2015 Bloomington – Playoff Preview (Nov. 4)

Updated: November 10, 2015

On Wednesday Night the Regular Season came to a close with a wild night of Dodgeball and with the final results our Playoff Bracket was set!  This Week’s Power Rankings article will transition into a Playoff Preview article. First, a congrats is order to Team ATO SO for finishing as the Regular Season Champs! A lot left for them to do in order to take the Crown!  Just as a housekeeping note, the Opening Round and Elite8 Games are Flag Football.. The Final4 is Softball and the Championship is Hoops. More on this in just a bit.. Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  


Playoff Preview

Opening Round Flag Football – 10 Teams Remain

7. Team Sammy 3 (Biaggi’s Gold) v. 10. Team Phi Psi (cea Study Abroad Navy)

Win or Go Home time.  Both Teams have had success this year but Flag Football was neither Team’s true strong suit.. Team Sammy 3 did grab an exciting W against Team AEPi SR back in Week 4 however.  What really matters is this.. Both Teams have enough talent to make a serious run in this thing.. While they are seeded 7 and 10 respectively, the Standings were very tight in the middle and they just as easily could have avoided the Opening Round all together with a few bounces.. The Winner of this Game is going to pose a serious threat against #2 Team AEPi SO.  Only one of them will get that opportunity however!


8. Team ZBT 1 (Biaggi’s Silver) v. 9. Team ZBT 2 (Spikeball)

It’s funny the way things work out sometimes.. These two Teams obviously know each other extremely well and they are going to meet with a spot in the Elite8 on the line.. Emotions are likely going to run high in this one and there’s no telling which ZBT squad will get to take on #1 Team ATO SO.. These two groups got together for Softball in Week 2 which ZBT 1 took.. That was months ago already and the Rematch has so much more on the line. You have to assume whichever Team does in fact get that W, is going to be flying high and present a real threat to the overall #1 Seed!


Elite8 Flag Football – 8 Teams Remain

1. Team ATO SO (StudentCity Blue) v. 8/9

The Regular Season Champs have been among the League’s elite since Week 1.. They made a clear case for being atop the mountain and then utilized an impressive stretch in the beginning of the year to really separate themselves from the pack..  They must be careful though to not over look which ever ZBT Team makes it out of the Opening Round.. It was just this past week in Champaign where the #1 overall seed was downed by the #9 Seed in the Elite8. Anything can happen, but they are surely the favorites!


2. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Orange) v. 7/10

The #2 overall seed got off to a very slow start in 2015.. In fact they went pointless in September and it wasn’t until Week 3 Softball that they were able to grab their first W.. From there they went on an absolute tear!  They rattled off a Flag Football W before winning the entire VBall Tourney and followed that up with a Hoops W as well. They are the real deal and have shown their strength in each Playoff sport..  They will face the Winner of the 7/10 Game on Wednesday Night with a spot in the Final4 on the line.


3. Team ATO JR (Classic Lanes Red) v. 6. Team Sammy 2 (StudentCity Red) 

This one has Game of the Night potential.. Both Teams have legit shots at winning the whole thing but only one can make it to the League’s final night.. Team ATO JR came out of the gates fast and jumped right to the top of the Standings and Power Rankings.  They had a bit of a dip in the middle of the season but rebounded nicely in Week 7 and will come in with some momentum.. Team Sammy 2 on the other hand has seemingly been in close Games each and every week this season.. They came out on top in enough of those to finish #6 and grab an Elite8 spot.. Both squads were 1-1 in Flag Football this season, so there’s no real edge to find there.. Buckle up.. This should be a good one!


4. Team Delts (Classic Lanes Black) v. 5. Team Sammy 1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.)

No need to explain that the 4/5 match-up is usually the most even of the Elite8 rounds.. Very little has separated these two Teams all season and we are in store for an absolutely phenomenal rematch.. Team Delts defeated Team Sammy 1 in Flag Football all the way back in Week 2.  It was a Game that had Delts jump out to an early lead but Team Sammy 1 raced back only to run out of time.. Both Teams know they have enough to hoist the Crown when all is said and done.. Both are also eager to get their hands on #1 Team ATO SO in a potential Final4 meeting.. First things first however, only one of these Teams can survive.  Good Luck!


That’s it for this Week. See you Wednesday Night at Twin Lakes for Playoff Flag Football!