2014 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Week 1 Hoops (June 25)

Updated: June 27, 2014

Welcome to All Sports Series 2014!  For many of you this is a Welcome Back and for some this is your first taste of the Weekly Power Rankings wrap-up.   Each week we will highlight the Suburbs Men’s Adult League’s games and analyze where everyone stands in comparison to the rest of the League. Just to sort of preface the Power Rankings — the articles are written using a statistical review.  Speaking of which, here’s a link to the Stats from Week 1. Also, the Power Rankings wrap-up will also have a link to the Weekly Video Highlights (<– Click). 

The Suburbs Men’s Adult League has begun and with a splash!  Week 1 started with Hoops action and we got to see a great pool of talent take the court..  There are great things coming ahead.  OK let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1. Team The Alley in Highwood – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

Captain John Whitehead and the rest of the Reigning, Defending Champions of the Suburbs Men’s Adult World are back and have aspirations of becoming the first Men’s group to ever go Back2Back (in any League).  If Wednesday Night was any indication they are well on there way!  They looked as strong as ever, potentially even stronger than in 2013 (which they will need to be to repeat because the League as a whole is much stronger.. More on that later)..  They faced off in a Championship Rematch from 2013 w/ Team Moccio’s and really looked fantastic.  It’s going to be tough to knock these guys from their perch at #1.

2. Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. is comprised of out favortite Navy men.  However there is a new Captain in town — Captain Scott Blake has taken over for former Captain Gerald Good. Along with the new leadership is partially new roster as well. Even with the roster turnover, one thing has remained the same.. These guys can hoop. For years the Navy men have been the best hoop squad in the Adult League and 2014 seemingly is no different. There’s some new (and stiff competition) out there but it will always come down to one question for these guys? Can they figure out how to get enough Softball offense? We shall see.

3. Team BBQ Pit – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

Team BBQ Pit holds the honor of being the first ever Adult League champs back in 2012. They are led by Captain Dan Wolf who is simply one of the best in biz. These guys are the true veterans of the All Sports Series Adult League and are in many ways they are the measuring stick.. They know how to navigate through the rigorous All Sports Series season and how to get Ws gone August. Always expect big things from this group.. This summer will be no different.

4. Team Trifecta Grill – Currently tied for 1st with 15 points.

Team Trifecta Grill is a new squad for to 2014 co-led by John Burmesiter and Captain Jon Kerr.. Captain Kerr led the free agent squad last Summer and is looking to make a bigger splash in his second go of it. Burmesiter brings with him several members of the Deerfield and Bannockburn Fire Dept.. They looked good, real good.. In their Week 1 hoops W. Should be interesting when they go to toe to tie with Team Moccios later in the Summer (HP Fire and PD). Welcome!

5. Team Moccio’s – Currently tied for 5th with 0 points.

Team Moccios has been here since the beginning. Truth be told they have really dominated the past two seasons, yet, they are still searching for their first post-season Crown. Captain Eric Hernandez is as intense and driven as they come.. His group of HP’s finest and fittest did not get off to their usual hot start but that might play in their favor.. For two years they’ve run all over everyone in June and July just to come up a bit short in the Championship Game. In 2014 they got their “bad” week out of their system early and are ready to fulfill their destiny.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Cy Fredrics – Currently tied for 5th with 0 points. 

Team Cy Fredrics is back in 2014 ad once again led by Captain Jordan Lemick. Truth be told this is one of my favorite groups in any of the All Sports Series Leagues.. Great Group of guys. They are going to be in it all season long. I bet they’ll be in the Rankings by next week!

Team The Karyn Collection – Currently tied for 5th with 0 points.

Well there’s only looking up from here..

Team Sunset Foods – Currently tied for 5th with 0 points. 

Team Sunset Foods is led Captained by George Solomos who is no stranger to All Sports Series. He has brought along an athletic crew that happened to just draw a tough match up in Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. In Week 1. These guys are talented and hungry. Going to be fun to watch them grow as the season powers along.

That’s it for this week. Have a great Week and see you Wednesday Night!