2015-16 Chicago Hoops – Week 18 (Mar. 13)

Updated: March 17, 2016

Something was certainly in the air on Sunday evening.. Not sure if it was the weather, post-St. Patty’s Day or maybe everyone realizes how close we are to the Playoffs.. Whatever the case may be, everyone’s “spirits” were elevated in Week 18 and it’s expected that those will only grow as we move forward toward the Playoffs.  The Power Rankings are going to switch to a Playoff Scenarios format as we look to the final slate of Games and see what potential finishes await each Team.  Following this Sunday’s Regular Season finale,  we’ll have a Break for Easter on March 27 and come back for the start of the PLAYOFFS on Sunday April 3.  Also, the ALL STAR BALLOT — is LIVE (Click).  You will have until Monday April 4 (day after first night of the Playoffs).

Going to continue to issue a Reminder on the change to the Playoffs this year.. Here’s the Playoff Bracket.  Double Elimination and everyone starts with No Losses, seeding dictates at what point you start in the Bracket..  As you can see from the Bracket, there are 4 different points at which Teams enter the Playoffs. Seeds 15-20 start the furthest from the Crown, then Seeds 8-14 enter, followed by Seeds 5-7, while Seeds 1-4 start the closest to the Crown.  Races for Seeds #14, #7 and #4 are especially important. 

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Playoff Scenarios


Top 4 Eligible

1. Team Maione (popchips) – 17-1, LOCKED #1 Seed

With their W over Team Sternberg on Sunday, Team Maione has CLINCHED the #1 overall seed when the Playoffs tip in April.  Their Win over Team Bulwa in Week 1 means that even if Team Maione should lose for the first time since Nov. 15, they’d still hold the head to head tiebreaker over Team Bulwa.  So, for the second consecutive season it will be Team Maione starting the Playoffs as the top dogs.  They will close the season with Team Free Agent in Week 19. A team who still has a TON at stake.. It will also be their last Game for a couple of weeks..  The entire League has an off Week for Easter on March 27 and then the 1-4 Seeds get an opening night BYE the first Sunday in April while other Teams are fighting for their Playoff lives.. So, a Win on Sunday Night means that they will go from mid-Novemeber to Mid-April without a Loss in this stacked League. Just absolutely unbelievably crazy.


2. Team Bulwa (Le Brocq Lawyer) – 16-2, LOCKED Top 4

Got another W on Sunday Night.  #TheStreak is at 14 now.  More importantly with the W they clinched a Top 4 seed and similar to Team Maione, get an opening night BYE come Playoff time.. Here’s the deal for them the rest of the way as seeding even in the top 4 will be important. There is re-seeding utilized at various parts and each spot counts.. So, a W over the winless Team Gainski means that they lock up the #2 seed.. While, the past results say that’s likely, let’s just go over the scenario should the world get shocked.. It is March after all.. A Loss means that they open themselves up to be caught by both Team Zimmerman and Team Harris.   Team Bulwa Lost to Zimmerman in Week 4  and beat Team Harris in Week 9.  Should they both Win, we’d have to go to a very crazy tiebreaker with all 3 teams.. Them making it 15 in a row before the Playoffs means we don’t need to worry about any of that…


T-3 – Team Harris (DoorDash) & Team Zimmerman (Biaggi’s Navy) – 15-3

5. Team Lalez (Orunje) – 14-4

At 15-3 both Team Harris and Team Zimmerman have a ton to be happy about as the Regular Season comes to a close. They both control their own destiny for getting into the Top 4, which again means that they get a BYE on the Opening Night of the Playoffs.  Wins and they will both Top 4.  Team Harris won the head to head battle in Week 8 and, thus, becomes the #3 seed and Zimmerman #4 if both get Ws in Week 19.  Team Harris will take on Team Silver to close out while Team Zimmerman has the hungry UC Booth crew.

Now let’s bring in Team Lalez into the conversation.  If either or both Harris/Zimmerman drop their final Game next Sunday, things get a bit murkier at the top.. Team Lalez, who sits just a Game back of both, has actually beaten both Harris and Zimmerman in head to head match-ups this Season.  That means Team Lalez could catch and then leap them based on tiebreaker.  If it wound up being a 3-way tie at 15-4.. Team Zimmerman would fall to #5 based on being 0-2 against the other two teams.. Lalez finishes #3 and Harris #4..  Team Lalez of course would need to beat current #6 Team Gutman in the final week for any of this to matter…

Anyway you slice it, all of these groups will be Top 5.


Top 7 Eligible

t-6. Team Gutman (Teplitz & Bell) & Team Goldin (StudentCity) – 11-7 

Currently, both Teams Gutman and Goldin sit tied for 6th at 11-7.  If the Playoffs started this week, they’d both be locked into the Top 7, which means they’d start the playoffs one round of Games later than Teams 8-20.. That’s a big deal. However, there is still 1 Week left and a lot can change..  Team Gutman takes on #5 Team Lalez in one of the bigger Week 19 Games.. Team Goldin finishes against Team Apuli.  If both Gutman/Goldin get Ws in Week 19, they will finish in 6th and 7th.  Team Gutman won head to head in Week 11 and, thus, gets the nod over Team Goldin should both finish tied alone for 6th.

Should either or both of these groups lose in Week 19, they do open themselves up to falling outside of the Top 7…  There are 2 Teams sitting a Game Back should Gutman and/or Goldin Lose… Teams Sternberg and Tucci can catch them record wise if they Win in Week 19.. Looking ahead to potential tiebreakers.. It will matter who ends up tied with who as we factor in head to head and with 4 Teams potentially in play here, it gets cloudy.. Here’s what we do know.. Team Gutman was 2-1 against the other 3 (only losing to Tucci), Team Goldin was 1-2 (beating Sternberg), Team Tucci was 2-1 (only losing to Sternberg) and Team Sternberg was 1-2 (beating Tucci).

So, it’s a mess..  Basically Team Gutman/Goldin can finish no higher than 6th and no lower than 9th.. Gutman due to tiebreakers is more firmly planted in the Top 7 as we currently sit, but of course they play the 2x Defending Champs next Week.. Stay tuned.


t-8. Team Sternberg (Pear Tree Catering) & Team Tucci (Esser Hayes) – 10-8

These 2 Teams come into the final week of the Regular Season with a glimmer of hope to still reach the Top 7.. However, they’ll need to have a lot go right for them for it to happen.. It’s chronicled above.. Long story short, Losses from Gutman/Goldin and wins for themselves will give them a shot.. Tiebreakers galore would also result.. Anyways, they both currently sit at 10-8 with Team Sternberg holding the head to head nod over Team Tucci thanks to a Week 14 W.   Wins for both Teams mean they finish no lower than 8th or 9th.  Which is a tremendous feat for Hoops League newcomers Team Sternberg and Team Tucci who started the year 2-6.   Team Tucci finishes the Regular Season against Team Schwartz while Team Sternberg finishes against last year’s Runners-Up Team Kozin.

Speaking of Team Kozin, they are just a Game Back of Sternberg/Tucci.  Team Tucci lost to Team Kozin in Week 5 and with their L to Team Sternberg as well, they’d finish #10, should Team Kozin defeat Team Sternberg next week and Tucci fall to Schwartz.  Tucci + Kozin Ws would mean Tucci would be in front of both Sternberg/Kozin for seeding and would still be eligible for Top 7 depending on what happens with Gutman/Goldin.  Just so many possibilities.

Both Sternberg and Tucci could actually range any where from 6-10 and that is among the largest swings of any Teams coming into Week 19. Lots of scoreboard watching to be done here.


Seeds 8-14

10. Team Kozin (Camp Ojibwa) – 9-9

t-11. Team Free Agent (VIP Express Limo), Team James-Hagari (Biaggi’s Red) & Team UC Booth (Kelly Parker HC Maroon) – 8-10

Team Kozin coming off of their W against Team Free Agent in Week 18 sits alone in 10th right now at an even 9-9.  They are kicking it into gear and look as dangerous as ever as they head into the Playoffs.  Here’s the deal.. They play Team Sternberg next week. Team Sternberg (and Tucci) sit a Game up on them.  A victory for Kozin means they would leapfrog Team Sternberg thanks to the head to head tiebreaker. Should Team Tucci lose, Team Kozin has the head to head advantage over them… They can climb as high up as #8 still.

Now, if Kozin falls to Team Sternberg, in what should be one of the better Week 19 contests, they open themselves up to the 3 Teams who sit a Game Back of them currently.. The Free Agents, Team James-Hagari and Team UC Booth. Team Kozin defeated the first two but lost to Team UC Booth..  With a potential 4-way tie at 9-10 there are certainly a ton of tiebreak possibilities… Team UC Booth is 3-0 against Kozin, Free Agent and James-Hagari, so they’d jump everyone in the event of a 4-way tie.. Then, comes Team Kozin at 2-1, next James-Hagari at 1-2 (defeating the FAs) and finally the Free Agents who went 0-3 against these Teams..

Trying to make sense of all of this.. Team Kozin Winning means the other 3 can’t catch them.. Kozin Losing, gives Team UC Booth a chance to jump them.. Team UC Booth of course would have defeat Team Zimmerman in the final week for that to matter. Team James-Hagari draws Team Cohen in Week 19 while Team Free Agent get the #1 overall seed Team Maione to close it out.

All of these Teams will finish at least #13 or better… Team Malvin, who is a Game Back of the 3 Teams at 8-10, can’t tie any of them due to head to head tiebreakers. Malvin lost to all 3.


14. Team Malvin (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 7-11, LOCKED #14 Seed

One of the only certainties heading into Week 19 is that we already know Team Malvin is LOCKED in at #14 when the Playoffs begin.. Why does this matter? Well, they are the last group to avoid the Opening Round Games between Teams seeded 15-20.  This is how we know..Team Malvin lost to UC Booth, lost to FAs, lost to James-Hagari.  Those are the 3 Teams who sit a Game Up on them.. So even with a W they’ll lose all the tiebreakers.. Then,  Team Malvin beat Teams Cohen and Schwartz.  Those two Teams sit a Game Back and as a result, Team Malvin owns the potential tiebreaker against both of them..

In the final week of the Regular Season, they will take on Team Shamberg. They need to use this final Game to hopefully wipe the last couple of weeks out of their minds.. They’ve had two very close Ls in the past couple of Weeks. Getting a W and some momentum can propel them to great things in April.  We’ve seen them beat the very best already.. They are very much a potential Cinderella..


Bottom 6 Seeds

t-15. Team Cohen (Crystal Lake CDJ) & Team Schwartz (Jam ‘n Honey) – 6-12

Here’s what we know… Both will be seeded either 15 or 16 when the Playoffs begin… Team Schwartz beat Team Cohen head to head in Week 11 and if both have the same result in Week 19, then Schwartz gets the nod and, thus, the winless Team Gainski in the Opening Round 15/2o Game.  Both have tough Games coming in the final Week.. Team Cohen has Team James-Hagari and Team Schwartz has the streaking Team Tucci.  Team Cohen needs BOTH a W and a Loss from Team Schwartz to jump them to #15.

Team Apuli trails both Teams by a Game in the Standings.. However, Team Cohen beat Apuli in Week 4 and Team Schwartz beat Apuli this past week. So in any tiebreaker scenario Team Apuli finishes behind both..


17. Team Apuli (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) – 5-13, LOCKED #17 Seed

Team Apuli is locked in at #17.  It’s a squad that many have been taking notice of lately and for good reason… They are getting hot at the right time and top Teams don’t want to run into a Team like that so early on in the Playoffs.. We know they can’t catch Cohen/Schwartz for 15/16 because they’ve lost the head to tiebreakers.. They are also 2 Games up on Team Silver and, thus, can’t be caught.. They have the tough Team Goldin, who have a ton to play for, in Week 19.  Team Apuli will be fighting to carry momentum into that Opening Night of the Playoffs on April 3.  They are as likely as any Team to win 2 Games on that first night and crash the Playoff party.

We also know that they will begin the Playoffs in the Opening Round against #18 Team Silver…


18. Team Silver (Kelly Parker HC Gold) – 3-15, LOCKED #18 Seed

Another Team that we know is locked in right now is Team Silver and they have the #18 seed.  They are 2 Games back of Team Apuli for #17 and 2 Games up on Team Shamberg.. That means they are on an island heading into Week 19.. We also know that Team Apuli is locked into the #17 Seed and with that, we actually have our first Playoff Game locked in.. #17 Team Apuli v. #18 Team Silver will be apart of the Opening Round.. Winner moves on to play the #8 Seed later in the night and the Loser heads to Elimination Game territory.


19. Team Shamberg (Schweitzer Title Agency) – 1-17, LOCKED #19 Seed

20. Team Gainski (SLA) – 0-18, LOCKED #20 Seed

Team Shamberg and Team Gainski are LOCKEd in at #19 and #20 respectively.. Team Shamberg defeated Team Gainski back in Week 2 and will hold a head to head tiebreaker should they wind up tied..

Both Teams can win in the Playoffs.  They need to think that over and over because it’s the truth.  Team Shamberg themselves went on a run in years past in this League.  It will do them so good to put this Regular Season in the rear view and turn the page..

#20 Team Gainski will open the Playoffs with whoever finishes #15 out of Cohen/Schwartz.. #19 Team Shamberg gets the other.. They can win.  Get in the mindset.  April 3 can’t come soon enough.


That’s it for the Scenarios!  Rest Up. Regular Season Finale is upon us, finally.