2015 Champaign – Week 5 (Oct. 14)

Updated: October 20, 2015

Wednesday Night in Champaign was easily the most intense night of Dodgeball we’ve ever had in All Sports Series.  Several Teams sensed the urgency of the #PlayoffPush and you could tell that everyone wanted to knock the other Teams right out of the gym (with a Dodgeball of course)! We are now entering the home stretch of the Regular Season and will head to the gridiron for Weeks 6 and 7 to close it out before the Playoffs!  Here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  OK let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Sammy’s (Biaggi’s Purple) – Currently in 1st with 76 points.

While #1 Team Sammy’s didn’t “Win” Dodgeball this week, they came out of Wednesday Night with plenty of Ws and, thus, enough points to retain the top spot.. They are still yet to face a defeat in a head to head match up in 2015 and as we enter the Flag Football portion of the Regular Season (historically a strength of theirs), they are looking like the favorite to end the Regular Season as the #1 Seed for the Playoffs.  They will be a part of the co-Main Event powered by Student City on Wednesday Night when they face #3 Team Sig Chi 5s. Can they keep the #1 spot?


2. Team SigEp (cea Study Abroad) – Currently in 4th with 57 points.

If last week wasn’t enough, this past Wednesday Night made it official.. The Defending Champs are back.  Really, really back.. Favorites to take the whole thing, back.. The notched more Ws than any other Team in Dodgeball on Wednesday Night and used that success to jump back up in both the Power Rankings and the Standings.   They have a huge match-up on Wednesday Night in our co-Main Event powered by Student City when they’ll take on #4 Team SAE in Flag Football..


3. Team Sig Chi 5s (Wedge Tequila Bar Green) – Currently in 2nd with 61 points.

They took a small step back in the Power Rankings this week, although, to no fault of their own.. They were still very strong in Dodgeball on Wednesday Night.. It’s just that new #2 Team SigEp’s dominance needed to be rewarded.. Their attention now turns to taking over the #1 spot in the Standings (and then possible the Rankings as well).. On Wednesday Night, they’ll be a key ingredient in the co-Main Event powered by Student City when they take on #1 Team Sammy’s in Flag Football.. All that is at stake is the driver’s seat for the #1 seed heading into Week 7..


4. Team SAE (Farm Lake Barn) – Currently in 3rd with 58 points.

Up a spot from last week’s Power Rankings, #4 Team SAE, is experiencing a great ride thus far.. They got a serious amount of Wins in Dodgeball on Wednesday Night and were clearly in the top tier of teams in the gym..  They can’t get too complacent though. A big time Game is looming as they will be part of the co-Main Event powered by Student City on Wednesday Night.  They will take on the Defending Champs and current #2 Team SigEp in Flag Football with HUGE playoff implications…


5. Team Pikes (Meijer) – Currently in 5th with 48 points.

Team Pikes bounced back in a big way on Wednesday Night after a brief dip in the Power Rankings a week ago.. Over the course of the night a few Teams really excelled during their own hour. Team Pikes took the first hour and got more points than any other… Looking ahead, they are still within striking distance of the top Teams in the Standings.. They do have a tough schedule to finish the Season.. It will be ZBT 1 and then Defending Champs SigEp to finish the Regular Season in Flag Football.. If they can get a W or 2 in those Games it will say a lot about their Playoff run..


6. Team AKL (Houlihan’s) – Currently in 8th with 42 points.

Team AKL has been fairly consistent in the middle of the pack when it comes to the Power Rankings in the past few weeks. They did just enough on Wednesday Night to hold the #6 spot for another Week and they inched close to a couple Teams that are just a couple points ahead of them in the Standings.. The middle is extremely bunched right now.. Only 15 points separates the Teams in 4th and 8th (AKL).. Tons on the line in the next couple of weeks!


7. Team SAE 5s (Biaggi’s Gold) – Currently in 6th with 46 points.

Team with the second most Ws on Dodgeball night — Team SAE 5s — and it was enough to get them back into the Power Rankings following Week 5.  This Team has more experience than any other in the Champaign League and they know right now is officially “go time.”  Right now is where you pick up the momentum.. The final weeks of the Regular Season which propels the long Playoff run in November. They are ready.


8. Team ZBT 1 (Wedge Tequila Bar Black) – Currently in 7th with 43 points.

Not their best week.. But as luck would have it.. Flag Football is coming and for two weeks in a row.. The ZBT squads have always done extremely well in Flag Football through the years in the Champaign League and there’s no reason to expect otherwise.. They do have a tough road with Team Pikes and Team Sig Chi 5s to finish the season, however, with that comes great opportunity.. If they take care of business they will be sitting pretty with a top seed come Playoff time.


Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team ATO 1 (iHotel Navy) – Currently in 9th with 33 points.

They’ve had better weeks but let’s focus on the positive.. They were able to get some points and they are still well within striking distance of many Teams in the middle of the pack.. A couple flag football wins would see them grabbing a top 4 or 5 seed.. Remember, this group go the Championship Game in 2013 as the 7 seed.. They know how to get it done!

Team ATO 2 (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 11th with 15 points.

Team DChi (Starr Limo) – Currently in 12th with 0 points.

Team ZBT 2 (iHotel Orange) – Currently in 10th with 25 points. 


That’s it for this week. Get ready for Flag Football on Wednesday!