2015 Chicago Co-Ed – Week 5 (July 13)

Updated: July 17, 2015

Believe it or not, just 2 Weeks remain in the Regular Season, before each Team in the Co-Ed League will duke it out in the Opening Rounds of the Playoffs.  The Standings are still extremely tight and the final weeks of Kickball and either Softball/Football are going to be crucial in the eventual Playoff journeys for each and every Team.. Before we get to the Rankings, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video! OK Let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Steinbauer (RazorReef.com) – Currently in 2nd with 75 points.

This was a very hard week to actually Rank the Teams as many of the Teams in the middle of the pack got the full 15 points while Teams near the top didn’t necessarily Win their battles but still got a bunch of points as well.. For the first time this season we had both Teams actually get the full amount of possible points.. Defending Champs Team Steinbauer were able to get 5 dodgeball Ws on Monday Night which netted them the maximum 15 points allowed.. However, they lost 6-5 in total Games played to Team Fischer.. When all is said and done, they did what they needed.. Extremely Defending Championy of them.. Next week, we go to kickball and they will take on the rising Team Free Agent.

2. Team Wolter (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – Currently in 1st with 80 points. 

This pushes their Points-Streak to 5 consecutive weeks.. A very impressive feat.  Especially considering it’s their first 5 weeks in All Sports Series. They didn’t get the “W” but still walked away with 9 points and that’s enough to maintain their top spot in the Standings.  They head into Week 6 with the pole position for the #1 Seed.. If they win out in Kickball and Flag Football, there’s nothing anyone can do to pass them.. Team Steinbauer could tie them in the Standings but Team Wolter holds the head to head tiebreaker.. Big, big couple of weeks coming for them.. Team Cliq is up next for them!

3. Team Free Agent (Kelly Parker Home Collective) – Currently in 4th with 58.5 points.

Look at the Free Agents climb all the way to #3!  They have been on a roll these past few weeks and after Monday Night’s maximum point grab they find themselves on the heels of top the few Teams in the Standings.  If they can keep this momentum going, it’s not far fetched to envision them coming into the Playoffs with a top 2 or 3 seed.. They have what will likely be their toughest test to date next Monday Night when they go toe to toe in Kickball with the Defending Champs Team Steinbauer.

4. Team Evans (The Karyn Collection) – Currently in 5th with 51.5 points.

Had an absolute battle, which this Team has become accustomed to, with Team Rosenthal in dodgeball on Monday Night.  They ended up dropping the contest 5-4 in Games, but still came away with 12 big points.. They are entrenched in the middle of the pack of the Standings right now.. In fact, most of the Teams in the League are.. The difference between 3rd and 8th right now is just 16 points. (Double check’s math..). Yeah, just 16 points.  Anyways, this group is far and away the best Kickball bunch the League has.. Many of them took home the Kickball Crown in the Spring.. That experience will be vital come Monday Night when they have a Game against Team UM Alumni.

5. Team Lazarov (Danley’s Garage World) – Currently in 7th with 49 points.

Team Lazarov got back to their winning ways on Monday Night by taking a decisive dodgeball W with #1 in the Standings Team Wolter 7-3 in Games.  They currently sit in 7th in the Standings, although they are a win back of 3rd.. Seriously, don’t forget about them.. They are sort of laying low right now and the last thing anyone in this League should do is forget about the group who holds more All Sports Series Crowns than any other.  They turn it on this time of year and Monday was just the start…

6. Team Friedman (Muchacha Salsa) – Currently in 3rd with 64.5 points.

They are still holding on to the #3 spot in the Standings which is a pretty awesome feat for a first-timem group.  They had a spirited contest with the Free Agent squad last Monday Night and they just narrowly defeated 5-4 in it but came away with 12 big points in the Standings.  There’s such a small margin between them in 3rd and Team Fischer who are currently sitting in 8th that the entire leaderboard could be shuffled by this time next week.. They have Team Lazarov in kickball next week!

7. Team Fischer (Jam ‘n Honey) – Currently in 8th with 48.5 points.

The Standings will show that both Team Steinbauer and Team Fischer earned the maximum 15 points on Monday Night in dodgeball.. What they won’t show is that Team Fischer actually got the W taking it 6-5 in Games with the Defending Champs.  It was back and forth for the entire contest and really fun to see both Teams slugging it out.  Team Fischer currently sits in 8th, but as mentioned above, they are only 16 points back of 3rd place so they are right in the thick of it! The next two weeks will be crucial as everyone tries to get into the Top 6 of the Standings before the Playoffs begin on August 3rd!

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Cliq (Trifecta Grill) – Currently in 9th with 27 points.

Well.. They’ve figured it out! This makes it two weeks in a row that the Cliq/1871 squad has earned a W and they are catching fire at the perfect time! It can take a few weeks for Teams to find their way in All Sports Series but history will show that plenty of Teams have turned late-season surges into Championships. Obviously, there’s a ton of work left for them to do before then.. But, momentum is a very important thing this time of year. Well done!

Team Rosenthal (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) – Currently in 6th with 50 points.

The sign of a mature Team is one that can bounce back after hitting a couple of bumps.. While Team Rosenthal may be the youngest group in the League this year, they proved that they are able to rally back in the face of some adversity. Remember, this Team was Ranked #1 during the opening weeks of the League.. Then they hit a rough patch before battling Team Evans to a 5-4 W and getting the maximum 15 points. They are primed for an extended Playoff run!

Team UM Alumni (SLA Insurance) – Currently in 10th with 12 points.

The beauty of All Sports Series is that there’s always a new sport on the horizon. Dodgeball is not everyone’s cup of tea and you should expect the UM Alumni to come out firing in Kickball next week! Again, they are in the Playoffs and right now it’s just about some fine tuning so they are playing their best come August 3.  Do not count them out.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and see you Monday Night!

– Holden