2015 Champaign – Week 6 (Oct. 21)

Updated: October 26, 2015

As we wrap-up Week 6 Flag Football the Playoffs are racing into view.. We have a few Teams that have already clinched top spots, which we’ll get to shortly.  This week’s Power Rankings, we’ll transition into a Playoff Scenarios article, to showcase what Teams need to get done in the Regular Season’s final week to secure spots. We’ll go over each Team’s potential finish.. More on that in a bit.. The Playoff Brackets have been posted! Also, here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video!  Another quick reminder as deadlines are fast approaching — for Spring Break Trips — Student City — and for Study Abroad — cea Study Abroad.  


Playoff Format:

Just to remind everyone quickly… Top 10 Teams in the Regular Season will qualify for the Playoffs after Week 7.  The Top 6 Seeds go straight to the Elite8 Softball Round while Seeds 7-10 compete in an extra Opening Round Softball Round for the final two spots in the Elite8.  Then, Final4 Flag Football and Championship Hoops take place the final week of the League to Crown our 2015 Champs!


Playoff Scenarios

Locked in for a Top Spot

1. Team Sammy’s (Biaggi’s Purple) – Clinched Top 2 Seed

As we sprint toward the Regular Season Finale, the scenarios are fairly simple for the current #1 Team i the Standings.. With their Blowout W on Wednesday Night in Flag Football, they managed to stay hot and keep the distance between themselves and #2 Team SAE..

So, here’s the deal.. A Win for them against Team ATO 1 in Flag Football on Wednesday Night and you are looking at the Regular Season Champs.  They will be the #1 Seed when the Playoffs begin.. Now, if they slip up in the final week and take a L, their attention turns to SAE.. A Sammy’s Loss + SAE W, means Sammy’s is the 2 Seed.. If Both Teams drop their last game, than Sammy’s would back into the #1 Seed.. No matter the result they will be in great shape when the Playoffs begin on Wednesday Nov. 4.


2. Team SAE (Farm Lake Barn) – Clinched Top 3 Seed

Team SAE was impressive once again last Wednesday Night as QB Brad Holway had another one of his signature Flag Football performances.. The Win kept them within #1 Seed territory.. Here’s the deal, if SAE can beat the SAE 5s on Wednesday Night they will secure a Top 2 Seed.  A Win + a Sammy’s Loss means they’d finish as the #1 Seed.  Now, if they lose to the SAE 5s.. They will finish as the #3 Seed no matter what.. The Teams currently in 3rd and 4th (ZBT 1 and Sig Chi 5s) play each other on Wednesday Night and the Winner would leap SAE, if SAE loses.. Again, no matter what they are in excellent shape as a Top 3 Seed for the Playoffs.


Clinched Playoff Spot, Potential Top 3 Seed

3. Team ZBT 1 (Wedge Tequila Bar Black) &

4. Team Sig Chi 5’s (Wedge Tequila Bar Black) – Winner Clinches Top 3 Seed

These Two squads will play each other in one of the most important Games of Week 7.  The Winer and Loser of the Games will head in 2 very different paths as the Playoffs are on the horizon..

For the Winner, they will lock-up a Top 3 Seed.  If SAE Loses, then they would actually finish #2.

For the Loser, the highest they could finish is #5.  The Winner of SigEp v. Pikes on Wednesday would leap them for sure.. It’s likely that they’d finish in the 6-7 Range and could fall all the way down to #8.. There will be a lot of scoreboard watching to do for the Losers..

Teams definitely want to stay in the Top 6 spots as we head into the Playoffs so they can avoid the extra Opening Round Softball Games (7-10 seeds play in those).

Big, big, big Game on Wednesday Night!


Clinched Playoff Spot, Potential Top 4 Seed 

5. Team SigEp (cea Study Abroad) &

6. Team Pikes (Meijer) – Winner Clinches Top 4 Seed

Similar to the ZBT 1 v. Sig Chi 5s match-up above, these two squads will face-off in Week 7 with a TON on the line.

For the Winner, they clinch the #4 Seed no matter what.

For the Loser, there’s a lot that can happen.. Both Teams are in fact in the Playoffs, but the Loser may fall down all the way to the final Playoff spot at #10. Two Teams that are just behind them – ZBT 2 and AKL – will play each other on Wednesday Night.. The Winner of that Game will leap the Loser of this Contest.. So, the highest the Loser could finish is #6 and, thus, they’d still avoid the Opening Round Softball Games.. But that would require a lot of help.. Likely they’d finish in the 7-10 Range.

Again, huge stakes for Wednesday Night!


7. Team SAE 5s (Biaggi’s Gold) – Will Finish with 5-10 Seed

Team SAE 5s have a gigantic range of Playoff Seeds depending on their outcome against the current #2 and familiar foe — Team SAE.  With a Win, Team SAE 5s will finish with the #5 Seed and go straight to the Elite8.  A Loss means that they can finish no higher than #7 (where they currently sit) and that means they’ll have to play in the extra Opening Round Softball Games when the Playoffs begin.. Huge Game coming, with more than just Rivalry implications!


Win and You are In

8. Team ZBT 2 (iHotel Orange) &

9. Team AKL (Houlihan’s) – Winner Clinches Playoff Spot

These 2 Teams square off with just so much on the line come Wednesday Night.

For the Winner, they automatically jump into the 5-6 Seed Range.. #5 if SAE 5s lose and #6 if the win. Either way, they’ll go straight to the Elite8 and bypass the extra Opening Round Softball Games.

For the Loser, they have to turn to the scoreboard.. They will not be assured a Playoff spot, although it’s likely.. They’ll be rooting against the ATO squads on Wednesday Night.. If both Win, the Loser may be looking from the outside in on the Playoffs.


10. Team ATO 2 (SLA Insurance) – Win & Clinch Playoff Spot

It’s simple now.. Win and they are in.  Lose, and they’ll be rooting against their ATO 1 buddies.. With a Win, they will be a part of the Opening Round Softball Games (can’t get higher than #7).. A Loss, and they may finish in unlucky the #11 Spot…


Win and Need Some Help

11. Team ATO 1 (iHotel Navy) &

12. Team DChi (Starr Limo) – Win + Help, Get 10 Seed

Simply put.. They need to Win and then have Team ATO 2 fall.. It just so happens Team DChi is playing Team ATO 2 on Wednesday Night.. If they sneak in, they will be a part of the Opening Round Softball Games.. Lot of work left to do!


That’s it for this Week. Good Luck on Wednesday Night in the Regular Season Finale!