecting someone else?  They make it 3-straight dubs to start 2014 and they are now getting close to a full calendar year without a Loss.  That’s something that has only been done by a handful of franchises in All Sports Series history. These guys are looking more and more like they are poised to Repeat as Champs and that too would put them in very elite company.  Team Max may earn a spot on All Sports Series Mt. Rushmore before they graduate and they certainly have already left their mark on the Madison Men’s League.  Next week its back to the diamond for softball and Team Weisberg is the next stop on their set of train tracks. Look out.

2. Team Callahan – KSig JR (SLA Insurance Green) – Currently in 2nd with 35 points.

Holding strong at #2 this week is Team Callahan who is also undefeated on the season. They put on a show Monday Night and did so against last year’s Runners-Up Team Saltzman. They simply could not be stopped. You have to wonder if they had a little extra on Monday Night for their “big bros”.. These guys are among the League’s finest and may prove to be the ultimate contender for Team Max’s crown.

3. Team Holway – AEPi JR (MacTaggart’s Market) – Currently in 3rd with 20 points. 

Up 2 spots this week is Team Holway. Captain Brad’s crews have always excelled in flag football and Monday Night was no different as they took it to their little brothers of AEPi.  They came out fast getting the first 19 points of the game. This is the type of W that really helps build momentum and get you going.. They will get their first crack at softball next week and hope to move into the #2 in the next Power Rankings.

4. Team Saltzman – KSig SR (9Round Madison) – Currently tied for 4th with 15 points.

Didn’t go their way this week.. They’ve been strong this Season nonetheless and if they lined up and played Monday Night all over again, the result would surely not be as one-sided.  They are a talented bunch but still are getting to know one another on the field as Captain Scott made some changes in the off-season. They are still one to watch in the next few weeks and can beat anyone in the League on any given night.  Remember, this core made it to last Season’s Championship Game.  They will be heard from before  all is said and done.  Next Week they’ll face Team Pulfer – Fiji.

5. Team Weisberg – AEPi SO (Goben Cars) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points. 

Why does a Team still searching for their first victory belong in the Rankings you ask?  Sometimes the final scores aren’t completely indicative of the situation. Now, at the end of the day, what matters is Wins/Losses obviously.. But these guys just need a bit more time and then they are going to be a force.  They went down 19 quickly in their Game with Team Holway on Monday Night and when most Teams would just pack it in they dug in and made a valiant comeback.. They came up short but they definitely have something to build on for weeks ahead. Look for them to rise in the Standings soon.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Bernstein (Badger Bowl) & Team Pulfer – Fiji (SLA Insurance Purple) – Currently tied for 6th with 0 points.

These 2 squads were off this week with a double header date looming.

Team Norris – KSig SO (Biaggi’s) – Currently tied for 4th with 15 points.

They were the latest victim for the Defending Champs.. They also got a little help from their friends this past week. This Team will be alright and bounce back quickly.  They have talent.  More Ws ahead..


Co-Ed Power Rankings

1. Team Bruksch (Goben Cars) – Currently in 1st with 40 points.

There is only one Undefeated left standing in the Madison Co-Ed League and they of course sit atop the Power Rankings this week.  Team Bruksch has now shown what they can do on the softball diamond as well as the gridiron and honestly it looks they will be tough to beat.. Next week they’ll take on Team Smith in Softball and then immediately following they’ll have a Rematch from last week with current #2 Team Fischer in Kickball.. You know that Team Fischer is going to bring everything they have after giving up a big lead to the #1 squad just a week ago.. That on has Game of the Night potential.   It usually takes a few weeks, especially in a League’s first Season, to establish a front-runner.. Team Bruksch has wasted little time..

2. Team Fischer (Badger Bowl) – Currently tied for 2nd with 20 points.

Jumping into the Rankings this week is Team Fischer who did so on the heels of an impressive, decisive W over last week’s #1 – Team Smith.  This crew has looked amazing for 95% of their time together as a unit.. That other 5% cost them a Week 1 W but they have time to figure out how to avoid those letdowns in the future.  They are as complete a Co-Ed Team as you will see and they are surely counting down the days until they get their rematch with Team Bruksch next week.. They’ll have to take on Team Klein in softball first but then they’ll get to go toe to toe with #1 Team Bruksch in Kickball. Monday Night is shaping up to be a HUGE one for the Co-Ed League.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Klein (Biaggi’s) – Currently in 4th with 0 points.

Here’s what we need to focus on with this group — they have not one but two chances to breakthrough next week.. There’s a ton of talent on Captain Hannah’s club and it wouldn’t be surprising one bit if they grabbed 2 big W’s next Monday Night and leapt right into the Rankings!

Team Smith (Distinctive Foods) – Currently tied for 2nd with 20 points.

Last week they looked fantastic out on the Softball diamond.. This week they took a step back and dropped their contest with Team Fischer.  Lucky for them they will be right back on the diamond (2x) next week where they can regain their winning ways.  Team Smith will not stay down for long.. Book it.

That’s it for us this Week. Have a great weekend and get ready for next Monday Night!