2015 Chicago Spring Leagues – Floor Hockey & Kickball (March 1)

Updated: March 5, 2015

Sunday Afternoon provided some great moments in both the Floor Hockey and Kickball Leagues.  We’ll have familiar Teams atop the Power Rankings this week but there will be several shake-ups going on just below them.. Before we get into the Power Rankings, here’s a Link to this week’s Video Highlights! Last week Kickball went first, so this week we’ll start with the Floor Hockey Power Rankings (Kickball is below). OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Floor Hockey Rankings

1. Team Kowalczyk (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 3-0, Currently tied for 1st in Standings

Another Week goes by and still Team Kowalczyk sits at #1 in the Power Rankings (and the Kickball Rankings below).. This Spring is really shaping up to be quite the memorable one for this crew. Sunday marked another impressive W for them as they continue the offensive onslaught — this week going for 17 Goals against Team Kornblatt.  Their next Game should be their biggest test yet as they will go against Team Harris in the Game of the Week. If they can get by them it’ll be tough for them to fall out of the Top 2 Seeds come Playoff time.

2. Team Widen (FGK Services Inc.) – 3-0, Currently tied for 1st in Standings

Sunday was a big one.  It’s hard to say that there are big wins 3 weeks into a long League.. But Sunday was just that for Team Widen.  They won a knock down drag out contest with Team Harris, who many had pegged as the Team to beat before the Season started.  It’s a Game that Team Widen will be able to look back upon for the rest of the season and in particular during the Playoffs where they can say “we can beat anyone”.. It was a 9-8 Game that could have gone either way and Team Widen managed to stay Unbeaten.  With Team Kowalczyk facing off with Team Harris next Sunday — Team Widen may be the only undefeated Team left standing at this time next week.

3. Team Harris (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) – 2-1, Currently in 3rd in the Standings

Their Game on Sunday didn’t go exactly according to plan and didn’t come out the way they wanted.. They lost a tight one to Team Widen.. Nothing to get worked up over as they are clearly among the League’s best and it said more about Team Widen’s strengths than any weakness from Team Harris.. They’ll have an opportunity to right the ship and put the entire League on notice when they square off with #1 Team Kowalczyk next week in the Game of the Week.

4. Team Albanese (Biaggi’s) – 1-1, Currently 4th in the Standings

Team Albanese won their first (of many) Games on Sunday afternoon when they defeated Team Santomauro.  This group is going to be a little under the radar for a bit as they have played less Games than the majority of the Teams and, thus, their Win total will likely not match the top squads for some time.. That being said, they have a ton of talent and on top of that.. They have depth that no other Team in the League can match.  They are ones to watch.. Word to the wise.

5. Team Holzman (Chicago Deli) – 1-2, Currently tied for 5th in Standings

Breaking into the Top 5 this Week is Team Holzman after they grabbed their first W of the Season.  Maybe we buried the lead here a bit.. But they also scored a Season High – TWENTY NINE (that’s 29!) Goals!  It was a true coming out party for them and one that should really build their confidence going forward.. Interesting note about this Game.. They didn’t play a Goalie.. So they used 6 players out on the court at once and boy did their Offense reap the benefits.. Definitely will be fascinating to see if other Teams decide to implore this strategy as time moves forward.

Rest of Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Free Agent (Atomic Transport) – 0-2, Currently in 7th in Standings

Took one on the chin this Sunday.. Happens to everyone from time to time. It’s going to take more than just a couple of Games for this Free Agent squad to come into their own. That’s been mentioned before and will continue to be.. They have talent though and eventually everything will click.

Team Kornblatt (Right Fit Personal Training) – 1-2, Currently tied for 5th in Standings

One thing I can assure you about this bunch — they will not get too down after a Loss.  They’ve certainly had their fair share of heartbreak over the years in All Sports Series and they always bounce back and usually are better for it. In Week 2, they were able to come back and grab a W after a Week 1 L.. Expect the same from them next Sunday.

Team Santomauro (the Street Hockey Shop) – 0-3, Currently in 8th in the Standings

Team Albanese is one of the better groups in the League.. People might not be acknowledging it just yet but they are.. These guys played them tough and while the final score may have gotten away from them a bit.. They are improving. Each and every week they are improving. The schedule will only get easier and sooner than later they’ll grab their first W.


Kickball Power Rankings

1. Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. – 2-0, Currently in 1st in Standings

For the second straight week they are atop the Power Rankings (and the guys still sit at #1 in the Floor Hockey Rankings as well). They are the last unbeaten Team in the Kickball League.. Which is obviously an accomplished goal but they’d much rather be last team left standing come May.  Teams are already starting to chatter about them as a “juggernaut” and it doesn’t seem like they plan on slowing down any time soon!

2. Team popchips – 1-1, Currently tied for 2nd in Standings

Into the Rankings for the first time this week is Captain Emily Fishman’s group.  They got their first W of the Season on Sunday afternoon as they took down Team Muchacha Salsa. If they can grab another W next week against Team FGK Services they should put some space between themselves and the Unranked Teams.. They really improved on Offense last week as they scored 16 Runs!  If they can keep that up they have a bunch of success ahead.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team FGK Services Inc. – 0-2, Currently in 4th in Standings

They are still searching for Win #1.. The good news — there’s a TON of time to make that happen. They’ve had to enlist some subs during the first couple of weeks and getting continuity in the coming weeks should help them greatly.  Expect them to turn things around shortly!

Team Muchacha Salsa – 1-1, Currently tied for 2nd in Standings

They dropped Sunday’s contest to Team popchips but have looked strong in their two weeks so far.  They are a “Free Agent” squad that will take some time to get to know one another — finding strengths/weakness among the roster is always key for a free agent squad to flourish.  Considering we still have months left in the season.. They have nothing but time.  They’ll have a chance to knock off Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. on Sunday afternoon — a Win that would catapult them into the Rankings and set the tone for a fantastic March.