2015 Chicago Spring Leagues – Floor Hockey & Kickball (March 15)

Updated: March 18, 2015

Double Headers were happening all over the place on Sunday afternoon and with them came some new developments in the Standings for both Leagues. We saw the now 5-0 Team Kowalczyk defeat the previously undefeated Team Widen to become the last unbeaten Floor Hockey Team.. In Kickball, we had Teams kick the lights out.. Literally.. More on that below.. First, here’s a Link to the Weekly Video Highlights!  Floor Hockey Rankings are first this week. OK Let’s Rank ’em!

Floor Hockey Rankings

1. Team Kowalczyk (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 5-0 – Currently 1st in Standings

These guys just continue to get the job done!  They won the biggest Game of the Regular Season this past Sunday when they downed #2 Team Widen.. After allowing the first Goal of the Game they went on to score seven of the final ten Goals and really controlled most of the contest.  The brothers/cousins Kowalczyk do an incredible job of controlling the ball during these Games.. It’s hard to give up goals when you are in the other Team’s zone most of the Game. David Stern keeps lighting up the score sheet as well.  They have the poll position for the #1 seed — and with that will come a Bye to the Semi-Final Round.  Next week they take on Team Holzman and their 6-out attack.

2. Team Widen (FGK Services Inc.) – 4-1 – Currently 2nd in Standings

Bouncing back is a vital part of any All Sports Series League and especially in this deep and competitive Floor Hockey League.  This really could be a positive thing for Captain Widen’s bunch as they will surely face a loss in the Playoffs (remember we will have Best of 3 series come Playoff time) and now they’ll be able to look back and say, “we’ve been down this road before.”  They played Team Kowalczyk to their closest Game yet and showed flashes of being able to Win a potential Playoff rematch. Goalie Scott Kandleman was really excellent between the pipes on Sunday.  While he obviously gave up seven, he really kept his crew in it with great play throughout the Game. They won’t be down for long.

3. Team Harris (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) – 4-2 – Currently 3rd in Standings

It’s hard enough to win one Game each Sunday.. Team Harris won two!  After going on a brief skid at the hands of the top two teams in the past couple of weeks — they bounced back in a big way on Sunday afternoon when they took down Team Albanese and Team Free Agent in consecutive Games.  They are off this coming week after last week’s double header and they can now feel good heading into the break.  They are still on the outside looking in on the top two seeds and won’t have the tiebreakers against those squads either.. That being said, there’s still a lot of hockey left to be played and it wouldn’t be a shock whatsoever to see them back at the top of the Standings/Power Rankings come Playoff time.

4. Team Holzman (Chicago Deli) – 3-2 – Currently in 4th in Standings

Team Holzman has won 3 in a row since moving to the 6-out offensive attack and show no signs of slowing down.. They have the second longest active win streak in the League and next up on the Schedule is #1 Team Kowalczyk this coming Sunday.  That one should be an absolute barn burner.. It’ll be interesting to see how their group of 6 can control the ball against the 5-man attack of Team Kowalczyk. Both Teams usually have possession for the majority of their Games and something will have to give.. Will Team Kowalczyk shift their strategy and take the Goalie out of the net?  They are 5-0 and it’s certainly the storyline to watch heading into the next Game of the Week.

5. Team Albanese (Biaggi’s) – 2-3 – Currently in 5th in Standings

Had a tough double header of Team Kornblatt followed by Team Harris and they came away with a split.. It was a really solid effort from these guys as they pulled out a 5-4 W in Game 1 against Team Kornblatt.. A Game that came down to the wire.. Then just minutes later they needed to take on the fresh Team Harris and it was just not meant to be.. This is the dark horse Team in the Leauge. Their record is not at all indicative of their play or talent level. Don’t sleep on them because come Playoff time, if you do, they will send you home..

Rest of Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Free Agent (Atomic Transport) – 0-4 – Currently in 8th in Standings

Came up with the short end of the stick once again on Sunday, but this was the first time they had a true line-up out there and it made a world of difference. They are going to beat a couple Teams in the coming weeks.. They just need to keep learning each other’s strengths and cater towards them.  They are only a half Game behind a couple Teams to get out of the bottom of the Standings as well.. Plenty of time and a double header looming this Sunday!

Team Kornblatt (Right Fit Personal Training) – 1-4 – Currently tied for 6th in Standings

Lost a heartbreaker on Sunday but more important than the W/L column is what they added back to the fray in terms of their roster. They got back Goalie Marc Singer who put on a show on Sunday afternoon — routinely thwarting Team Albanese’s odd-man rushes.. They also added past-teammate Jason Shape who gives them a legit goal scorer and creator on the offensive end to help round out the first line.  With those two firmly in the lineup they are a much more dangerous Team than they would appear with their 1-4 record.  They have an important Game looming on Sunday as they will take on Team Santomauro who they are tied with in the Standings.. This Game will give the Winner a real leg up in the race for 6th place in the Standings.. Remember, Teams seeded 7 and 8 will have to play an opening round series while Teams seeded 6 and above will already advance to the Quarterfinals.

Team Santomauro (Street Hockey Shop) – 1-4 – Currently tied for 6th in Standings

Team Holzman has been putting it on Teams since they started the 6-out line-up and Team Santomauro was the latest Team to fall.. That being said, their play has been on the upswing for some time and they have a big Game coming up on Sunday against Team Kornblatt. You can check above in Team Kornblatt’s section why the race for the 6 seed is so important.. Huge Game coming..

Kickball Power Rankings

1. Team Muchacha Salsa – 3-1 – Currently in 1st in Standings

Two wins in a row puts them alone atop the Standings and of course the Power Rankings.  They have been getting it done at the plate as they are still averaging over 10 Runs per Game as a Team. This Free Agent bunch has really connected quickly and it seems they are the front runners to end the Regular Season leading the pack.. Of course there is still a ton of Kickball left to be played.. This coming week they will have a date with #2…

2. Team FGK Services Inc. – 3-2 – Currently in 2nd in Standings

Ah yes, another #1 v. #2 matchup coming in Kickball this Sunday afternoon.. That means we’ll likely be in store for another shake-up in the Rankings at this time next week.. This group had a slow start but has really turned it on lately as they’ve won 3 in a row now — with two of those wins coming this past weekend!  They are certainly trending up!

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. – 2-2 – Currently in 3rd in Standings

They are on a bit of a slide after opening the season on a tear.. Have to chalk this one up on Sunday to just a crazy Game that really is not an indication of future things to come.. They are a strong offensive Team, so strong in fact that they kicked a light out (and down) at the gym on Sunday afternoon — the pause in action for clean up — seemed to derail their momentum a bit and shock them.. They will be back and raring to go this coming Sunday.

Team popchips – 1-3 – Currently in 4th in Standings

Sunday didn’t go the way they had hoped but they are still in the thick of everything. They know they can win as they already have done so and they will start to pile up shortly. Confidence is as important of a skill as any and they need to believe that they are going to get on base when they are at the plate.  Tons of talent on the gold squad.


That’s it for this Week.  See everyone next Sunday!

– Holden