2014 Suburbs Men’s Adult Final4 & CHAMPIONSHIP (Aug. 20)

Updated: August 25, 2014

Wednesday Night hosted the final All Sports Series Games of the Summer.  There were a few story lines heading into Wednesday’s Championship Night — Would 1. The Alley continue their dominance and become the first Men’s Team to ever go Back2Back.. Would 7. Team Moccio’s finally breakthrough and grab the Crown after finishing as the Runners-Up for two straight years.. Would 4. Team Cy Fredrics shock the world knock off Team The Alley?  Those answers will all come with Time. A few things first.. Here’s the Link to final Video Highlights of the Summer!  Also, a big Congrats is in-store for the Suburbs Men’s Adult All-Star Team and MVP** as voted on by you:  MVP** Bruce Goldstone of 2. Team BBQ Pit, as well as Teammates Steve Goldsmith and Jeff Rosenberg, Matt Greenberg and Trevor Kahn of Team The Alley, Eric Hernandez of Team Moccio’s and Nick Rosa of Team Cy Fredrics!  Congrats Guys!   OK Let’s breakdown the final games of the Season!

Final4 – Softball

1. Team The Alley v. 4. Team Cy Fredrics – Winner plays 7. Team Moccio’s in Championship Game

The Defending Champs – Team The Alley in Highwood have been on a tear for the past 13 months.  They simply don’t lose.  4. Team Cy Fredrics is appearing in their second straight Final4 and are looking to really take that next leap..  We really could not have asked for a better Final4 match-up..  The Game started out with an Offensive explosion.. 1. Team The Alley did what they have done so often over the past few seasons and jumped out to an early lead — before we knew it, they were up 4-0.  However, Team Cy Fredrics weren’t just going to pack it up and go home.. They had come too far!  In the 2nd inning, they put up 6 runs of their own and took the lead!  The Alley would eventually answer by putting up a gigantic 4th inning — totaling 7 runs.  They went up 11-6 and would not look back!  It was back to the Championship Game for the Defending Champs.. More on them below.. As for Team Cy Fredrics — they had a great run in 2014.  Sometimes you just come up against Team that is playing out of this world..  Cy Fredrics will certainly be back in 2015 and if they can add one or two more bats in the middle of their softball line-up we might be looking at the favorites coming into next Season.  Thanks for a great year guys, see you soon!

Championship – Softball

1. Team The Alley in Highwood v. 7. Team Moccio’s – Rematch from 2013 Championship Game

So, so many things have to go right for a Team to make it to an All Sports Series Championship Game.  One bad inning or a few minute drought in Hoops can send you home come Playoff Time.  That is why in the 5 year history of All Sports Series we have never had a Championship Game Rematch.  Until Now.  7. Team Moccio’s didn’t have their usual Regular Season (as they have basically dominated the two previous years — earning the #1 Seed in both 2012 and 2013) however, for the 3rd straight year they find themselves in the Championship Game.  In their first two trips they came up just a bit short on the softball diamond.. Last Season, their opponent and Defending Champs – are Team The Alley in Highwood.  These Guys, as it’s been said many times, are on an unbelievable tear right now — the kind that has never before been seen in All Sports Series.  They are well over a year since their last true L and are trying to become the first Men’s League Team (this League or any other) in All Sports Series to win Back2Back Championships.. So to say there’s a lot at stake in this one, well it’s a vast understatement.

As the Championship Game began, both Teams displayed great Defense… Neither would budge.  In the bottom of the 2nd Team The Alley eventually drove in a run.. but it could have been more had Team Moccio’s not thrown out a couple base-runners at 3rd and at the plate.  The Game remained close until the middle innings when Team The Alley broke out the big sticks and blew it open.  The score was 4-1 when The Alley hit a grand-slam to go up 8-1 and really put it away for good.   Once it was eventually clear that Team The Alley was going to become Back2Back Champs, the true identities of both of these class-act Teams were exemplified.  Team Moccio’s has really had the most-heartbreaking tenure of any Team in the History of All Sports Series.. This was 3-straight Runners-Up for them and most would have acted sour (understandably so).  But not these Guys.  They are what this League is all about. Competitive but not to a fault.  Just a great all-around bunch of people.  They’ll be back in 2015 and maybe (hopefully) the fourth time can be the charm.  They are going to take a Crown one of these years.. Just a matter of when, not if.

For the Back2Back Champs — Team The Alley in Highwood.  They are currently on a run that could place them on All Sports Series’ Mt. Rushmore.  They surely have cemented their Legacy in the past couple of months.. With this insane winning streak and becoming the first Men’s Team to go Back2Back.   More importantly, they have a fun time out there and don’t feel the need to rub anyone’s face in their success. That quality starts at the top with Captain John Whitehead.  Next Summer, they will attempt to do something that no other Franchise has even been able to do in All Sports Series — the 3peat.  Only about 275 days until the start of next Season.. Good Luck to everyone in their off-season training programs.

Thank you to everyone who played and supported All Sports Series this Summer.  We will see you soon!

– Holden