2014 Suburbs College/Prep – Week 1 Hoops (June 1)

Updated: June 5, 2014

Welcome to All Sports Series 2014!  For many of you this is a Welcome Back and for some this is your first taste of the Weekly Power Rankings wrap-up.   Each week we will highlight the College/Prep League’s games and analyze where everyone stands in comparison to the rest of the League. Just to sort of preface the Power Rankings — the articles are written using a statistical review.   Normally there will also be a link to the Weekly Video Highlights however , the video will start after Week 2 (don’t worry Week 1 highlights will be included as well). Here’s a link to the Stats from Week 1.

Also,  All Sports Series now has its very own beat-reporter, Ben.  If you haven’t already met Ben, he will be at the games and providing his insight throughout the Power Rankings articles. For Week 1, there will be a brief Rankings section and that will be followed by a Game by Game Recap (with some historical facts mixed in).  So, without further ado, I (Holden) give the floor to Ben!

Power Rankings following Week 1 (Note – Game Recaps below):

(Editor’s Note: 12 of the 20 Teams competed in Week 1, as the other 8 will play double headers in Week 6..)

1. Team Maione (Baker Boys) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points

2. Team Sternberg (ALX Salon) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

3. Team Merritt (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

4. Team Valvassori (Loree’s Closet) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

5. Team Watts (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points.

6. Team Audley (Sandusky Lee) – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points.

7. Team Rubin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Navy) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points

8. Team Almeleh (Trifecta Grill) – Currently tied for 1st with 15 Points


Rest of the Pack – Alphabetical Order

Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points.

Team Kaplan (Michael’s Events) – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points.

Team Saltzberg (Danley’s Garage World) – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points.

Team Shapiro (BBQ Pit) – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points.


Teams w/ Double Headers in Week 6

Team Serck (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Royal) v. Team Lutz (Poopie Palz)

Team Teitelbaum (Once Upon a Bagel) v. Team Rijos (Tamales)

Team Kogan (First Bank of Highland Park) v. Team Jurczuk (Sushi Kushi Too)

Team Deutsch (Highland Pop) v. Team Liss (Testing Timers)


Game by Game Recaps

Team Almeleh (Trifecta Grill) vs. Team Kaplan (Michael’s Events) – Team Almeleh wins 54-34

Team Almeleh played in their first All Sports Series in last year’s College/Prep League. They followed that up with a very strong showing in the inaugural Champaign League (playing as Team Fisher – AEPi) — they were seconds away from a Championship Game when they got up ended by a heartbreaking buzzer beater.. They have been looking forward to getting back on the court ever since and plan on taking that next step to the Championship Game this Summer.

Team Kaplan is playing in their first All Sports Series. These guys hail from Stevenson High School and are looking to make a name for themselves early!

Team Almeleh came out with a fast-paced offense against the bigger Team Kaplan. Team Almeleh’s Garrett Fisher totaled 26 points during the game, the second most points of the day. In their first ever game Team Kaplan had several quick transition buckets delivered them some well-deserved baskets, but they were unable to comeback against the All Sports Series veterans who walked away with a 54-34 win under their belt.

Team Sternberg (ALX Salon) vs. Team Watts (Camp Ojibwa) – Team Sternberg wins 69-64

That 2012 Runners-Up that was mentioned in Team Maione’s section below.. Well that came at the hands Captain Sam Sternberg and co. Many of this group knows what it takes to hold the All Sports Series Championship Crown.  Captain Sam is actually one of the only people in the history of All Sports Series to win Championships in multiple leagues.. He also held the Crown in the inaugural Madison League this past Fall.  All of a sudden these guys are among the elder statesemen in the League and their experience should propel them all Summer long.

Team Watts is entering their 3rd year in the League.. Hoops are normally their calling card and have made a couple key acquisitions in the off-season.. For the first time they are truly veterans in the All Sports Series world and this is the year they really can and should make that magical Playoff run..

This was the CEA Study Abroad Game of the Day.   Team Sternberg found a tough opponent in Team Watts in a game that swung both ways before it was taken by Team Sternberg in a 69-64 win. Both teams rained threes consistently throughout the game, with a notable amount coming from Scott Fenton of Team Sternberg. Team Watts moved the ball well and saw especially strong ball movement from Alex Sacks. The Deerfield Rivalry was in full effect in this one.. Both Teams can and will grow from this point forward.  It would be fun to see them get a rematch in August when the Playoffs run around.

Team Valvassori (Loree’s Closet) vs.  Team Audley (Sandusky Lee) – Team Valvassori wins 40-38

Team Valvassori is entering their 3rd year in All Sports Series. They know the tricks of the trade and are ready to make a dent in the Playoffs. They are expected to do some great things in Week 2’s Volleyball Tourney.. So this Crew could be in great shape as we head into the middle of the season.

Team Audley is a group just graduating from Lake Forest High School and are playing in their first All Sports Series.

In what was easily the most evenly matched game of the day, returning Team Valvassori emerged with a 40-38 win over rookie Team Audley. Neither team backed down on a play during the 44 minute matchup. In the final minute play was back and forth. The game actually was tied at 38 with just seconds left… Captain Chris Valvassori sunk a hook shot to take the lead by two points and Team Audley came up just short with an in-and-out desperation 3.

Team Merritt (Sarkis Cafe) vs. Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) – Team Merritt wins 61-41

In 2013, they were the youngest group in the League.. In 2014, they are the youngest group in the League.. But this year they have some much needed experience to go along with a DEEEP roster.  They are going to make a run this season.. No telling how high they can climb.

As for Team Gordon, these guys are entering their 4th All Sports Series Season believe it or not.. Team Gordon Captain – Eric Gordon – is cousin’s with Holden (Editor’s Note: full disclosure..).. These guys have been counting down the days to Week 1 and big things are expected from them in 2014.

For the Game, it was all in the family when these two Teams faced off in the season opener. With Mr. and Mrs. Merritt watching and cheering for their sons (one on each team) from the sideline and handing out waters during halftime it was certainly a friendly matchup, but a heated contest all the same. Team Merritt came out strong against Team Gordon who were themselves the youngest in the League for a few years. Team Gordon played with an aggressive defense but couldn’t match the chemistry and cohesive attack that Team Merritt presented. Captain Alex Merritt sunk a buzzer beater 3 to end the first half and led his team to a 61-41 win.

Team Maione (Baker Boys) vs. Team Saltzberg (Danley’s Garage World) – Team Maione wins 72-36

The 2014 Team Maione squad is comprised of two distinct crews from 2013 that have formed a mega-power.  Team Maione is bringing back much of their Team from their 2012 Runners-Up squad and joining forces with the Captain of 2013’s College/Prep Championship crew – Morris Greco. Along with Morris, a few championship members from last year have come aboard to defend their Title. These guys will be at or near the top of the Mountain all year long… They are looking down at the rest of the field for at least 1 more week.

Team Saltzberg is getting their first taste of All Sports Series action.. What a way to break the ice..

As for the action, Team Maione, dominated this matchup throughout with quick ball movement and sharp passing led by Morris Greco. Team Saltzberg showed promise with resilient defense and an eye for great shooting opportunities. With a deep roster they’re looking to fine tune the chemistry in their roster, and have plenty of time to do so.. Again, Team Maione snagged the number one spot after this 72-36 but can they hold on in next week’s Volleyball Tourney?

Team Shapiro (BBQ Pit) vs. Team Rubin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Navy) – Team Rubin wins 79-52

Team Rubin (Team Kuhns previously) are entering their 3rd stint in All Sports Series.  They have carefully crafted their roster in 2014 and really look like they could have one of the best Hoops teams around.

Team Shapiro is entering their first All Sports Series as a group but have many players who have participated in past seasons. It may take them a couple weeks to get everyone on the same page, but the talent is certainly there!

In the highest scoring game of the week Team Rubin came out with a strong lineup of shooters that brought them to a 79-52 win over Team Shapiro. Moses Park on Team Rubin had the week’s high scoring output with 27 points and found a lot of support from Ryan Kuhms on Offense. Team Shapiro’s captain Tony Shapiro supported the team with 21 points to keep them in it. The score didn’t show the contest between these two teams that played 44 minutes of tough basketball in Highland Park this Sunday. With this much athletic talent on both teams, look out for both moving up the Power Rankings soon.

That’s it for us.. Big Week in the College/Prep League on Sunday as its the Volleyball Tourney where more points are up for grabs than on any other day.