2014 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Week 2 Volleyball Tourney (July 2)

Updated: July 4, 2014

The Volleyball Tourney has come and gone!  There were points available in Week 2 than on any other night of the Regular Season.. Scroll Down to see where the points landed.  Quickly though, here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video (w/ plenty of Vball plays)!

The Power Rankings are going to be a different this week.. We are going to recap the Tourney itself than provide the Power Rankings after that. Ready? Ok Great.

Week 2 Volleyball Tourney

For those not in attendance — the Volleyball Tourney is like a mini-World Cup. The Tourney features two-4 Team Pools and after Pool Play, 4 Teams advance (2 from each Pool) to the single elimination Knockout Rounds.  Teams that win their Pools get 7 points in the Standings, while Wild Card teams earn 3 points.  Then the Team that wins the Tourney takes home an additional 25 points, while 2nd place gets 10 more and 3rd gets an extra 5 in the Standings. That means 32 points were to be had for the Champs (if they won their pool).

Pool A— Early in the Night, Team Trifecta Grill won the Pool and Team Cy Fredrics advanced as a wild card. Both Teams finished 2-1 in Pool play and it came down to the final stage of the pool.  These two Teams were joined by Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. and Team BBQ Pit… All four Teams were 1-1 going into the final stage… Teams Trifecta Grill and Cy Fredrics of course won their final Pool Play games to advance.. Team Trifecta Grill edged out Team Cy Fredrics by just ONE point in point differential.. Those two squads would wait it out until Pool B finished up for the Knockout Rounds.

Pool B — Team The Alley in Highwood went undefeated to win Pool B.  The interesting portion of the Pool B came between Teams Moccio’s and Sunset Foods. Both Teams finished with the same record (splitting their pool play games with each other and losing to Team The Alley in Highwood).  Team Moccio’s edged out Team Sunset Foods by six points in the differential (the key to this was Team Moccio’s beat Team Sunset Foods by a larger margin than Team Sunset Foods beat Team Moccio’s).   Both Teams were gamely squads and Team Moccio’s was certainly pleased to move on and grab 3 key points in the Standings.

That set up the Final 4 — Pool A Winner Team Trifecta Grill took down Pool B Wild Card Team Moccio’s to head to the Tourney Final. This matched up the Firemen of HP & Deerfield for the first time this Season. Great preview of things to come.  On the other side of the Bracket Pool B Winner Team The Alley in Highwood continued on their crazy roll and defeated Team Cy Fredrics to set up a Championship between Pool Winners Team The Alley in Highwood and Team Trifecta Grill.

Team Moccio’s won the 3rd place game for the second consecutive year after edging out Team Cy Fredrics to gain 5 more points in the Standings.

In the Championship Game Team The Alley in Highwood would just not be denied and they ended the Tourney by going undefeated on the night (6-0) — an extremely impressive accomplishment. Last year they got second and you could tell this year they were determined to add more hardware to their mantle. Team Trifecta Grill took 2nd Place and really caught the eye of many in the gym on Wednesday Night. They are a force to be reckoned with.

Here’s a final Break Down of Points from Week 2 (Power Rankings Below):

Wednesday July 2 - Week 2 presented by CEA Study AbroadSport (Points for a Win)Winning Team
Group A: Team Cy Fredrics, Team BBQ Pit, Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S., Team Trifecta GrillVolleyball Tourney (TBD)Pool Winner - Team Trifecta Grill (7 pts)
Wild Card - Team Cy Fredrics (3 pts)
*Both Teams finished 2-1 in Pool Play (Trifecta +8, Cy Fredrics +7 point differential)
Group B: Team Moccio's, Team Sunset Foods, Team The Karyn Collection, Team The Alley in HighwoodVolleyball Tourney (TBD)Pool Winner - Team The Alley in Highwood (7 pts)
Wild Card - Team Moccio's
*Both Team Moccio's and Team Sunset Foods finished 1-3 in Pool Play (Team Moccio's -11, Team Sunset Foods -17 point differential)
Tourney Knockout RoundsVolleyball Tourney (TBD)Official Point Break Down:
1st - Team The Alley In Highwood (32 pts)
2nd - Team Trifecta Grill (17 pts)
3rd - Team Moccio's (8 pts)
4th - Team Cy Fredrics (3 pts)

Power Rankings

1. Team The Alley in Highwood – Currently in 1st with 47 points.

2. Team Trifecta Grill – Currently in 2nd with 32 points.

3. Team Moccio’s – Currently in 5th with 8 points.

4. Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. – Currently tied for 3rd with 15 points.

5. Team Cy Fredrics – Currently in 6th with 3 points.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team BBQ Pit – Currently tied for 3rd with 15 points.

Team The Karyn Collection – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points.

Team Sunset Foods – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points.

That’s it for us. Have a great Holiday weekend. See you next Wednesday!