2014 Suburbs Men’s Adult PLAYOFFS – ELite8 Hoops (Aug. 13)

Updated: August 14, 2014

We are down to our final week and our Final4 Teams are all set. This Week we’ll go through how we got down to that Final4 as well as preview potential Championship Matchups.  Before, we get there a here’s a Link to the Suburbs Men’s Adult All-Star & MVP BallotAlso, here’s a Link to this Week’s Video Highlights w/ Playoff action!  Last note before the Wrap-Up, just a reminder that next Week is both the Final4 and the Championship softball Games.. The Champs will take home T-shirts as well as a party at the The Alley in Highwood! OK let’s get to it!

Elite8 Hoops

4. Team Cy Fredrics v. 5. Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. – 4. Team Cy Fredrics wins

When the Bracket came out this Game jumped off the page as the most even matchup of the Night.  The Game itself did not disappoint.. It turned out to be a Game of runs as Team Cy Fredrics would jump out to leads and then Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. would storm back and tie it up..  Team Cy Fredrics looked like they had it all wrapped up with about 9 minutes to go as they went up 7..  But Captain Scott Blake put his squad on his back and rattled off 7 straight points to bring the game to yet another tie..  Seeing the opposing Captain go on a tear must have inspired Cy Fredrics’ Captain Jordan Lemick who hit two straight 3balls to send his squad up 6.. He hit three key 3Pters down the stretch for his squad when all was said and done.. That final burst was too much for Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. to comeback from and it was 4. Team Cy Fredrics who would end up advancing..  They’ll have yet another date with 1. Team The Alley in Highwood in next week’s Final4..  For Team Dr. Jacob DDS, they accomplished a lot in their first go of it as a unit.. They had a lot of new faces this year and were a pleasure to have each and every week.  Just a great group of guys who represent the Navy so well.  It was nice meeting all of you and can’t wait to see you again next Summer!

1. Team The Alley in Highwood v. 8. Team The Karyn Collectoin – 1. Team The Alley in Highwood wins

Expecting another outcome?  The #1 Seed will have a date with 4. Team Cy Fredrics in the Final4 next week. More on that below.

2. Team The BBQ Pit v. 7. Team Moccio’s – 7. Team Moccio’s wins

This was a rematch from the very first Men’s Adult Championship Game back in 2012.. That night Team BBQ Pit took home the Crown and while these two have tangoed on several occasions since then Team Moccio’s has been chomping at the bit for a chance to return the favor of sending these guys home in the Playoffs.  On Wednesday Night Team Moccio’s didn’t waste the opportunity and stepped on the gas pedal early..  They went up big in the first half and before you knew it they had built a comfortable lead that would last the entirety of this contest.  For #2 Team BBQ Pit, they will leave 2014 a little disappointed as they knew if they could have just gotten to softball that they had a real chance at getting their 2nd Championship in 3 years.. However, it was just not meant to be.. Matchups are everything and as 2x Runners-Up Team Moccio’s is not your typical #7 seed. Team BBQ Pit will be back in 2015 and be ready to regain their Crown. Captain Dan Wolf is surely already working the waiver wire to help bolster the crew a bit more. They are one of the best groups this League has to offer and a pleasure to have in All Sports Series. See you guys next June!

3. Team Triecta Grill v. 6. Team Sunset Foods – 6. Team Sunset Foods wins

These two squads know each other well as they actually teamed up a couple times late in the Season.. When all was said and done it was Team Sunset Foods moving on to the Final4. They will meet 2x Runners-Up Team Moccio’s in softball next Wednesday Night.. More on that below. For Team Trifecta Grill — grabbing the 3 Seed in their Rookie season is nothing to scoff at. They have a lot to build on for next season and if they round out the crew a bit more they should have no problem being front runners in 2015!

Final4 16″ Softball – Preview

1. Team The Alley in Highwood v. 4. Team Cy Fredrics

These two have met a few times this year already and know each other well.  They met on the diamond about a month ago and #1 Team The Alley won (as they have for over a year straight now).. However, this could play into 4. Team Cy Fredrics advantage.. It’s very difficult to beat the same Team in the same All Sports Series season as has been demonstrated in previous rematches.. Let alone in the same sport.. The losing Team has a lot to go back to for opportunity to improve where the Winners usually rest on their W.  Team The Alley is trying to set history this Summer and they will not be complacent with their aspirations. No Men’s Team (in this League or any other form of All Sports Series) have ever gone Back2Back.. Team The Alley are just 2 wins away from accomplishing the unthinkable.. Team Cy Fredrics can win but they’ll need their best to do so.. The Winner will meet the Winner of the other Final4 Game in the Championship later in the night…

6. Team Sunset Foods v. 7. Team Moccio’s

The left side of the bracket was all chalk in the Elite8 but the right side was anything but.. Team Moccio’s will attempt to move on to their 3rd Straight Championship Game — which is an unbelievable feat — on Wednesday Night.  Both Teams are just two Wins away from accomplishing their ultimate goal of holding the Men’s Adult League Crown.. Before they can think about a Championship they must get through the other Team first.. This one should be an offensive affair if their previous softball games are any indication.. Whoever does manage to survive this slugfest better regroup in a hurry as a Championship will depend on it.

Good Luck to the remaining Teams. Have a great week!