2015 Bloomington – Week 4 (Oct. 14)

Updated: October 20, 2015

Wednesday Night’s Flag Football Games lit up the scoreboard the entire night.. We had some HUGE Offensive numbers thrown up and with them, of course, came a shake-up of the Power Rankings.. More on that in a bit.. Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  OK let’s Rank ‘Em!


Power Rankings

1. Team ATO SO (Student City Blue) – Currently in 1st with 80 points.

..and then there was 1!  The final Undefeated Team in Btown is Team ATO SO.  They’ve ripped through the competition in the first month of the season and now through 4 weeks have sole custody of the top spot in the Standings and the Power Rankings as we head into Week 5 Volleyball.  They sent a message to the whole league on Wednesday Night after winning by 51 points… They are going for the Crown and to get to it.. You’ll have to go through them…


2. Team Delts (Classic Lanes Black) – Currently in 3rd with 55 points.

Back into the Top 2 this Week is Team Delts who helped Team ATO SO become the final Undefeated Team in the land by actually defeating the other ATO squad, the JRs.  They did so in a back and forth contest that truly showed what both Teams are made of.. In the end, Team Delts took a 35-30 W and regained their Winning form.. They are going to be a tough out when the Playoffs come.. Until then, let’s see if they can catch the ATO teams in the Standings for a top playoff seed..


3. Team ATO JR (Classic Lanes Red) – Currently in 2nd with 60 points.

It’s already been said a few times this season but it’s worth repeating.. Great Teams bounce back quickly from adversity.. All Sports Series is a long season and with it is going to surely bring a down or two with all the ups.. Team ATO JR suffered their first L of the Season on Wednesday Night in an absolute great Game with Team Delts that came down to the end.. There’s no doubt they are among the elite Teams.. The question becomes, can they shake it off and get back to Winning next week?


4. Team Sammy 3 (Biaggi’s Gold) – Currently tied for 4th with 45 points.

Team Sammy 3 won an absolute shoot-out with AEPi on Wednesday Night to pull into a tie for 4th in the Standings.. This one may have had huge Playoff impact. There are 4 squads currently sitting in that log-jam in 4th.. With Both Sammy 3, Sammy 2, AEPi SO, and ZBT 1.. There’s a huge difference between finishing in 4th and 7th in the Regular Season.. The seed will need to compete in the Opening Round and then if they advance will draw the #2 seed in the Elite8.. Watching those squads try to leapfrog each other in the final weeks will be a key storyline down the stretch.


5. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Orange) – Currently tied for 4th with 45 points.

Team AEPi SO put on an Offensive clinic on Wednesday Night.  They defeated Team ZBT 2 43-13 and at times it seemed like they may go for 50 (or even 60 on the night). Seth Cooley found himself dancing in the end-zone on multiple occasions!  As we turn to Volleyball where a ton of points are on the line, the AEPi SOs have a real chance to try to break into the top spots in the Standings (and Power Rankings).


6. Team Sammy 1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 8th with 35 points.

Most of the Games on Wednesday Night were won by the Offenses but not the Sammy 1 v. ZBT 1 battle.. That was an old school Defensive Game that came down to the wire and same Team Sammy 1 just etch out the much needed W! It was their first Win since Week 1 and with it comes a regained confidence. Captain Brody helped lead the way along with QB Jack Barmasse as they combined for both TDs in this one!


7. Team ZBT 1 (Biaggi’s Silver) – Currently tied for 4th with 45 points.

Lost a heartbreaker to Team Sammy 1 on Wednesday Night, but what came through is that they can play any Team in any sport and be there in the end.. Team ZBT 1 has routinely had Ws within their grasp to start the Season and while they are 2-2 on the year… Each Game has been competitive.. They are going to find their stride and in the next few weeks look for them to grab hold of a top seed in the Playoffs. They are on the cusp.


8. Team Sammy 2 (Student City Red) – Currently tied for 4th with 45 points.

Didn’t go as planned. Oh well.. They are still tied for 4th and in fantastic shape.. A loss is a loss, no matter how it looks.. No points in the Standings awarded for margin of victory. On to the next one!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team AEPi SR (SLA Insurance Blue) – Currently tied for 11th with 0 points.

Team Phi Psi (cea Study Abroad Navy) – Currently tied for 9th with 15 points.

Team Sigma Pi (SLA Insurance Green) – Currently tied for 11th with 0 points.

Team ZBT 2 (Spikeball) – Currently tied for 9th with 15 points.

Ran into a tough AEPi SO squad that really used their speed well. ZBT 2 has hit a bit of a rough patch in the past couple of weeks after they Won the best Game of Week 1. That Team is still there and they have a ton of talent. Schedule has been tough and it will surely get easier.. This is a group that is Playoff bound and will likely do damage once they get there!


That’s it for this Week. Wednesday Night is Volleyball!