2014 Suburbs College/Prep – Week 6 Hoops (July 13)

Updated: July 18, 2014

Well here we are.. The #PlayoffPush has reached its climax.. After the dust settles this Sunday Night we will be left with our Sweet16.. We will know who will battle in the Opening Rounds Hoops Games.. We will have our Top2 Teams who will play for the right to dictate the Playoff Bracket.. It will officially be the best time of the year.. The Playoffs.  Here’s your first look at the 2014 College/Prep Playoff Bracket.  For the Rookie squads out there.. Just a reminder, the Top2 Teams will essentially get byes to the Elite8 Softball Round.. They play each other and the Winner gets to select which side of the Bracket they will play on for the remainder of the Playoffs.  Otherwise, the Playoffs are a single-elimination tournament.  Quickly, here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video which has many awesome plays from Week 6 Hoops including some dunks! Also, have you VOTED for the ALL-STAR Team?? Do so HERE!

Before we get to the Playoffs, there’s still a TON left to be done.  Below are the Current League standings.. You will see that only 12 of the 16 spots have been locked-up. We have 6 Teams fighting for those last 4 Playoff spots which means Sunday is going to be epic.  The entire season could come down to one missed flag-pull or one hail-mary.  Cannot wait!

Team Points
Points Behind Leader
z- Team Valvassori (Loree's Closet)1100
z- Team Maione (Baker Boys)1055
y- Team Sternberg (ALX Salon)10010
y- Team Watts (Camp Ojibwa)9515
y- Team Kogan (First Bank of HP)8822
y-Team Lutz (Poopie Palz)8030
y-Team Almeleh (Trifecta Grill)** Wins Tiebreaker w/ Team Rubin due to Strength of Schedule (Teams did not Play Head to Head and both had 4-3 overall records)7535
y- Team Rubin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Navy)** Loses Tiebreaker w/ Team Almeleh due to Strength of Schedule (Teams did not Play Head to Head and both had 4-3 overall records)7535
y-Team Rijos (Tamales)7337
y-Team Merritt (Sarkis Cafe)** Wins Tiebreaker w/ Team Saltzberg due to Strength of Schedule (Teams did not Play Head to Head and both had 3-4 overall records)5060
y-Team Saltzberg (Danley's Garage)** Loses Tiebreaker w/ Team Merritt due to Strength of Schedule (Teams did not Play Head to Head and both had 3-4 overall records)5060
y-Team Kaplan (Michael's Events)4862
y-Team Shapiro (BBQ Pit)4070
y-Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel)** Wins Tiebreaker w/ Team Liss due to Strength of Schedule (Teams did not Play Head to Head and both had 2-5 overall records)3575
y-Team Liss (Testing Timers)** Loses Tiebreaker w/ Team Gordon due to Strength of Schedule (Teams did not Play Head to Head and both had 2-5 overall records)3575
y-Team Deutsch (Highland Pop)3377
x-Team Audley (Sandusky Lee)3080
x-Team Serck (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Royal)2585
x- Team Teitelbaum (Once Upon)7103
x- Team Jurczuk (Sushi Kushi Too)0110
y - Clinch Playoff Berth
z - Clinch Top2 Seed
x - Eliminated from Playoffs

OK so now it is time for final Power Rankings of the Season. Next Week, we’ll Preview the Playoff matchups. Let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1.  Team Sternberg (ALX Salon) – Currently in 1st with 100 points.

Team Sternberg, Team Maione or Team Valvassori? That’s been the question on everyone’s mind in recent weeks as the Regular Season began to wrap up and the question of who would take the Top2 Seeds and get that Opening Round bye. This week, we may have had our answer. Both Teams Sternberg and Team Valvassori faced off against Team Rijos in Hoops this week but Team Sternberg was the only one to walk away with a win. Team Maione also fell on Sunday. There’s no question that Team Sternberg will be one of the most imposing threats entering the Playoffs.. They are 1 more Football W away from a Top2 seed.

2. Team Rubin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. Navy) – Currently tied for 4th with 75 points.

Hats off to these guys.  These guys’ only stumble this season has been an OT Loss to Team Merritt early on. Other than that they’ve scrapped and fought all their way to the top, especially showing their grit this week with a clutch win over Team Maione. The timing couldn’t have been better. The win brought them within strikin distance for a Top2 Spot if they get a little help from friends in Flag Football next week (losses from Team Maione, Team Valvassori and potetnially Team Watts). Team Rubin was able to stay off the radar the last couple of weeks, but they’re certainly their now, giving the signal that they could take the title this year.

3. Team Watts (Camp Ojibwa) – Currently tied for 4th with 75 points.

There’s so many moving parts in an All Sports Series season.. So many close calls, so many twists and turns.. Team Watts has managed to navigate through the Season, overcoming a tough L to #1 Team Sternberg back in Week 1, and simply going on a tear ever since. They’ve hustled all Summer long and put just enough juice into this week to fend off Team Deutsch by 2 points.. This was the CEA Study Abroad Game of the Day. It was also a big enough W to catapult these guys into a Top 3 spot in the Power Rankings.  They are looking to make their first true run in the All Sports Series Playoffs soon and they really could be the last team standing.

4. Team Maione (Baker Boys) – Currently in 3rd with 85 points.

Team Maione was one half of the most exciting matchup this week, which is saying something, as they faced off against a Team Rubin crew that was hot on their heels in the rankings. Team Rubin has climbed up all season while Team Maione dominated early — almost effortlessly, until they met unstoppable resistance in a Team Rubin that came out on top 43-42 on Sunday. Does that mean much for these guys? Well, we’ll see.  If they get a W on Sunday and a L from Team Valvassori or Team Sternberg than they will still snag a Top2 spot.. Which is crucial for these guys.  Last season, Team Greco (who has merged into Team Maione), won the College/Prep League w/ a Top2 spot.. They know how important it is to be able to get a bye to the Elite8 and decide their fate the rest of the way..  This will be the biggest storyline heading into next Sunday’s Flag Football games.

5. Team Kogan (First Bank of Highland Park) – Currently in 6th with 68 points.

Talk about a rally! In just one day Kogan managed to almost double their points with two Hoops wins in a row! They’ve played at a high level all season long and brought that and more Sunday. They could be (probably are) the best Hoops Team in the League this Summer — led by Brad Reibel — they have gone over 100 twice now.  These guys can fill up the score sheet and fast. Whoever does draw these guys in the Opening Round Hoops Playoff game — well, good luck!

6. Team Valvassori (Loree’s Closet) – Currently in 2nd with 90 points.

Team Valvassori hasn’t needed any help this season. They’ve faced tough teams and picked up some tough wins, and through it all, has shown us just how very tough they are. And it’s just that track record that tells us these guys are tough enough to keep the loss to Team Rijos this week from letting them think that they’re anything less than one of the best teams in this league going into the playoffs.  Everything they have worked for this Season will come down to Sunday.. If they win, they are assured a Top2 Seed, a bye in the Opening Round, and an opportunity to really dictate the way the rest of the Playoffs will go for much of the League.  So yeah, Sunday is big.

7. Team Almeleh (Trifecta Grill) – Currently in 8th with 55 points.

Almeleh has battled uphill all season long, facing some of the fiercest competition in their best sports. But that hasn’t kept them down. They’ve continued to come out on top and were able to get a big W this. They shouldn’t rest on their laurels, it only gets tougher from here on out… If they can secure one more W next week in Flag Football they should rise in the Standings just enough to avoid a Top seed in the first round or two of the Playoffs.  They made it to the Final4 in the Champaign League last Fall.. They know exactly what it takes to make an extended Playoff run..

8. Team Rijos (Tamales) – Currently in 9th with 53 points.

Not many Teams come out of All Sports Series double headers in great shape.. It’s just too grueling.. Not to mention double headers that include going against the top two Teams in the Standings.. Team Rijos had one of the most impressive displays we’ve seen in a while, taking down All Sports Series goliath Team Valvassori in a dominant 60-40 win. That’s no small feat. Valvassori has knocked down some of the hardest competition there is in this league but couldn’t even make Rijos flinch on Sunday. In one double header these guys played the two toughest teams they could have and came out of it with only a scratch. They’re ready for the playoffs, and everyone better be ready for them.

9. Team Shapiro (BBQ Pit) – Currently in 12th with 40 points.

Better late than never. Shapiro had a rough go of things early in their Rookie Season but has come out swinging in the last two weeks, and just in time. With another W next week in Flag Football they could actually end up being the Higher Seed in their Opening Round Hoops Game.  Tony Shaprio and Jack Lazar showed up big this week, putting up 18 and 17 points respectively. They could be the leaders this team has needed all along, and certainly the ones they’ll need next week.  Always beware of the Team that streaks into the Playoffs.

10. Team Merritt (Sarkis Cafe) – Currently in 10th with 50 points.

Team Merritt had the misfortune to get caught on the tracks as Team Kogan’s freight train rolled through this week. They played an outstanding game, holding Team Kogan well below their Season avg… They only fell by 4 points and are still one of the biggest threats in the League.  Anyone who has seen these guys play know that they bring more energy than any other Team and that’s the exact energy they need during the Playoffs to ignite.

11. Team Lutz (Poopie Palz) – Currently in 7th with 60 points.

Did they have their best week yet?  Not exactly.. However, Team Lutz is one of few teams in this league who knew they could rest easy with their Playoff spot secured prior to last week.. Team Lutz has been a dominant squad all season that can afford a few losses, so they should have no problem shaking off this week and to look towards focusing on success where It matters: the Playoffs.

12. Team Deutsch (Highland Pop) – Currently in 13th with 33 points.

Team Deutsch is still on the bubble, but that could change with one huge win next week. 20 points are on the line, and if the stars align then they could spring past a couple other teams just ahead of them. They had tough test on their plates this week as they dropped a nail-biter to Team Watts in the CEA Study Abroad Game of the Day, but showed what is so vital in All Sports Series, the ability to shake things off — defeating Team Liss by 1 point in their second game of the Double Header. No one wants these guys to make the Playoffs as they have the ability to beat anyone in anything.. If they bring their A-Game from here on out they can be that Cinderella double-digit seed that always seems to make a run in the All Sports Series Playoffs.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Audley (Sandusky Lee) – Currently tied for 14th with 30 points. 

At its best,  Team Audley has shown bursts of some of the greatest play we’ve seen this season. And that Team Audley came to play this weekend, taking home a solid 64-46 win over Team Gordon. Next week will be make or break for them, no doubt about it. If they win, they are in. If they lose, many Teams could potentially jump them and move them to the outside looking in on the Playoff party.

Team Gordon (Gordon Bros. Steel) – Currently tied for 17th with 15 points.

Next week could make history. Next week could be the turning point for Team Gordon. They’ve been the underdogs all season, really since their existence in All Sports Series. Next week means everything.. Next week they can finally snag a spot in the Playoffs… If they grab a W, it’s very likely you’ll see Team Gordon in that Playoff Bracket for the first time ever.

Team Jurczuk (Sushi Kushi Too) – Currently in 20th with 0 points.

Off this week, many Teams had Double Headers.

Team Kaplan (Michael’s Events) – Currently in 11th with 48 points.

Off this week, many Teams had Double Headers.

Team Liss (Testing Timers) – Currently tied for 17th with 15 points.

With tough scheduling they’ve had to battle harder than most teams. They had a double header this Sunday and picked up their first W of the Season in Game 1. They let Game 2 slip through their fingers.. These guys are really dangerous, especially now that they have felt the sweet taste of victory.

Team Saltzberg (Danleys Garage World) – Currently tied for 14th with 30 points.

Last week was a tough loss for Team Saltzberg, no way around it. Going down by one run to the #1 seed is the last thing you want two weeks before the end of the season, but this week Team Saltzberg proved they can bounce back from it. If these guys Win they are in. What else can you ask for at this point of the Season?  I’ll tell you something.. they are primed for a run.. No one is paying attention to them and they have faced each Top Team so far this Season.. They are much more prepared than your average Rookie Team.  Wouldn’t be surprised at all to see them become the final Team left in August.

Team Serck (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 16th with 25 points.

Team Serck showed a flash of greatness last week in their first big win of the season on the Softball diamond. They fell back a bit in Hoops this Week, but what’s important is that the talent’s there. What Serck needs is to bring all of that and more next week to snag a Playoff spot. Lots of eyes will be on them as they are currently pegged in that final #16 spot.

Team Teitelbaum (Once Upon a Bagel) – Currently in 19th with 7 points.

Off this week, many Teams had double headers.

That’s it for us. See you Sunday!