2015 Chicago Spring Leagues – Floor Hockey & Kickball (Feb. 22)

Updated: February 26, 2015

The Chicago Spring Leagues are now officially in full swing!  Sunday afternoon marked the start of the Co-Ed Indoor Kickball League and for the first time we had a full slate of Men’s Floor Hockey Games as well.  For those who read the Power Rankings last week, please all me to re-introduce them to many of our first time readers..

Each Week you can count on a Power Rankings article to be posted to allsportsseries.com that recaps the week that was and provides a bit of insight to what’s in store for the following week.  You can also count on a Link to the Weekly Video HighlightsIn addition to the Power Rankings and the Video, your Stats are kept and posted in the Chicago Floor Hockey section (under Sport Specific Leagues)..

So this is how the Power Rankings work — Each Week 5 of the 8 Floor Hockey Teams will get Ranked in the Power Rankings while 2 of the 4 Kickball Teams will get Ranked.. The unranked Teams will be listed alphabetically — with the goal of jumping into the Rankings the following week. A few things to keep in mind: 1) the Power Rankings are done mostly with a statistical feel and very little actual “analysis.”  2) The Power Rankings have ZERO to do with the actual Standings.

We’re going to keep both the Kickball and Floor Hockey Rankings in the same article each week to make it just that much easier for the Players who participating in both (it’s a one-stop shop).

This week — Kickball will kick things off and next week Floor Hockey will be at the top.. OK Let’s Rank ’em!

Kickball Power Rankings

1. Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. – 1-0, Currently tied for 1st in Standings 

Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. came out of the gates kicking on Sunday afternoon!  Then they kicked some more..  They were incredible at the plate.. The entire Team. They put up 23 runs which was easily the highest total of the day and may end up standing as the highest run total of the season.. Now who makes up Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.?  The Guy portion of the squad is the core that makes up Team Hadelman (and Kowalczyk) from the ultra competitive Chicago Men’s Summer League.. In the past two years they’ve made a Final4 and Championship run. They are also ranked #1 in the Floor Hockey Rankings right now.. So their core is as solid as it gets.. Teaming with them are a few of the great PTs from our fantastic Sponsor – Accelerated Physical Therapy.  This crew showed that they may have what it takes to stay atop the Rankings all season long..

2. Team Muchacha Salsa – 1-0, Currently tied for 1st in Standings

This “Free Agent” bunch got off to a great start on Sunday afternoon which is certainly a promising sign of things to come.. They are made up of many people who are playing in their first All Sports Series Games.. Many of which have never met before.  They do have a few All Sports Series veterans however as a few of the guys on this squad participated on a Free Agent Team in the Chicago Men’s Summer League.. They clearly used that experience to help propel them to a Week 1 W. Both Jay Seol and Ronnie Ballard had nice days at the plate.. Helping score/drive in runs. They were missing some of their Regulars this past Week so it will be very interesting to see how they come together as a unit this Spring.  Next week they’ll have a battle with Team popchips.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team FGK Services Inc. – 0-1, Currently tied for 3rd in Standings

They had flashes of really great things during Week 1.  They too are a Free Agent bunch and will take a bit of time to get things going.. They will have a tough matchup in Week 2 as the juggernaut Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. is next up for them.. But imagine the statement they could make if they get the W!?

Team popchips – 0-1, Currently tied for 3rd in Standings

The schedule makers did them no favors (sorry) as they were matched up with what ended up being the #1 Team in Week 1.  They will not stay down for long as Captain Emily has a fun bunch that just needs a couple of more times through the batting order to figure everything out. Among her Teammates is Ben Detzner who All Sports Series vets will know from his back to back Championship runs with Team Greco and Team Maione in the College/Prep Summer League.  He is the only person on any Roster in the Kickball League to have won an All Sports Series Championship — that experience is going to help them come April and May.


Floor Hockey Rankings

1. Team Kowalczyk (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 2-0, Currently tied for 1st in Standings

Back on top for the second consecutive week to start the campaign is Team Kowalczyk. Note, they also make up the guy contingent of the top ranked Kickball Team above — they are off to a furious pace this Spring.. Back to Floor Hockey.. They are averaging the most goals per Game in the League and their offensive attack is simply relentless. Leaving Week 2, they have 3 of the top 4 Point Scorers in the League.. This past week they defeated a very tough Team Albanese squad who will surely be near the top of the Rankings in no time.  The Kowalczyk crew has it rolling and they’ll look to move to 3-0 next Sunday against Team Kornblatt.

2. Team Harris (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) – 2-0, Currently tied for 1st in Standings

Right behind Team Kowalczyk for the second straight week is Team Harris.  They too move to 2-0 on the young season and throughout the two weeks they’ve shown tremendous depth that should lead them to greatness as the spring moves along.  Captain Adam had himself a day netting 4 Goals on Sunday afternoon.. Sunday also saw the debut of a couple key pieces to the Team Harris puzzle as Alex Heyman and Lucas Dahlin both showed off amazing stick handling ability. These guys are the real deal and it’s going to be really fun next Sunday when they participate in the Game of the Week against Undefeated #3…

3. Team Widen (FGK Services Inc.) – 2-0, Currently tied for 1st in Standings

Yes, there’s a third undefeated Team still standing after Week 2 and that is Team Widen. They haven’t quite had the offensive fireworks that the top 2 Teams have demonstrated yet.. but many could say they’ve had a tougher schedule to begin 2015.  That schedule is only getting tougher next week when they tangle with #2 Team Harris. A certain spot in the Top 2 of the Power Rankings will be on the line in that one. Phil Johnson followed up his 4 Goal week 1 with another hat trick on Sunday afternoon.. Remember that name. Scott Kandleman had another solid day in between the pipes as well.. Is it Sunday yet?

4. Team Kornblatt (Right Fit Personal Training) – 1-1, Currently in 4th in the Standings

All Sports Series veterans are certainly familiar with Team Kornblatt and their roller coaster tendencies.. They play their best when people are under-estimating them and they are backed into a corner.. Which is exactly what happened on Sunday afternoon… They didn’t have a great Week 1 and many were ready to sort of right their chances off.. That’s exactly where they like to be.. They came out and were the aggressor for 42 minutes with Team Free Agent.  Jono Matasar had an improbably 6 goals in the Game and gave Ojibwa-based crew the spark they needed. This is a group that should get better as the season grows.. They have some new pieces from their usual core and it will take a bit of time to figure out the best spots for everyone..  They have a tough task next Sunday as they will try to tame the beasts — #1 Team Kowalczyk.

5. Team Albanese (Biaggi’s) – 0-1, Currently tied for 5th in the Standings

Team Albanese rounds out the Top 5.  Let’s bring everyone up to speed on them.. They are one of two Teams who were off during Week 1 and will have a double header later in the Season.. Before we get into their opening week action, as we did with many Teams last week — let’s provide a bit of context here for who makes up Team Albanese. Captain Anthony is no stranger to All Sports Series as he is fresh off leading his Summer Co-Ed Team to a Championship.  That is no small feat as his crew knocked off a Team that had won back to back Championships in that League and had never lost a Playoff Game.. Not only did they beat them, it was over quickly.. Really quickly.  Anyways, he knows how to generate success and there’s no doubt this group can do the same. They drew a tough test in Week 1 as they faced current #1 Team Kowalczyk in an all out battle.  They came up short on Sunday Night but they know they can play with anyone in the League. Ted Robinson had a hat trick in his first All Sports Series Game.  They will be looking to get back to .500 next week against Team Santomauro.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Free Agent (Atomic Transport) – 0-1, Currently tied for 5th in the Standings

Welcome to All Sports Series!  If the name wasn’t a dead give away, this group is comprised of Free Agents, many of which are not only playing in their first All Sports Series Games together, but are just meeting each other for the first time.  It’s going to take a few weeks before they get to know each other’s strengths but their was clear talent on display. Sam “gets goals” Witt surely helped the cause with a handful of goals on Sunday.  Better to catch these guys early as they are definitely going to be a tough Team to play as the season moves forward.

Team Holzman (Chicago Deli) – 0-2, Currently tied for 7th in the Standings

They’ve started against two of the top three ranked Teams in the Power Rankings. Definitely a rough schedule in February.. The bright side is that it will only get easier.  EJ Silver added two more goals and Andrew Holzman was impressive in net as he faced a bunch of shots during this one.. Both are modern day marathon men as they participated in All Sports Hoops later in the evening.. Look for these guys to get a spot in the Rankings sooner rather than later.

Team Santomauro (the Street Hockey Shop) – 0-2, Currently tied for 7th in the Standings

Improvement was made from Week 1 to Week 2. That’s what the focus should be on. Paully Steps played well in net.. Even if the Stats don’t show the entire story.. He was good.  Kevin Futterer scored from their own zone to cancel the shutout party for Team Harris.  They are improving on the defensive end with each passing period.  Many of these guys are just meeting each other for the first time as well. Next week they’ll have their hands full again with Team Albanese.


That’s it for us this Week. Have a great weekend!

– Holden