2015 Chicago Co-Ed – PLAYOFFS Opening Rounds (August 3)

Updated: August 6, 2015

The Co-Ed League Playoffs started on Monday Night and the action did not disappoint! We had several  story lines to monitor coming into the Opening Rounds.. Would Team Steinbauer make it to another Final4?  How many Rookie Teams would grab their first Playoff Ws?  Would any of the Teams in the Opening Round win multiple Games and pull an “upset” later in the Night? We’ll Recap all of the action below! First, here’s the Weekly Video Highlights!  OK Let’s Recap!

Opening Round – 10 Teams Remain

7. Team Fischer (Jam ‘n Honey) v. 10. Team UM Alumni (SLA Insurance) – 7. Team Fischer Advances

Team Fischer came into this one knowing they have what it takes to win the Championship.. They just needed to take it one step at a time. Team UM Alumni entered the Opening Round with hopes to shock the world!  The Winner of course would have to take on Defending Champs 2. Team Steinbauer in the Elite8 Team Fischer built momentum early in this match-up and before too long they had gotten their 3 Games and were onto the Elite8!

For the UM Alumni, they were a true Team all season long. They may not have grabbed as many Ws as they wanted, but they had a fun time together and grew as a unit as the Summer rolled on. They now have their Rookie season under their belts and can look forward to building on it. Thanks for playing and hopefully see you next Summer!

8. Team Rosenthal (Chicago Trolley) v. 9. Team Cliq (Trifecta Grill) – 8. Team Rosenthal Advances

These two Teams both had shown promise on the Vball court at different times this season so we knew we were in store for a great Opening Round matchup.  It went back and forth here until Team Rosenthal grabbed control and momentum for good.. They would go on to win 3 games to 1 and head to the Elite8.

For Team Cliq, it was a successful Rookie campaign.. Many of these players were just getting to know one another as the Season went on.. They managed to get a couple Ws along the way and there are the right pieces here to really make a run in the future. First season is always the toughest! Thanks for playing!


1. Team Wolter (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 8. Team Rosenthal (Chicago Trolley) – 1. Team Wolter Advances

Team Wolter stormed into the Playoffs after a thunderous Regular Season and in their first Season remarkably grabbed the #1 seed.  Their first Playoff test would be 8. Team Rosenthal who was fresh off an Opening Round W themselves.. It was a close on early as the Teams traded Games but as the match continued on, Team Wolter took care of business, as they have done all season long.. They would advance to the Final4 next week!

For Team Rosenthal, as the youngest Team in the field, they really held their own this Summer. They got off to a fast start and showed signs of being a real powerhouse in future seasons. They will only add to what they started this Summer. Most first year squads (especially the youngest) normally do not get Playoff Ws.  Team Rosenthal did. Excited to see what they can do in future Leagues! Thanks for playing!

2. Team Steinbauer (RazorReef.com) v. 7. Team Fischer (Jam ‘n Honey) – 7. Team Steinbauer Advances

Every year this is a big shocker during the Opening Night of the Playoffs. No doubt about it. You obviously just don’t know where it’s coming from.. It wouldn’t be a shock otherwise.. Anyways, 2. Team Steinbauer took the court on Monday Night to truly begin their trek back to the Championship Game and attempt to get back2back Crowns. Only they did so without much of their usual firepower and Team Fischer didn’t bother to ask questions.. They just started taking care of business. Before you could blink this one was over and 7. Team Fischer had won their second Playoff contest of the night and, thus, advancing to the Final4!

For the 2014 Champs.. They had another great season.. Sometimes you just have an off-night and catch a sleeping giant.. Many Teams a year ago felt this way as they exited at the hands of Team Steinbauer.. This group will be among the best as long as they are around and they will enter next season as favorites once again. They are a Team you don’t want to play and an off night won’t change that.. Already excited for their clash next Summer with whoever grabs the Crown next week! Thanks for playing!

3. Team Evans (The Karyn Collection) v. 6. Team Lazarov (Danley’s Garage World) – 6. Team Lazarov Advances

Team Evans has been among the toughest in the Co-Ed League for years.. Volleyball has just been their one downfall and unforunately has prevented their serious runs in the Playoffs. The issue struck again this Monday and Team Lazarov who has a significant Championship pedigree added another Playoff W. They head to the Final4 and will face 7. Team Fischer for an opportunity to get back to the Championship Game (2013 was their most recent trip). Good Luck!

For Team Evans, while they may need a bit of time to get over this one, they are clearly one of the best Teams around.  Similar to Team Steinbauer, one week of volleyball won’t change that fact.  When looking at the Teams in the League and those who haven’t yet won the Crown.. They are the closest thing to a sure-thing for a future Championship.  Not an “if” but when. Thanks for playing!

4. Team Friedman (Muchacha Salsa) v. 5. Team Free Agent (Kelly Parker HC) – 4. Team Friedman Advances

The 4/5 matchup was a contest between Rookie squads and the 4/5 pairing is normally one that comes down to the wire.. Monday Night was no different as we headed to a 5th and deciding Game in Volleyball. When the final point was scored, it was 4. Team Friedman moving on to next week’s Final4 where they have a date with 1. Team Wolter coming!

For the Free Agent squad, they faired far better than many Free Agent Teams have done in the past.. They gelled nicely as the Summer went on and really improved in the final weeks.. Finishing in the top half with a Team of Rookies who don’t know each other is basically unheard of. Remarkably successful and hopefully their core can now stick together and build on what they’ve started. Great season! Thanks for playing!

That’s it for this Week. Congrats to all who advanced and thanks for playing everyone!

– Holden