2015 Bloomington – Week 6 (Oct. 28)

Updated: November 3, 2015

3The Bloomington League had Hoops for the first time since Week 1 and not only did Wednesday Night provide a nice barometer for how Teams have improved since Week 1, it signified that the Playoffs are racing into view.. We have a few Teams that have already clinched top spots, which we’ll get to shortly.  This week’s Power Rankings, we’ll transition into a Playoff Scenarios article, to showcase what Teams need to get done in the Regular Season’s final week to secure spots. We’ll go over each Team’s potential finish.. More on that in a bit.. The Playoff Bracket has been posted! Also, here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  

Playoff Scenarios

We already know which 10 Teams have qualified for the Playoffs and this coming Wednesday Night at Dodgeball Teams can take home anywhere from 0 to 24 points.. That means a lot can happen on the League’s final night in terms of Seeding.. We’re going to take it from 1-10 in the Current Standings and talk potential finishes for each.  Let’s get to it!

Note: Teams Seeded 1-6 will automatically qualify for Elite8 Flag Football while Teams Seeded 7-10 will have to compete in an extra Opening Round Flag Football Game to qualify for the Elite8. 

1. Team ATO SO (StudentCity Blue) – 98 points – Clinched 1-2 Seed

Team ATO SO has been at the top of the mountain just about all season long. They were the last Undefeated Team in the League and really have dominated for the majority of the Regular Season.  On Wednesday Night however, they suffered their first head-to-head Loss of the year, falling to Team Phi Psi 56-49 in Hoops.  Here’s the deal, in the scheme of the Standings. Really doesn’t hurt them one bit. They have a secured a Top 2 Seed and with some points in Dodgeball will likely be the #1 Overall Seed as we open the Playoffs on Wednesday Nov. 11.  Mentally though, it’ll be great for them if they can get some momentum back this week as they enter the Playoffs. Either way they are among the favorites for the Crown.


2. Team AEPi SO (cea Study Abroad Orange) – 84 points – Clinched 1-4 Seed

Team AEPi SO stayed hot on Wednesday Night as they defeated Team Sammy 2 in a highly competitive Hoops contest. With their W and the ATO SO defeat, they bridged the gap to just 14 points between themselves and #1 Team ATO SO.  Dodgeball is worth up to 24 points and means they could potentially jump up and over ATO for the #1 Seed in the Playoffs..  However, just as they could jump into #1, current #3 Delts and #4 ATO JR could jump them.. No matter the outcome on Wednesday Night, Team AEPi SO has locked up a Top 4 Seed when the Playoffs begin!


3. Team Delts (Classic Lanes Black) – 70 points – Clinched 2-5 Seed

Team Delts have been among the most consistent groups throughout the Regular Season and as a result they find themselves sitting alone in the #3 spot entering the Regular Season finale. In Week 6, they got a W over Team ZBT 1 in Hoops and kept pace with Team AEPi SO.. As a result, they stayed within striking distance of the #2 seed (they are too far back of Team ATO SO for the #1 spot).. Also, although unlikely, it’s still possible for a couple Teams that are immediately behind them to jump them.. Some combination of ATO JR, Sammy 1 and/or Sammy 2 are close enough to pass them.. Either way, Team Delts will be a Top 5 Seed when the Playoffs begin and are the final Team to have already locked up a spot in the Elite8!


4. Team ATO JR (Classic Lanes Red) – 60 points – Could finish 2-8 Seed

As October got underway Team ATO JR was the #1 Ranked Team and Undefeated juggernaut.. Then in Week 4, Team Delts beat them in a classic Flag Football Game, that has rattled Team ATO JRs confidence just a bit.. After their hot start, they’ve been unable to tally any more points in the Standings and have fallen out of the Top 3.  Dodgeball is the perfect slump buster however and they’ll be able to just get out there, have fun, and not think. They are still within striking distance of the #2 Seed and all it will take is a little luck to get there.  If they continue their slide and are unable to get any points on Wednesday Night it’s possible for a couple more Teams to pass them up and, thus, they’d fall into a Bottom 4 Seed.. Which means they’ll have to Win an extra Playoff Game to get to the Championship. They are still among the favorites to claim the Crown and if they do so, it could be this coming Week that’s thanked for turning their Season back around!


5. Team Sammy 1 (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 50 points – Could finish 3-10 Seed

6. Team Sammy 2 (StudentCity Red) – 48 points – Could finish 3-10 Seed

6 Weeks into the Regular Season and only 2 points separate Sammy 1 and Sammy 2 (and really only 5 points separate all 3 Sammy Teams as Sammy 3 is sitting with 45 points currently).. All that means is there’s a TON at stake for these two squads as we enter the Regular Season’s final night..  Sammy 1 is coming off, arguably, their biggest W of the Season against Team ATO JR in Hoops.. Sammy 2 Lost a really great Game against Team AEPi SO last Wednesday Night.. Both Teams could finish as high as the #3 Seed when all is said and done on Wednesday Night.. However, poor showings for either or both Teams in Dodgeball could mean that multiple Teams pass them up for the 5-6 Seeds and, thus, they’d come into the Playoffs as a Bottom 4 Seed (seeds 7-10).. Those Seeds need to play in an extra Opening Round Flag Football Game to qualify for the Elite8.  Basically, Wednesday Night Week 7 Dodgeball is HUGE!


t-7. Team Sammy 3 (Biaggi’s Gold) – 45 points – Could finish 4-10 Seed

t-7. Team ZBT 1 (Biaggi’s Silver) – 45 points – Could finish 4-10 Seed

t-9. Team Phi Psi (cea Study Abroad Navy) – 42 points – Could finish 4-10 Seed

t-9. Team ZBT 2 (Spikeball) – 42 points – Could finish 4-10

Taking the last 4 Teams to have clinched Playoff spots together here as all of them are separated by just 3 total points.  Team Phi Psi just shocked the world in Week 6 by handing #1 and previously Undefeated Team ATO SO a Loss in Hoops… While Team ZBT 2 stayed tied with Team Phi Psi in the Standings and closed the gap on Team Sammy 3 and Team ZBT 1 by defeating Sammy 3 on a buzzer-beating half-court heave on Wednesday Night!  The Win means all 4 of these Teams are in a virtual tie as we head into the League’s final Regular Season contests.

Here’s what we know.. These 4 Teams can all reach as high as the #4 Seed because it’s so close throughout the middle of the Standings… It’s actually possible for 3 of these 4 Teams to jump into a Top 6 spot (locks for the Elite8) with Dodgeball success and then bad showings from the Teams currently in #4-6 spots.. We also know, that at least one of these Teams will compete in the Opening Round Flag Football Games (for Seeds 7-10).. We obviously don’t which one/s and how many..

Simply put Dodgeball on Wednesday Night holds a great amount of significance on the Playoff journeys for all of these Teams. Can’t Wait. Good Luck!


That’s it for this Week. Good Luck in the Regular Season finale!