2015 Chicago Co-Ed – Playoff Preview (July 27)

Updated: July 31, 2015

We are finally here. Best time of the year.  The Playoffs mean it’s Win or Go Home time..  10 Teams will start their Playoff journeys on Monday Night and when the dust settles we will be left with our Final4.  The Opening Round and Elite8 will be Volleyball..  Then, the Final4 the following Monday will be Indoor Kickball with the Championship being Softball that same night!  We’re going to go Game by Game Previewing the match-ups on tap for Monday Night powered by Lawyer Stephen Le Brocq.. First, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!  OK Let’s Preview!

Playoff Preview

Opening Round – 10 Teams Remain

7. Team Fischer (Jam ‘n Honey) v. 10. Team UM Alumni (SLA Insurance) – Winner plays 2. Team Steinbauer (RazorReef.com) in Elite8

These Teams have taken different paths to get to this point but for one the journey will end in the Opening Round.. Team Fischer had a great Regular Season despite landing in the #7 spot to start the Playoffs.. The middle of the Standings in the Co-Ed League was remarkably tight and they easily could have finished as high as #4.. That being said, they’ll have to win an extra Game now to get to their ultimate goal.. Captain Fischer knows how to lead a Team to the promise land as she was the Captain of the first ever Madison Co-Ed League Champs last Fall.

As for Team UM Alumni.. They’d be the first to say that they didn’t get as many Regular Season Ws as they had hoped for.. However, the Regular Season is officially in the past and everyones’ slates have been wiped clean.. They did accrue some points during the Regular Season and Volleyball was a big part of that.  Every year a Team comes out of nowhere to make a run into August.  If you sleep on this group it will bite ya (is that Wolverines do? Bite?  Claw?) Just don’t sleep on them!

Winner will play Defending Champs 2. Team Steinbauer in the Elite8 at the conclusion of this Game.

8. Team Rosenthal (Chicago Trolley) v. 9. Team Cliq (Trifecta Grill) – Winner plays 1. Team Wolter (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) in Elite8

This is an intriguing Opening Round battle between two squads who are experiencing their first taste of Playoff action in All Sports Series.  Both Teams showed Volleyball skill throughout the Regular Season, each earning their fair share of VBall points and winning a week outright.  Momentum is big thing and especially in the Playoffs when Teams are playing with a sense of urgency.. Whoever comes out of this Game with their Playoff life still in tact is a real threat to pull the biggest upset of the Season.. Before they can think about taking down 1. Team Wolter in the Elite8 however, they must get through the other.. Expect a close Game here that will sea-saw.. The Team with the fewer amount of unforced errors will take this one.  Good Luck to both Teams!

Winner will play 1. Team Wolter in Elite8 at the conclusion of this Game.


1. Team Wolter (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. Winner of 8/9

It’s incredibly rare for a first-time Team comprised of all Rookies win the Regular Season out right. That’s exactly what Team Wolter has done in their first Summer.  They wasted no time at all with accruing points and they really were the pace-setters all season.  Their great Regular Season will be a distant memory though if they can’t capitalize on it with a serious run in the Playoffs!  They have everything you’d ever want to win the Crown and now they just need to take care of business! They are surely one of the heavy favorites as we start on Monday Night!  They will have the advantage of being able to sit back and watch their Elite8 opponents battle in Volleyball just minutes before taking the court before them.  Good Luck!

Will play Winner of 8/9 in Elite8.


2. Team Steinbauer (RazorReef.com) v. Winner of 7/10

The Defending Champs campaign to get Back2Back Crowns truly begins on Monday Night!  As a unit Team Steinbauer have been just beastly in Playoff action. They’ve never lost as a group.. Last year, they didn’t just defeat Teams.. They ran through them!  In the Championship, they put one of the more impressive performances in All Sports Series history.. This is the 4th Summer of the Co-Ed League.. The first 2 years, Team Bartlett (many of which play in the Men’s League now), ran through everyone and grabbed an Undefeated Season in addition to Back2Back Crowns.. Last year, for the 3rd straight year they got to the Championship Game.. Only this time, Team Steinbauer had other plans… Scoring TD, after TD, after TD.. It was an early round TKO… So who’s next?

Will play Winner of 7/10 in Elite8.


3. Team Evans (The Karyn Collection) v. 6. Team Lazarov (Danley’s Garage World)

This is going to be fun.  Both Teams have true title aspirations. Both Teams know that they can compete with any Team in any sport.  Both Teams have had a ton of All Sports Series success.. Team Lazarov is part of the Team Hakimian/Lalez Dynasty that has dominated past Chicago Men’s Leagues.. The crew of guys on Team Evans is fresh off of a Spring League sweep of both Floor Hockey and Co-Ed Kickball Crowns.  It’s a star-studded affair here.. Here’s the thing.. Only one can survive.  Team Evans has been excellent all season long and Team Lazarov has been a bit up and down (for them).. This will likely come down to the wire and a few big plays could be all the difference in competing in the Final4 and going home for the Summer. Good Luck!

4. Team Friedman (Muchacha Salsa) v. 5. Team Free Agent (Kelly Parker HC)

The last Elite8 battle should be the most even of the night.  Both Team Friedman and Team Free Agent have had more success than many first time squads in recent memory.. It hasn’t been pretty every week, but they both finished in the top half of a very competitive League!  One of these Groups is heading to the Final4.. A proposition both would have likely signed-up for at the beginning of the season.  Both groups have looked good on the VBall court as well during the Regular Season and it’s going to be interesting to see how they navigate through their first Playoff experiences. The bracket has aligned nicely for them and it’s not unreasonable to think that either Team could wind up competing for the Championship in a couple weeks.  Only one can advance to the Final4 though!  Good Luck!


That’s it for this Week. Have a great weekend and see you at the Playoffs!

– Holden