2015 Chicago Spring Leagues – Floor Hockey (Feb. 15)

Updated: February 19, 2015

The Chicago Floor Hockey League has officially begun!  For many of you, this is your first experience with All Sports Series..  Each Week you can count on a Power Rankings article to be posted to allsportsseries.com that recaps the week that was and provides a bit of insight to what’s in store for the following week.  You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights.  Also, feel free to POST BELOW w/ Disqus to let your feelings be heard (we ask just to keep the comments clean) and connect with us on our social media accounts — @AllSportsSeries. In addition to the Power Rankings and the Video, your Stats are kept and posted in the Chicago Floor Hockey section (under Sport Specific Leagues).. 

Starting next week, the Floor Hockey League will be joined in this space by the Chicago Co-Ed Indoor Kickball League’s Power Rankings as well.. There are a few Players doubling down and playing in both Leagues so this will be a convenient way for them to stay on the up and up in both Leagues at once.

So this is how the Power Rankings work — Each Week 5 of the 8 Floor Hockey Teams will get Ranked in the Power Rankings while the other 3 Teams will remain unranked (and listed alphabetically) — with the goal of jumping into the Rankings the following week. A few things to keep in mind: 1) the Power Rankings are done mostly with a statistical feel and very little actual “analysis.”  2) The Power Rankings have ZERO to do with the actual Standings.

Week 1 allowed some Teams to really jump out and plant their flag as “front-runners” and the scoreboard was lit up early and often..  TONS of time for other squads to make an impact in coming weeks.. OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Kowalcyzk (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 1-0, Currently tied for 1st 

Before we get into what they did on Sunday afternoon, allow for a bit of historical context here.. For those who have played in All Sports Series before, specifically the Chicago Men’s Summer League, you are going to recognize this crew.  Team Kowalcyzk is made up of the same core who has had a tremendous two-year run as Team Hadelman.  In their first two years, they’ve made it to a Championship Game and a Final4, in Leagues with 18 Teams and 24 Teams respectively.  They are deep and they come at you in waves.  They win and usually do so in impressive fashion.

Now, to what they accomplished on Sunday.. They scored 26 Goals as a Team.. Which we’ll monitor and see if anyone can top during the Season.. In doing so, they had the top 3 point getters/goal scorers in Week 1.. David Stern tallied 14 points with 8 goals and 6 assists. He leads the League in all 3 categories as we head into Week 2.  Captain Mike’s crew gets points from several different Players however as family members Matt and Dan Kowalcyzk had 6 and 5 Goals respectively.

In conclusion, they were great.  They’ll likely be at or near the top of the Power Rankings all season. Get used to it.

2. Team Harris (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) – 1-0, Currently tied for 1st

In most Weeks you’d think winning 19-5 would be good enough to be the best performance.. Well, if not for Team Kowalcyzk’s crazy day, then it would have been.. Team Harris is another group that many All Sports Series vets will be familiar with.  Captain Adam (and family) have competed in more All Sports Series contests than just about anyone ever.  He brings with him a familiar core but they’ve re-tooled with some elite Hockey talent..  They put up 19 Goals against a really good Team on Sunday. They can score seemingly at will.. Captain Adam led the scoring charge with 5 Goals and Graham Conatser wasn’t far behind with 4 of his own. Jake Miller was also stellar in goal and made a few really nice saves.  They too will be at or near the top all season long..

3. Team Widen (FGK Services Inc.) – 1-0, Currently tied for 1st

Team Widen notched the first Win ever in the Floor Hockey League and after that first W, it seemed as if they’d be Ranked #1..  Surprisingly their 13 Goals as a Team was just the third highest on the day and, thus, they came in here at #3.  Team Widen has a few Players who’ve been part of past Championship Runs in All Sports Series.. Captain Jason’s group has a mix of vets and rookies — both of whom can surely handle the puck.  They controlled the Game from the drop and really showcased they are ready to take on the League’s best. Mark Cassidy and Phil Johnson both had 4 Goals a piece to tie for the Team lead.  Next week they’ll take on #4…

4. Team Holzman (Chicago Deli) – 0-1, Currently tied for 6th

Similarly with other Teams that have already been mentioned.. Team Holzman is no stranger to All Sports Series.. Dissimilarly to the other Teams mentioned so far they were unable to pick up a Week 1 W.. However, let’s get back to their history a bit.. Captain Andrew has run many a All Sports Series Teams and with a ton of success.. Just this past Summer in the deepest All Sports Series League we’ve ever had.. His crew finished 1st in the Regular Season of the Chicago Men’s League and got all the way to the Final4 in the Playoffs.  This Team can compete. They were missing a couple key players on Sunday and they are going to be a better Team in the coming weeks.. EJ Silver showed that he has a knack for finding the back of the net.. Scoring 4 Goals. Just keep an eye out for them.

5. Team Kornblatt (Right Fit Personal Training) – 0-1, Currently tied for 6th

Team Kornblatt is an #Original12 Franchise for All Sports Series. Way back in 2010 they were apart of the very first All Sports Series League.  The core group called Camp Ojibwa home for many summers back in the day and full disclosure here.. Many of my (Holden) best friends will be running around with sticks for Team Kornblatt this season.. Journalistic integrity will of course not be comprised.  In past All Sports Series Leagues, Team Kornblatt, has excelled in Floor Hockey — granted Floor Hockey up ’til right now has always been a once-a-season treat — nothing like what were about to embark on.  They’ve garnered much success throughout the years and with that has come many Rivarlries. They are still searching for that magical Playoff run that ends with them holding the crown. They’ve had an achilles heel for years — but Hoops will have nothing to do with the Floor Hockey League this Spring.  Their first game wasn’t pretty but they are working on getting some new players acclimated to the group and they’ll only improve from Week 1.. From a fitness standpoint they may leave something to be desired.. If only there was someone or something who could find a solution…

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Albanese (Biaggi’s) – 0-0, Currently tied for 4th

They were off in Week 1 and will have a double header later in the season…

Team Free Agent (Atomic Transport) – 0-0, Currently tied for 4th

They were off in Week 1 and will have a double header later in the season…

Team Santomauro (the Street Hockey Shop) – 0-1, Currently tied for 6th

One thing that certainly cannot be overlooked early on in the season is Team Chemistry.. Many people in this group had never met before Sunday Afternoon. It’s going to take some time to get to know one another before they can develop a true sixth sense on the rink.  The pieces are there though. They have talent. Obviously they drew a tough Week 1 matchup with now #1 Team Kowalcyzk but they are only going to get better and the schedule (hopefully) should only get easier.  Even in defeat they seemingly had a great time out there.. A great sign for later in the season when the stakes will be raised.. This Team has serious potential and those that catch them early in the season will be thankful because come March they should look like an entirely different Team.


That’s it for Week 1. Have a great weekend and see you Sunday afternoon at Windy City!

– Holden