2014 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Week 4 Bowling (July 16)

Updated: July 18, 2014

Bowling Night at the Alley in Highwood is always one of the highlights of the Season. It’s a great opportunity to get to know the other players in the League, have some great Moccio’s pizza, bowl and of course try to get some points in the Standings.  Wednesday Night was no exception.  Before we get into the nitty gritty here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!

Each Team strutted their stuff throughout the course of the night…. There were too many strikes and spares (and gutter balls) to keep track of but here’s how the point breakdown shuck down by night’s end.

Wednesday July 16 - Week 4 presented by CEA Study AbroadSport (Points for a Win)Winning Team
*The 7 Top Games for each Team are averaged to get each Team's score1st Place - 25 pts
2nd Place - 15 pts
3rd Place - 10 pts
4th Place - 5 pts
Official Point Break Down:
1st - Team BBQ Pit (126.29) - 25 pts
2nd - Team The Alley (124.43) - 15 pts
3rd - Team Cy Fredrics (121) - 10 pts
4th - Team Dr. Jacob (120.29) - 5 pts
5th - Team Moccio's (117)
6th - Team Trifecta Grill (115.86)
7th - Team Sunset Foods
8th - Team The Karyn Collection

Here’s how the scoring worked for anyone curious: Each player on each Team bowled 2 Games a piece.  Then we took the Top 7 Scores from each Team and averaged them.  Everyone’s best 7 score average is the number that you see above in the Results Table.

Here are the exact scores that led us there —

1st – Team BBQ Pit (126.29) – 133,132,130,128,126,119,115
2nd – Team The Alley (124.43) – 161,155,132,114,109,106,94
3rd – Team Cy Fredrics (121) – 147,133,122,116,113,109,107
4th – Team Dr. Jacob (120.29) – 158,140,128,122,117,95,82
5th – Team Moccio’s (117) – 136,136,126,111,111,106,93
6th – Team Trifecta Grill (115.86) – 150,134,124,116,109,99,79
7th – Team Sunset Foods  (113.43) – 149,126,117,110,99,98,95
8th – Team The Karyn Collection 

Bowling Recap 

The high score of the night went to Captain John Whitehead w/ a 161 and the highest average of the night was also to the “homecourt” Team – Team the Alley in Highwood – Kevin Menolascino w/ an avg. of 143.5.. Even w/ all those high scores the consistency of Team BBQ Pit helped them claim the top spot of the night w/ an avg. over 126!  They are really gaining momentum and prevented Team the Alley from “winning” for an entire year consecutively. However, Team the Alley does maintain their consecutive point streak.  Hard to give much more analysis than this so we’ll get to the Power Rankings and start getting ready for Week 5 Softball!

Power Rankings

1. Team The Alley in Highwood – Currently in 1st with 87 points.

2. Team BBQ Pit – Currently in 2nd with 60 points.

3. Team Cy Fredrics – Currently in 3rd with 35 points.

4. Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. – Currently in 5th with 20 points. 

5. Trifecta Grill – Currently in 4th with 32 points.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team The Karyn Collection – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points.

Team Moccio’s – Currently in 6th with 8 points.

Team Sunset Foods – Currently tied for 7th with 0 points.

Have a great weekend and see you next week!