2015 Chicago Co-Ed – Week 4 (July 6)

Updated: July 9, 2015

Week 4 was Volleyball for the Co-Ed League and with it we got a glimpse into what the Opening Round of the Playoffs may look like.. Volleyball will be the first sport up in the Co-Ed League Playoffs.  We had some interesting results this past Monday Night as many of the Teams in the top half of Last Week’s Power Rankings took Ls.  Before we get into this week’s Rankings.. Here’s the Weekly Highlight Video! OK let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Steinbauer (RazorReef.com) – Currently 2nd with 60 points.

Team Steinbauer got a big sweep on Monday Night by winning the maximum amount of points (15). Arguably more importantly, they picked up 9 points on Team Wolter who is currently residing in 1st place of the Standings.. They also showed off their volleyball prowess, which was on full display, a year ago during their Playoff run.  The Defending Champs are rounding looking pretty tough to beat.. Beware.

2. Team Wolter (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently 1st with 71 points.

Their first Loss of the Season is a much easier to pill to swallow since it came in Volleyball where they were still able to pick up 6 points and actually build their lead on some of the Teams in the League.  It’s nearly impossible to go undefeated in All Sports Series and now they can rid themselves of that burden.. They have shown week after week that they are among the elite that the Co-Ed League has to offer.. It will be important for them to bounce back next week in dodgeball, as great teams know how to turn it back around in a hurry.. We expect nothing less.

3. Team Evans (The Karyn Collection) – Currently in 5th with 39.5 points.

Their 2nd Win in a row shows that Team Evans is rounding into Playoff form.. This past week they had what could end up being the win of their Regular Season as they took down previously undefeated and #1 in the Standings Team Wolter, 4-2 in Volleyball. You would never know that they’d consider Volleyball a “down sport” for them.  Team Evans has real experience now and knows how to navigate through the Playoffs.  They are true title contenders.

4. Team Friedman (Muchacha Salsa) – Currently in 3rd with 52.5 points.

After a rough start, Team Friedman has managed to bounce back in a big way. They are now up to #3 in the Standings and #4 in the Power Rankings after taking down previous #1 Team Rosenthal with a clean sweep in Volleyball. This VBall success is a great indication that they could be around a while come Playoff time in August.  They looked as good as anyone on the court this past Monday Night!

5. Team Lazarov (Danley’s Garage World) – Currently in 7th with 34 points.

Team Lazarov is sort of flying under the radar right now which is certainly odd for a Team that has more Championships amongst them than any other Team in the Co-Ed League.  They won’t mind that at all though as it surely becomes burdensome to play with a target on your back the entire season.  They are still getting used to playing without resident big man Eytan Azaria but in this transition period they are still managing to earn points in the Standings. This past Monday Night they got the W with Team Fischer 3-2 in Games.  Great stuff for them.

6. Team Free Agent (Kelly Parker Home Collective) – Currently in 4th with 43.5 points.

Got another 6 points in the Standings and they are sitting in 4th place on the leaderboard after Week 4..  When you think about it, they have to be absolutely ecstatic with their current positioning.. Most of this group didn’t even know each other a few weeks back and currently they are sitting in the the top half in the Standings. Not a bad first month in All Sports Series!

7. Team Cliq (Trifecta Grill) – Currently in 9th with 12 points.

And everyone is officially on the board! Team Cliq took home their first W of the Season on Monday Night and along with their first W came 12 big points in the Standings. The first one is always the hardest to get and now that the monkey is off their backs they can breathe a sigh of relief.  They are coming into their own just in time.. Word has it they are going to be a tough dodgeball squad as well! Next week they’ll go toe to toe with the UM Alumni Group!

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Fischer (Jam ‘n Honey) – Currently in 8th with 33.5 points.

Took a narrow defeat this past week but still managed to grab hold of 6 key points in the Standings. They find themselves firmly entrenched in the middle of the pack and even though they are currently in 8th in the Standings they are just 10 points out of 4th place. So no need to push the panic button whatsoever. They have a big matchup coming next week when they’ll face #1 Team Steinbauer in Dodgeball.

Team Rosenthal (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) – Currently in 6th with 35 points.

They had the hottest start of anyone in the League and have cooled off a bit in the past couple of weeks.. Their early success almost makes you forget that they are by far the youngest Team in the field and they  most of them are All Sports Series Rookies.. That being said.. They right in the thick of everything and judging off their past success in hoops and overall athleticism, expect them to turn it around next week!

Team UM Alumni (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 10th with 9 points.

Facing off with the Defending Champs is never easy.. After all, they are the Champs for a reason.  What should be the focus here is that with each passing week Team UM Alumni gains key team chemistry.. Their Regular Season record will not be indicative of where they are as a squad by season’s end. Every Team makes the Playoffs so they are going to be just fine! Team Cliq is up next for them in Dodgeball!


That’s it for us. Have a great weekend and see you next Monday!