2014 Suburbs College/Prep – Week 2 Volleyball Tourney (June 8)

Updated: June 12, 2014

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We have new College/Prep VBall Champs for the first time in three years! From the picture above you can probably tell that Team Valvassori are your new VBall Champs of the World.  Congrats gentlemen!

The Power Rankings will look a little different this week since there were so many games and no true Stats to report on. There will be a run down of the Knockout Rounds of the VBall Tourney then a top 12 Power Rankings will be revealed at the bottom and that will be it. Next week the normal format will return.. Before we get into the Rankings, here are the Official Point Totals team received during the VBall Tourney for the Season Standings:

1st – Team Valvassori (Loree’s Closet) (40 pts) – (7 pts from pool win + 3 Final4 points + 30 1st place points)
2nd – Team Maione (Baker Boys) (25 pts) – (7 pts from pool win + 3 Final4 points + 15 2ndplace points)
3rd – Team Audley (Sandusky Lee) (15 pts) – (7 pts from pool win+ 3Final 4 points + 5 3rd place points)
4th – Team Sternberg (ALX Salon) (10 pts) – (7 pts from pool win + 3 Final4 points)
5th – Team Teitelbaum (Once Upon a Bagel) – (7 pts) – (7 pts from pool win)
6th-9th – Team Deutsch (Highland Pop), Team Kaplan (Michael’s Events), Team Kogan (First Bank of HP), Team Rijos (Tamales) – (3 pts) – (3 pts from advancing as a Wild Card)

Heading into the second week of the season… Some Teams were actually experiencing their own “Opening Day” as some will have Hoops Double-Headers in July.. The most points out the season were up for grabs today with the Vball Tourney. The day saw some great competition and showed a lot of dominant Teams from last week making another strong impression. The VBall Tourney is usually moving day in terms of getting a Top2 Seed.. We’ll see if anyone has it in them to go out and catch Team Valvassori in the weeks that come..

Volleyball Tourney – Knockout Round Recap


3. Team Maione (Baker Boys) v. Team Kaplan (Michael’s Events) – Team Maione wins 21-12 and now faces 2. Team Sternberg in Semifinals.

Team Kaplan played the Tourney with a bit shorthanded, but it didn’t slow them down and they actually clawed their way into the Knockout Rounds with smart and scrappy play. They made the most of it by capitalizing on opportunities in every game and closing up as many gaps as they could. But when it came time to play the dynamic Team Maione lineup the challenge suddenly got a lot greater. With the same strong front line and cohesive passing they had used all day, Team Maione picked apart the Team Kaplan defense. With accurate serves and smart ball placement, Team Maione simply put the ball in all the places Team Kaplan couldn’t be. Team Kaplan played tough and stayed in as long as they could but this underdog eventually succumbed with a 21-12 loss in the Quarterfinals..

4. Team Audley (Sandusky Lee) v. 5. Team Deutsch (Highland Pop) v. – Team Audley wins 21-15 and now faces 1. Team Valvassori in Semifinals.

This was one of the more heated matchups of the day and definitely the most interesting matchup of the quarterfinals. Team Deutsch like Team Kaplan had to play a bit shorthanded in the Knockout Rounds.. Team Audley (aka the Lake Forest boys) had a big front line, some sizable hops and the know-how to put them to good use.. All game Team Audley spiked and attacked… The game was a battle that saw neither squad back down, especially Team Deutsch who hustled each play to connect on some great hits and make some clutch defensive plays. In the end Team Audley would use their power game and triumph with a 21-15 win.


1. Team Valvassori (Loree’s Closet) v. 4. Team Audley (Sandusky Lee) – Team Valvassori wins 21-16

The semis were a showdown of Pool Play Group Winners as Team Audley faced off against top seeded Team Valvassori, who were fresh off a bye. Both teams’ strengths were as clear as they had been all day… Team Valvassori kept a dynamic presence in every position and  Team Audley was led by a forceful presence at the net. Even though both team had strong defenses and the capacity to stay with lengthy rallies, this game was decided more by quick plays and decisive moments. Each squad played to their strengths and put up an unbelievable fight. In the end top seeded Team Valvassori walked away with a 21-16 win at the end of the game and moved on to the Championship Game.. Small note, these guys got 3rd Place in the Vball Tourney last year and as soon as they got over this Semifinal hump, you could see them breathe a sigh of relief. They knew the whole thing was theirs for the taking..

2. Team Sternberg (ALX Salon) v. 3. Team Maione (Baker Boys) – Team Maione wins 21-12

Everyone going into this game knew… It had the potential to “steal the show”. The 2 and 3 seeds had both emerged from competitive pool play as top competitors for the VBall crown… They both walked in with cohesive rosters ready to put up a fight. Team Maione held up the same iron-clad front line they had played with all day, gaining a couple key points with blocks that Team Sternberg couldn’t reply from. Team Sternberg made a couple key plays and put up a formidable effort.. When the final ball struck the court.. It was Team Maione taking the win, led by Greco, Detzner and Kleinmuntz, 3 players from the dissolved Team Greco that won the last two years’ volleyball tournaments and makes up half of Team Maione.. Those guys were going for their 3rd straight Vball crown and were surrounded by some immense talent.

3rd Place Game

2. Team Sternberg (ALX Salon) v. 4. Team Audley (Sandusky Lee) – Team Audley wins

Both teams showed their stripes in this game as they continued to battle in the tourney, even after heartbreaking losses in the semifinals… Reminding everyone that there’s a whole season ahead of us with chances to win points across the board. Team Sternberg came back with vigorous play after their battle w/ Team Maione and really showed their fighting spirit.  However, Team Audley had picked up steam during the day as they built chemistry and honed a sharp set of attacking options.. This Game kept all the fire that we love to see in the best of All Sports Series games and ended with Team Audley raising their hands in victory.. We might look back on this Game as the defining moment in this Team’s All Sports Series existence.  Today they knew they can come back after defeat, which may be the biggest skill you can acquire in one of these long season’s.. Week after week you are going to face tons of talent and not always in the your best sport.. You have to learn to bounce back.. Team Audley has.. Officially would like to welcome Team Audley to the competition.. Everyone else better watch out.

Championship Game

1. Team Valvassori (Loree’s Closet) v. 3. Team Maione (Baker Boys) – Team Valvassori wins 25-22

No one could have predicted the twists and turns that this tourney went through. We saw two undermanned Teams making a dominant run in pool play, asserting a strong presence and a whole medley of impressive groups snap victory from the jaws of defeat. With all that said, for everyone that was in attendance, it certainly made sense to see these two Titans face off at the very end.

It was a strong presence of returning champions facing off in Team Maione against a dominant volleyball power in the 1 seed, Team Valvassori, who seemed destined to dethrone the kings. Both Teams kept the same steady control and communication they had showed all day throughout the game with neither group budging more than a few points for a long time. No run was too long, no fall to great.

The back half of the game was marked by a lot of great moments that brought great gains to both teams: Team Valvassori threw a great block at the net that stopped momentum for Team Maione. Then, the kicked pass from the front line a few plays later that brought Maione right back, among other really hard-fought plays and points. Team Valvassori began to inch away towards the end, led by deadly spikes and consistent sets from Dillon Rudy. When warned at the beginning of the day that Team Valvassori was a volleyball threat I have to believe he was a big reason why. Despite a rally that brought Team Maione wthin striking distance.. When all the dust cleared it was Team Valvassori that would hold the honor of being the 2014 College/Prep Vball Champs.  They had been close many times and this year they finally overcame their biggest obstacle.. The crew on Team Maione.  Congrats to both Teams in what was an electric Championship Game.


Power Rankings

1. Team Valvassori (Loree’s Closet) – Currently in 1st with 55 points.

2. Team Maione (Baker Boys) – Currently in 2nd with 40 points.

3. Team Sternberg (ALX Salon) – Currently in 3rd with 25 points.

4. Team Audley (Sandusky Lee) – Currently tied for 4th with 15 points.

5. Team Team Merritt (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently tied for 4th with 15 points.

6. Team Almeleh (Trifecta Grill) – Currently tied for 4th with 15 points.

7. Team Teitelbaum (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently in 8th with 7 points.

8. Team Rubin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Navy) – Currently tied for 4th with 15 points. 

9. Team Deutsch (Highland Pop) – Currently tied for 9th with 3 points.

10. Team Kaplan (Micahel’s Events) – Currently tied for 9th with 3 points.

11. Team Kogan (First Bank of HP) – Currently tied for 9th with 3 points.

12. Team Rijos (Tamales) – Currently tied for 9th with 3 points.


That’s all from us. Have a great weekend and see you Sunday for Hoops!!