2015 Bloomington – Championship Night (Nov. 18)

Updated: November 25, 2015

After a long and grueling season we finally have our first ever Bloomington League Champs!  Four Teams entered the League’s final night, all from different houses, with hopes of grabbing the first Bloomington Crown..  Would one of the season-long favorites, 2. Team AEPi SO or 3. Team ATO JR break-through and grab the Crown?  Could Team ZBT 1 shock the world and take down more top seeds en route to the Championship? Would Team Sammy 1 continue to title after their thrilling Elite8 Win?  We’ll get to who the Champs are and who they defeated on their journey in just a bit..

Before we get any further, we just want to give a big Thank You to all of the Teams for participating this year! Hope you had as much fun as we did. Here’s the Weekly Highlight Video with extended Championship Night clips! Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — StudentCity — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad. OK let’s find out who took the Crown!

Bloomington League Playoff Recap

Final4 Hoops

2. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Orange) v. 3. Team ATO JR (Classic Lanes Red) – 2. Team AEPi Wins

All season long it has looked as if these two squads had what it took to get to the Championship. Many figured their paths would eventually cross and once both took care of business in the Elite8, their fates were tied to one another.. Team ATO JR jumped out of the gate fast compared to the AEPi SO crew.. Both gathered enough wins throughout the season to finish in the Top-3 of the Standings.. Only one spot is available in the Championship though..

As the Game began Team ATO JR showed exactly why they had gotten to this point.. They have a ton of heart and really worked to keep the Game close.. Team AEPi on the other hand has relied on a vast amount of skill to land in the Final4 and on this night, skill would eventually win out.. Captain Cooley and Co. for AEPi SO were just too much offensively to contain for 40 minutes and they would move on to the Championship!

For Team ATO JR, nothing to be ashamed of.. They got to the League’s final night, a feat that many will be jealous of in the off-season. As Juniors, they will now have the opportunity to finish what they started this year in the Fall of 2016.  You will be hard-pressed to find a Team more ready than this one to hold the Crown a year from now. Congrats on a great season and thanks for playing!


5. Team Sammy 1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 8. Team ZBT 1 (Biaggi’s Silver) – 8. Team ZBT 1 Wins

When the Bracket was unveiled, very few people would have had this match-up pegged for the Final4.  As they say, that’s why we play the Games.. 5. Team Sammy 1 comes into the Final4 off the heels of an incredible Elite8 W over 4. Team Delts in what was easily the most memorable Playoff Game to date.. Their competitors, 8. Team ZBT 1, comes into the Final4 after pulling off the biggest upset of the year.. They dominated their Elite8 Playoff Game with #1 overall seed Team ATO SO a week ago.. Both Teams absolutely earned their spots on the League’s final night.. Now who would get to the Championship Game?

On to the Game itself.. Both Teams knew they were capable of getting to the Championship and you could tell with how hard both groups were working on the Defensive end.. This Game had the feeling of “every possession” matters.. It stayed tight throughout and the one differentiating factor ended up being ZBT’s depth.. They would have 4 Players in double digits including Matt Siegel’s 20 points.. In the end, that was too much to overcome and 8. Team ZBT 1 had shocked the world once more to get to the Championship Game!

For Team Sammy 1, they have a tremendous amount to be proud of from their first ride together in All Sports Series.  Not only did they make the Final4, but they have a memorable Playoff W over one of the best Teams in the League (Delts) to propel future success.. No one will ever be able to take that from them.. They have a great foundation to build on for 2016 and there’s no doubt that Captain Brody will make a few additions to get them to the next level.  They could be the 2016 Champs.  Thanks for playing!


Championship Hoops

2. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad) v. 8. Team ZBT 1 (Biaggi’s Silver) 

…and then there were two!  The seeding makes it seem as if there were a David v. Goliath scenario but 8. Team ZBT 1 has shown in their Playoff Games that they are no Cinderella, they are just a Team peaking at exactly the right moment.. 2. Team AEPi SO has had their sights set on this from very early on in the Season.. They got rolling right around the beginning of October and have basically rolled right on through since.. It’s safe to say that we have two Teams playing the best ball of the season right now in the Championship. Can’t ask for anything more..

As is the case in many Championship Games, emotions were running extremely high.. Not only do both Teams want the Crown in the worst way but they know how hard it is to get to this point.. Many stars need to align with match-ups/seeding/talent etc. to get to the Championship. On top of that, both Teams are experiencing an adrenaline high from Winning in the Final4 just moments prior to this one.. The first Bloomington League Championship Game fit that description to a tee.. Both squads wanted the Crown and both were feisty in an attempt to show they belonged.. Eventually both Teams would settle in and it was back to solid Hoops competition.. In the end, Team AEPi SO behind Captain Cooley were too much to handle.. They shot lights out (again) and Team AEPi SO would be Crowned as the first ever Bloomington League #CHAMPS! More on them in a second.

For the Runners-Up, Team ZBT 1, will it be a tough one to get over? Of course.  They fought like crazy to get to the Championship and to leave without it is extremely difficult.. That being said, look at all that they accomplished in the last few months.. They’ve shown through their Playoff run that they can overcome a ton, so in time this Loss will be behind them and they’ll be stronger for it. Captain Jack has assembled quite a crew here and they will undoubtedly be back and with Redemption in mind for 2016. Congrats on an incredible run!

To the CHAMPS, Team AEPi SO, no one will be able to ever take the title of “First Ever Bloomington League Champs” from AEPi. That’s theirs for eternity.. They basically flipped a switch almost 2 months ago and never looked back.. They steamrolled through much of the competition and faced-off with the very best the Bloomington League has to offer.. This group is also very young, they are only going to improve.. There’s a very real chance of a budding dynasty here. Until 2016, they hold the Crown!  Congrats to CHAMPS!


That’s it for the Bloomington League. Thanks again to everyone for playing. Have a great Thanksgiving and good luck on Finals! See you next Fall (or this Summer in Chicago/HP)!