2015 Chicago Co-Ed – Playoff Scenarios (July 20)

Updated: July 24, 2015

Just. 1. Week. Left. That’s it!  We are almost at the best time of the year.. The Playoffs!  This week the Power Rankings are going to shift into a Playoff Scenarios article as we’ll go Team by Team in the Standings to look and see the potential range for seeds.. Before we get too far down that road, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video with Kickball action!

A couple things to note in regards to the Playoffs.  Here’s a link to the blank Playoff Bracket.  All 10 Teams will be apart of the single-elimination Tourney that begins on Aug. 3.  Teams seeded 1-6 are already into the Elite8 Volleyball Round, while the Teams seeded 7-10 will have to compete with each other in an extra Opening Round of Volleyball.  OK Let’s get to the Scenarios!

Playoff Scenarios

1. Team Wolter (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 1st with 100 points.

2. Team Steinbauer (RazorReef.com) – Currently in 2nd with 95 points.

Going to take the Top2 Teams together this week.. The scenarios are fairly similar for the two squads who’ve separated themselves a bit from the pack as we make the turn into the Regular Season finale..  With Wins on Monday Night, both Teams would finish with a whopping 125 points on the season.. Team Wolter has Flag Football (25pts) and the Defending Champs have Softball (30pts) this coming week.. In the event both Teams continue their winning ways.. Team Wolter does hold the head to head tiebreaker and, thus, they hold the inside track to the #1 seed.  Team Steinbauer will need a Team Wolter L in combination with a Win of their own to finish #1 in the Regular Season.. They won the whole thing last year at the #6 seed.. So not quite sure if the seeding matters to the Defending Champs.

If Team Wolter were to lose on Monday Night, Team Steinbauer is not the only Team who could potentially jump them.. Current #3 Team Evans is still within 30 points as well..

Team Wolter can finish anywhere from 1-3.  Very impressive Rookie campaign to say the least..

With a Loss the Defending Champs would get jumped by the Winner of the Team Evans v. Team Lazarov Softball Game on Monday Night..

So the Defending Champs also could finish anywhere from 1-3.  Pretty great considering the targets on their backs..


3. Team Evans (the Karyn Collection) – Currently in 3rd with 71.5 points

4. Team Lazarov (Danley’s Garage World) – Currently in 4th with 69 points.

Both Teams have had incredible success so far this Summer and neither Team is new to it… The difference between these two Teams are virtually nothing heading into the final week.. Which is great considering they are going to take on one another next week on the diamond!

The math is pretty simple.. The Winner of the Game on Monday Night clinches at least a top 3 seed.. Team Evans still could technically leap into 1st if the top 2 Teams fall.. Team Lazarov can only get up to 2nd if the top teams lose.. They’d finish a point behind Team Wolter in that instance..

What’s more important is for the Team who actually comes up short on Monday Night.. All of these Teams are fighting to stay in the top6 to prevent the extra Opening Round Playoff Game.. Obviously you want to risk Elimination as few times as possible.. Anyways, Team Fischer and Team Friedman are right behind both of these squads.. Those two Teams actually play as well on Monday Night and, thus, the Winner will leap the loser of the Evans/Lazarov Game.. Which means the Loser can finish no higher than 5.  Team Rosenthal and Team Free Agent are also within striking distance if they Win on Monday Night.. So the ceiling for these Two squads is actually the dreaded 7 seed if everything goes wrong for them.. They will certainly be scoreboard watching..

Team Evans can finish anywhere from 1-7. Monday has a ton of impact on their Playoff run!

Team Lazarov can finish anywhere from 2-7.  Monday is simply huge.


5. Team Fischer (Jam ‘n Honey) – Currently 5th with 68.5 points.

6. Team Friedman (Muchacha Salsa) – Currently 6th with 64.5 points.

The middle of the Standings are incredibly jammed right now.. The difference between 3rd and 8th place right now is just 21.5 points.. Considering every Team is playing for 25-30 points on Monday Night that means we could see a ton of shake-ups by next Tuesday AM.  Here’s the deal with Team Fischer and Team Friedman who both have to be happy with their current Standing (and nervous about what’s to come)..

These two squads will play in Flag Football next Monday Night.  The Winner will finish 4th in the Standings by leaping whoever loses the Evans/Lazarov Softball Game next Monday.  Pretty simple.. The Loser has a ton of scoreboard watching to do.. The Loser of their Game on Monday could potentially be jumped by both Team Free Agent and Team Rosenthal when all is said and done.. That could push the Loser down into the extra Opening Rounds.. Monday is just gigantic!

Both Teams could finish between 4-8.


7. Team Free Agent (Kelly Parker HC) – Currently 7th 58.5 points.

8. Team Rosenthal (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker) – Currently 8th with 50 points.

Both Teams have highs and lows so far in the Regular Season.. Both Groups are going through their first All Sports Series campaigns.. When you think about the fact they are only 13 (FA) and 20 (Rosenthal) out from 3rd place this late in the season.. You have to give them so real credit here!  Both Teams are currently in positions for the Bottom4 Opening Round when the Playoffs open but a Win on Monday Night will get both Teams out of there!

Here’s the deal.. Both Teams have Flag Football coming on Monday Night with 25 points on the line.. Team Free Agent has the UM Alumni and Team Rosenthal has a tough test with current #1 Team Wolter..  With Wins both Teams would pass the Losers of the Evans/Lazarov and Fischer/Friedman Games on Monday Night.  Meaning they could jump into 5th or 6th AND, thus, out of the extra Opening Round Game.

With Losses, they seal their fate and will have to take part in the extra Opening Round Games.. There is past history of Teams making runs from those spots.. So no reason to get down either way!

Team Free Agent can finish anywhere from 5-8.

Team Rosenthal can finish anywhere from 5-9.


9. Team Cliq (Trifecta Grill) – Currently 9th with 27 points.

10. Team UM Alumni (SLA Insurance) – Currently 10th with 12 points. 

Here’s the deal.. Both Teams are going to compete in the Opening Round Volleyball Games when the Playoffs start on Monday Aug. 3.  Several Teams have started in that spot and have gone on to win multiple Playoff Games. In fact, history says one of these Teams will make the final night of All Sports Series.  Lots of work to do before then.. They both have a great opportunity to get some momentum in the Regular Season finale next Monday Night and along with that.. They can play spoiler to some other Teams searching for top seeds.


That’s it for the Scenarios. Have a great weekend and see you next Monday!

– Holden