2014 Suburbs Men’s Adult – Week 7 Hoops (Aug. 6) – Playoff Preview

Updated: August 11, 2014

We have arrived!  The best time of the Year is officially upon us!  It’s Playoff time gentleman and in just a couple short weeks we will crown the 2014 Suburbs Men’s Adult Champions.  There’s absolutely a ton left to do for the eventual Champion, starting with Opening Round Hoops this coming Sunday.  Before we preview the Playoff Matchups, here’s a Link to the Suburbs Men’s Adult All-Star & MVP Ballot!  Also, here’s a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights with tons of Week 6 Flag Football & Week 7 Hoops action!

The Power Rankings turn into a true Playoff Preview this Week.. We are going to highlight the Playoff Matchups that are in-store for us on Wednesday Night’s Elite8 – Hoops.  8 Teams will enter Wednesday Night and only 4 Teams will exit with their dreams alive.. Those 4 Teams will battle in Final4 and Championship Softball on Wednesday Aug. 20!  It is single-elimination from here on out.. Best 4 words in sports — Win or go home!

Here are the Final Standings.. Playoff Preview to follow below!

Team Points
Points Behind Leader
1. Team The Alley in Highwood1470
2. Team BBQ Pit11037
3. Team Trifecta Grill6780
4. Team Cy Fredrics5889
5. Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S.45102
6. Team Sunset Foods35112
7. Team Moccio's23124
8. Team The Karyn Collection0147

Playoff Preview

Elite8 Hoops 

1. Team The Alley v. 8. Team The Karyn Collection

The storyline in this one is pretty similar.. Can the Reigning, Defending Champs – Team The Alley – who are on an epic year+ point streak continue on their roll and get a few more wins?  Most would say, and smartly, yes!  These Guys have proven over the past 13 months that not only are they the Team to beat but they are here to re-write the record books. No Men’s Team (in any All Sports Series ever) has won Back2Back Championships.  Not One Team.  They set out on this journey 7 weeks ago to become the first and they’ve looked like they are ready to do it from the first tip in June.  Match-ups will of course be key.. They’ll take on the Winner of the 4/5 Game in Final4 Softball next Wednesday Night.  I’d say Good Luck, but they really don’t need it..

4. Team Cy Fredrics v. 5. Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S.

These 2 Teams met back in Week 3 Softball and Team Cy Fredrics won going away.. However, the Hoops court of course is a drastic change from the softball diamond.. Team Dr. Jacob D.D.S. has historically been one of the stronger Hoops Teams in the League but Team Cy Fredrics are as tough as they come.. This really should be a good one (as is often the case w/ the 4/5 Match-up).  An impending Final4 Softball Date is on the line with 1. Team The Alley for the Winner.   Both Captains have been prepping their Teams for a long Playoff run this Summer and it’s actually tough to picture the Final4 without one of them.. That’s the way the Bracket fell though and to reach their ultimate goal they will need to go through each other.. This could be the Game of the Night!

2. Team BBQ Pit v. 7. Team Moccio’s

A rematch of the very first Suburbs Men’s Adult Championship Game (back in 2012) only this time on the hardwood as opposed to the diamond.. On that August Night in 2012, Team BBQ Pit led by Captain Dan Wolf took home the Crown.  History would repeat itself one year later for Team Moccio’s as they fell in the Championship Game last year to Team The Alley..  Both of these Teams are on the Mt. Rushmore of the Suburbs Men’s Adult League and it’s so exciting to see them square off with so much on the line once again.  The Winner of this Game will very likely be considered the favorite in the Final4 Game next Wednesday Night..  Then a potential Match-up with #1 overall Seed and old nemesis Team The Alley could await.. Both squads are going to bring it on Wednesday Night. It will likely be decided by who can knock down a few more mid-range jump shots.  Both Squads have what it takes to win the whole thing this Summer, forget their seeds, it’s irrelevant for them. They are both about Championships, but of course only 1 Team can be left standing. Get your popcorn ready, this one is going to be fun.

3. Team Trifecta Grill v. 6. Team Sunset Foods

Team Sunset Foods has without a doubt the most dominating front-line in the League with Captain George Solomos, Danny Kostas and Week 7 scoring king Garrett Staniec.  They are a load to deal with near the rim at each end of the floor and a truly tough task for anyone in the League.. If anyone is up to trying and stopping them though, it’s 3. Team Trifecta Grill.. All season long they have continued to just go about their business and have been remarkably successful in their Rookie Campaign.  The Winner here will move on to face the Winner of the 2. Team BBQ Pit v. 7. Team Moccio’s Game in Final4 Softball.. They both have a hard road in-store to the Crown, but I don’t think they’d have it any other way.  This will likely be the highest scoring game of the night!  Can’t wait.

That’s all for me. Good Luck to everyone and see you Wednesday Night!