2015 Champaign – Week 3 (Sept. 30)

Updated: October 5, 2015

After a brief break we got back to the Hoops court in Champaign for Week 3 action!  As we get near the halfway point of the Regular Season the Standings are really starting to take shape..  More on that in just a bit.. Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video! Also, another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  OK let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Sammy’s (Biaggi’s Purple) – Currently in 1st with 55 points.

…and then there was 1!  The Sammy’s squad took down former #1 Team SAE in Hoops on Wednesday Night and in doing so became the final Undefeated Team in the Champaign League! More importantly they locked in their place atop the Power Rankings and Standings.  While there is plenty of Regular Season left to be played, they are now in the driver’s seat and completely control their own destiny as the race for the #1 seed will heat up in coming weeks. Once again, Tommy Sutker was fantastic as he netted 24 points for the purple crew.  They look to continue their dominance in Volleyball on Wednesday Night.


2. Team ZBT 1 (Wedge Tequila Bar Black) – Currently tied for 2nd with 40 points.

Hot on the heels of their true Rivals, is #2 Team ZBT 1, who put together their 2nd straight W in defeating Team DChi in Hoops. Justin Berkson led the way with 15 for his group.  Historically, ZBT has been great in non-Hoops sports.. It’s great to see them secure this Hoops W as now it seems they are ready to truly win in anything during 2015.  They’ve always been amongst the top VBall squads and they will look to show that once again on Wednesday Night.


3. Team SAE (Farm Lake Barn) – Currently tied for 2nd with 40 points.

Took their first L of the season, but falling to the #1 Team, is nothing to get down about. Alex Nesnidal had 26 in the defeat. The high score of the week. They still find themselves in an excellent position as we move along through the Regular Season. They are clearly one of the most talented Teams in the League and as long as they possess the ability to bounce back quickly they will be just fine. Captain Chris Valvassori has been through the rigors many times before and he will surely have his guys ready when the Volleyball nets go up in Week 4.


4. Team Sig Chi 5s (Wedge Tequila Bar Green) – Currently tied for 2nd with 40 points.

Not only did they grab their 2nd straight W on Wednesday Night but they were able to secure bragging-rights in the 5th year circles for months to come when they took down the vets Team SAE 5s in a hotly contested Hoops affair last week.  They’ve managed to pull into a tie for 2nd place in the Standings after suffering a Week 1 L and it now seems that is nothing but a distant memory. They are becoming a Team to watch before our eyes. Well done!


5. Team Pikes (Meijer) – Currently tied for 5th with 30 points.

They’ve experienced a bit of a roller coaster so far this Season: Week 1 W, Week 2 L, Week 3 W.. They’ll look to stabilize the ride in Week 4 Volleyball.. Being mostly a Rookie squad, it’ll be tough to forecast what to expect from these guys in Vball.. However, they’ve shown tremendous athleticism through the first 3 weeks and it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see them excel in Week 4.  They’ve had a tough schedule to start and have been able to navigate that very well.. They move to 2-0 in Hoops during the Regular Season which means Teams are going to want to get rid of the Pikes crew well before the Championship Hoops Game in November.. Or you may be looking at the Champs..


6. Team ATO 1 (iHotel Navy) – Currently tied for 5th with 30 points.

Back in the Winner’s Circle during Week 3 was Team ATO 1 after an impressive Hoops victory against Team ZBT 2.. The ATO 1s have shown that they are going to be a tough Team to beat on the Hoops court in the past few seasons and 2015 has been much of the same.. They are 2-0 on the year and much like Team Sammy’s and Team Pikes.. Teams are going to want to eliminate them before the Championship Hoops Game in November or it might be too late! They look to keep the momentum rolling in Week 4 Vball.


7. Team SigEp (CEA Study Abroad) – Currently tied for 9th with 15 points.

There’s a reason why very few Teams have gone Back2Back in All Sports Series.. It’s extremely difficult to play each and every week with your opponent giving you their best shot.. Theirs going to be a large bullseye on the Defending Champs all year.. What’s great for them is that they have several more weeks to adjust to playing with that target on their backs.. They will be just fine.  Not worried one bit.


8. Team ATO 2 (SLA Insurance) – Currently tied for 9th with 15 points. 

Breaking into the Power Rankings by grabbing their first ever win in All Sports Series is Team ATO 2.  They have shown in the past couple of weeks that they are a dangerous Team that just needed to get their footing in All Sports Series.. Well, it’s official.. They have arrived!  They knocked off the Defending Champs in Hoops on Wednesday Night and did so in convincing fashion.. Expect to see them start rolling off the Ws now.. Congrats!


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team AKL (Houlihan’s) – Currently tied for 9th with 15 points.

Team AKL has been a Hoops power for years in the Champaign League.. Which just goes to show how good Team Pikes truly is.. We aren’t used to seeing Team AKL drop Hoops Games and on Wednesday Night that’s just what happened. No reason to push the alarm for Team AKL, as the Game said more about Team Pikes strengths than any weakness on the part of Team AKL. They’ll rebound quickly.. As soon as next week…


Team DChi (Starr Limo) – Currently in 12th with 0 points.

They are still searching for the first W in 2015 but they have gotten better each week and you can tell it’s going to happen and soon.. They are a strong group and the schedule hasn’t done them any favors.. That usually has a way of working itself out.. Lots left in their tank.


Team SAE 5s (Biaggi’s Gold) – Currently tied for 7th with 25 points.

They lost a close one with Rivals Team Sig Chi 5s on Wednesday Night.. It was a battle between 5th year squads that both really wanted those bragging rights.. At the end of the day though, it’s about November and Team SAE 5s have what it takes to be there in the end.. Sleeping Giants.


Team ZBT 2 (iHotel Orange) – Currently tied for 7th with 25 points.

Fresh off their first W of the season in Week 2, ZBT 2 couldn’t grab their 2nd (just yet) as they fell to the powerful Hoops squad, Team ATO 1.  Nothing to worry about there.. Now that Hoops is done for the Regular Season, you can anticipate Team ZBT 2 really excelling.. They are a talented bunch.. Sleepers to really dominate next week in volleyball as well!


That’s it for this Week. See you Wednesday Night for Volleyball!

– Holden