2015 Bloomington – Week 2 (Sept. 30)

Updated: October 5, 2015

After a brief break we got back to the fields in Bloomington for Week 2 action!  Half the League played in their first Flag Football (20pts) of the Regular Season while the other half of the League took part in Softball (25pts).. Next week, the Teams will flip flop and the schedule will once again be balanced as we exit Week 3.. More on that in just a bit.. Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! Also, another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  OK let’s Rank ’em!


Power Rankings

1. Team Delts (Classic Lanes Black) – Currently tied for 2nd with 35 points.

Team Delts came in at #1 in the Week 1 Power Rankings and they certainly showed why in Week 2.  Their game against Sammy 1 was an Offensive contest and saw them take the 38-27 dub.  QB1 Brendan Hill threw 4 TD passes to multiple receivers throughout the night. He looked like a few Teams should be calling him to start on Sundays.. The Delts squad took advantage of big plays in the second half with two of their touchdowns coming on full length bombs from QB Hill. This team has showed great skill and poise throughout the past two weeks and they look to continue their success next week as they take on Team Sammy 2 in 16″ Softball.


2. Team ATO SO (Student City Blue) – Currently in 1st with 40 points.

While they still chase #1 Team Delts in the Power Rankings through 2 weeks.. They are all alone atop the Standings as we head into Week 3.  Team ATO SO is one of just three unbeaten Teams left.. Joining them, is the previously mentioned Team Delts and the ATO JR crew. They were the only one of the three to have played Softball this week (worth 5 more points than flag football) and, thus, their lead in the Standings  It’s been an impressive start for these guys in their debut season and they look to keep it going next Week when they head to the gridiron for the first time to face a hungry ZBT 2 squad.


3. Team ATO JR (Classic Lanes Red) – Currently tied for 2nd with 35 points.

Hot on the heels of their younger brothers are the ATO JRs. They too are undefeated as we exit Week 2 and they’ve looked absolutely great in the opening weeks.. They were an Offensive juggernaut in Flag Football this past Wednesday night where they put up 36 points.. Their Defense was also something to watch as they pitched a shut-out.  They seemingly have a great hold on both Hoops and Football.. There’s one more sport that you need to be able to grasp come Playoff time.. Softball.. They’ll get their first at-bats in Week 3 against the Sammy 1s who are looking to get back on the right track.


4. Team ZBT 1 (Biaggi’s Silver) – Currently tied for 4th with 25 points.

Fresh off his Cy-Young performance this past Summer in the College/Prep League, Captain Jack Lazar, pitched a gem on Wednesday night against a very familiar and formidable opponent. He went 7 innings strong, while striking out an astonishing four batters in the process. Offensively, this was an all around team victory as ZBT 1 moved past ZBT 2 in a brotherly affair.. Always a positive sign to see a Team bouncing back quickly after a tough L.. This team is on the rise and looking to extend their winning streak to 2 when they play in their first Flag Football game of the season against #5…

5. Team Sammy 3 (Biaggi’s Gold) – Currently tied for 4th with 25 points.

The Sammy 3s grabbed hold of their first W of the Season on Wednesday Night and it very well could be the turning point in their season.. They earned an 11-10 W in a thriller with AEPi SO.  It was one of those Games where either Team could have won and in the end the Sammy 3s did just enough to get the edge.. As a unit they’ve shown they have some really great depth.. Something that cannot be overlooked come November in the Playoffs.  In Week 3 they will meet with with #4 Team ZBT 1 which could prove to be the Game of the Night!


6. Team Sammy 1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S. – Currently tied for 7th with 15 points.

Last week the Sammy 1s scored the most points on the Hoops court in an impressive debut. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do it two weeks in a row, and ran into the buzzsaw that is #1 Team Delts. Thanks in large part to QB Jack Barmasse’s athleticism, Sammy 1 put up a fight in the second half but their rally fell just short.  Their record now sits at 1-1 and they’ll look to get back over the .500 mark next week when they take on ATO JR squad on the diamond!


7. Team ZBT 2 (Spikeball) – Currently tied for 7th with 15 points.

These athletes from the East Coast showed their Hoops skills in their nail-biting Week 1 Win.  This week, they had a showdown against their fellow brethren – ZBT 1 – which meant they had to go against ace Jack Lazar. It didn’t go the way they wanted, but this team has a lot of chemistry and they have plenty of time to sharpen up their softball skills.. Their focus now shifts to the gridiron where they have a showdown next week with the powerhouse #2 Team ATO SO squad!


8. Team Sammy 2 (Student City Red) – Currently in 6th with 20 points.

Grabbed their first points of the Season which is always a great thing.. After Week 2, the Sammy 2s find themselves right in the middle of the pack of it in the Standings. They’ll look to start building momentum and making a name for themselves on Wednesday Night when they will go toe to toe with the #1 Team Delts!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Orange) – Currently tied for 10th with 0 points.

Lost a heartbreaker this past Wednesday Night on the Softball diamond as they fell 11-10 to the Sammy 3s in a Game that both Teams really deserved to Win.  Matt Lowy was a stud at the plate.. Hitting 2 Homers and batting in 6. This crew is much better than their current record indicates and it’s only a matter of time before they start to ascend into the Rankings and up the Standings.  They are legit and the schedule will get easier!


Team AEPi SR (SLA Insurance Blue) – Currently tied for 10th with 0 points.

Have had a very tough schedule coming out of the gate with both ATO squads who are undefeated and of course atop the Power Rankings/Standings.. It’s going to get easier from here on out.. Look for them to start climbing their way up.. A couple Ws are certainly on the horizon.  On to the next one!


Team Phi Psi (cea Study Abroad Navy) – Currently tied for 7th with 15 points.

Team Sigma Pi (SLA Insurance Green) – Currently tied for 10th with 0 points.


That’s it for this week. See you Wednesday Night!

– Holden