2015 Bloomington – Playoffs (Nov. 11)

Updated: November 17, 2015

and then there were just 4!  On Wednesday Night the Playoffs began as the rain started to move in and the stage was set perfectly for Win or Go Home Football..  The Elite8 Flag Football Games provided many memorable moments.. A few big upsets and a finally 4 Teams who remain alive for the Crown! Those 4 Teams will compete in Hoops for both the Final4 and the Championship.  Here’s the updated Playoff Bracket. More on who those will be in just a few moments when we do the Playoff Recap.. Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — StudentCity — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  


Elite8 Flag Football Recap

1.Team ATO SO (StudentCity Blue) v. 8. Team ZBT 1 (Biaggi’s Silver) – 8. Team ZBT 1 Wins

All season long Team ATO SO has been the front-runners. They went virtually wire to wire this Fall as the #1 Team in the Standings.  They also quickly ascended to the top of the Power Rankings early in the season and sat atop the mountain until the end.. The Playoffs would provide them an opportunity to really put their stamp on the Bloomington League and lay the foundation for a Dynasty, as they have two Seasons left.. Enter 8. Team ZBT 1 who had other ideas..  Team ZBT 1 had an up and down season but always showed tremendous talent.. This was not going to be a breeze for the #1 seed by any means…

As the Game got going so did the rain.. Weather will also serve as a fantastic neutralizer as it takes away speed as an advantage and really adds a different element to the Game.. Both Teams struggled in the early stages of the Game while on Offense.. Neither Team could really sustain a drive… Both Teams traded INTs and Punts for much of the first half.  Just before half though, the underdogs finally would breakthrough as Jeff Visoky would hit Logan Calman for the first score of the Game. Team ZBT would lead at half 8-0..  Team ATO SO would start with the ball coming out of the Half and the rain picked up even more. Another failed drive would lead to another Team ZBT score.. Soon it was 14-0 and then finally 20-0 after Matt Siegel iced the game with his final TD for Team ZBT 1! The #8 Seed was moving on to the Final4!

For the #1 Team ATO SO.. No one will be able to take away that they were the first Regular Season Champs ever in the Bloomington League. They are a young squad, actually one of the youngest in the field and they will undoubtedly be back for some unfinished business in 2016.  They will enter next Season as early favorites and it’s only a matter of time before they get to the Crown. Thanks for playing!


2. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Orange) v. 10. Team Phi Psi (cea Study Abroad Navy) – 10. Team AEPi SO Wins

As evidenced above, no Team was safe on this night.. It was truly an “anything could happen” kind of night and both #2 AEPi SO and #10 Team Phi Psi had Final4 hopes.. Team AEPi SO rode a late season surge all the way up the Standings and their momentum had them coming in as one of a few favorites to be there at the end.. Team Phi Psi earned much of their points this year on the hardwood in Hoops so it was going to be interesting to see if they could pull off the upset here..

As things got underway it was clear the two Teams were as even as it gets on the Flag Football field.. The Teams both had strong QB play and it seemed as if it would come down to who just could make 1 or 2 more plays in the end.. Team Phi Psi got a pair of TD connections from Will Brassil to Luke Harris but they couldn’t convert on any of the PATs.  For AEPi SO the Game-Winning combo proved to be Jacob Wiczer to Seth Cooley who connected for THREE TDs in this one!  #2 AEPi SO would move on to the first ever Bloomington League Final4 where they’ll enter as the top-remaining seed in the field!

For Team Phi Psi, they exit with their heads held high.. They played one of the top Teams in the League to a 1-score Game.. Not much more you can ask for in their first Playoff experience. They are a talented bunch that will grow out their core a bit in the off-season and enter 2016 with an established Hoops Team that will look to break out in other sports.  Thanks for playing!


3. Team ATO JR (Classic Lanes Red) v. 6. Team Sammy 2 (StudentCity Red) – 3. Team ATO JR Wins

This Game started out very similar to Team ATO JRs start overall this season.. They came out firing on all cylinders and before long they were on top with little doubt they’d be there until the end.. They got Ws in each of the first few weeks of the season and before long were sitting at #1 in the Power Rankings and the Standings before a little dip midway through the Season.. They looked ready to go for their first Playoff action though and Team Sammy 2 happened to be standing in their way..

QB for the ATO JRs, DJ Deolitis was on fire in this one as he helped account for SIX TDs, many of which coming in the first half.. TJ Flis was on the receiving end of a couple of those.. They left little doubt heading into Halftime and looked it up early on in the Second Half for the Elite8!  They’ll move on to face #2 AEPi SO in Final4 Hoops on Wednesday Night with a spot in the Championship on the line!

For Team Sammy 2, they ran into what was one of the better Football Teams in the League and did so at the worst possible time. Match-ups mean everything in All Sports Series and on Wednesday Night Team ATO JR was just better positioned to take it.. Sammy 2 did have a ton of success in the Regular Season and with one or two subtle changes they really do have enough talent to be there in the end come 2016. Thanks for playing!


4. Team Delts (Classic Lanes Black) v. 5. Team Sammy 1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 5. Team Sammy 1 Wins

It was mentioned in last week’s Playoff Preview how the 4/5 Elite8 Game seems to always steal the show.. It makes total sense as the Two Teams are the most evenly matched by seed of the Round.. This Game between 4. Team Delts and 5. Team Sammy 1 most certainly did not disappoint.  This right here was the Game of the Night and it was a shame that either Team would be heading home after it..

Both Teams had strong Flag Football showings during the Regular Season and both had true belief that the Crown was within their grasp.. Brendan Hill played very well for Team Delts while the combo of Jack Barmasse to Jake Brody for the Sammy 1s was nearly unstoppable. The Two Teams traded scores for much of the first half and as the second session began word got around that 8. Team ZBT 1 over 1. Team ATO SO was in full affect.. Both Teams knew that if they could just get the W here, they had a real shot to get to the Championship.  Team Delts held a 20-14 lead in the final stages of this Game before Barmasse to Brody happened. Again. And again.  It was a long strike to Brody that helped up the final score of the Game that happened with just seconds left to tie it up.. From there Sammy 1 converted on the 1pt PAT to take the 21-20 lead and eventual W!  Sammy 1 heads to the Final4!

For Team Delts, they are a squad good enough to hoist the Crown. Not every Team can though and they’ll now have some motivation driving their off-season.  They were one of only a few Teams that reached #1 in the Power Rankings this Season. They were among the elite from the jump and really could have won this Game, in what could be remembered as the best Playoff Game of the Playoffs. Congrats on a great ride and thanks for playing!


That’s it for this Week. Congrats to the Final4 and thank you again for playing to the rest of the Teams. See you Wednesday for Championship Night!