2015 Chicago Spring Leagues – Floor Hockey & Kickball (March 8)

Updated: March 11, 2015

The Kickball League got turned upside down on Sunday afternoon while the Floor Hockey League saw the rich get richer and start to really distance themselves from the middle of the pack.  More on that in a bit, here’s a Link to the Weekly Highlight Video, which is chalk full of Spring League plays!  Also, just a heads up — Double Headers start this week for some Teams — be sure to double check the schedule!  This week it’s Kickball’s turn go first in the Power Rankings.. OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Kickball Power Rankings

1. Team Muchacha Salsa – 2-1 – Currently tied for 1st in Standings

They took down the former undefeated and #1 squad – Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. on Sunday afternoon.  This group is really coming into their own and it’s fun to see a group of Free Agents click so well so fast.  They were fueled by a big Home Run off the very top of the Back Board (as seen in the video highlights!) from Emily Mortier that put them ahead for good.  They are only going to get better which is scary sign for the rest of the League.  They’ve got a Game with Team popchips on Sunday as they look to string Ws together.

2. Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. – 2-1 – Currently tied for 1st in Standings

They finally took one in the Loss column on Sunday.  No big deal obviously.. They are still tied atop the Standings and they are still clearly among the elite in the League. One Game won’t change that.  They made a couple mistakes that they didn’t make in the opening weeks and you can expect them to put those behind them rather quickly.  They are a sound defensive Team and as strategy at the plate shifts as the season goes on they are going to make it tough for opposing offenses to get going..  They take on Team FGK Services next week and you can expect them to bring their A Game.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team FGK Services Inc. – 1-2 – Currently tied for 3rd in Standings

Big Win on Sunday! First one is always the hardest to grab on to and they now can lift that weight off their shoulders.  Jamie Mann had a nice afternoon at the plate as did All Sports Series vet Dan Lehtman.  Matt Howard had an interesting approach at the mound that certainly caught everyone’s attention.. They’ll have a double header next week and with that comes a real opportunity to jump up into the Rankings!

Team popchips – 1-2 – Currently tied for 3rd in Standings

Let’s look ahead instead of looking back.. They have a big double header looming on Sunday afternoon and a chance to jump into a tie for the League lead in Wins.  That’s a big deal.  They also will get a chance at quick redemption when they will take on Team FGK Services Inc. in a Rematch in one of those Double Header Games..  Lots to look forward to for the group in gold.

Floor Hockey Power Rankings

1. Team Kowalczyk (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 4-0 – Currently tied for 1st in Standings

A statement game to say the least.  These guys are quickly making a name for themselves and what’s convenient is that many of them have the last name!  The Kowalczyk family is really taking the League by storm right now.. Michael and Matthew lead the League in scoring and they are helping pace this blistering offense.  They are doing a good job of controlling the ball as it seems possession is a very important part of their Game..  They look like they can’t be stopped.. Enter new #2 Challenger..

2. Team Widen (FGK Services Inc.) – 4-0 – Currently tied for 1st in Standings

That’s right.. #1 and #2 Showdown next week for the Game of the Week.  Team Widen stayed undefeated on Sunday afternoon in what was the best moment of the young season.. They led the Game 7-6 in the closing moments but surrendered a Goal with just about a minute left to play.. It looked as if we’d head to OT.. Then Mark Cassidy decided he wouldn’t allow Team Widen to drop a Game.. With just 3 ticks left he skirted through the Team Albanese Defense and lifted the ball past the Goalkeeper for the Game Winner.  It was just awesome.  This Team believes that they can beat anyone and they believe in each other.. It’s fun to see.

3. Team Holzman (Chicago Deli) – 2-2 – Currently tied for 3rd in Standings

Two in a row for the neon squad.  They’ve really turned the Offense up in the past couple of weeks and much has to be said about their strategy.. For those who haven’t seen Team Holzman play recently.. They are employing a 6 out and no goalie formation and it’s working!  Very interested to see if others adopt it in the coming weeks.. It’s worked so well for them in the past two weeks that their opponents have switched to it in-game.. They really utilize the extra attacker well.. It obviously takes a lot of restraint and focus to make sure no one gets out of position but they are definitely taking advantage of their seemingly game-long power play.

4. Team Harris (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) – 2-2 – Currently tied for 3rd in Standings

They’ve had a tough two week stretch after starting 2-0..  They have a Double Header this coming Sunday and it’s the perfect opportunity for Captain Harris’ crew to forget about the past couple of outings.. They have as much (if not more) talent than anyone in the League and we’ll probably look at this little slide during the Playoffs and realize it was a good thing.  They now know there is serious competition each and every week.. They’ll be ready to go from here on out.. Also worth noting.. They’ve only lost to the Top 2 Teams in the Rankings.. Nothing to get too down about.

5. Team Santomauro (Street Hockey Shop) – 1-3 – Currently tied for 6th in Standings

First W is always the hardest.  Now on to the next one!  They won in amazing comeback fashion. They were down big early and kept clawing back before taking the lead for good in the closing moments. Kevin Futterer played well as did Ryan Serano.. These guys will be able to play with a new found confidence that will only make the entire group better. They’ll have the red hot #3 Team Holzman next week. If they can put two Ws in a row together, everyone will surely have their eyes on them for the rest of the season.

Rest of Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Albanese (Biaggi’s) – 1-2 – Currently in 5th in Standings

Dropped a heartbreaker to Undefeated #2 Team Widen on Sunday in what was the best game of the season to date. Both Teams played hard and it came down to the final moments.. These Guys are without question one of the best Teams in the League and with time their schedule will allow them to show it.. They have a double header as well on Sunday and it’s the perfect opportunity for them to make a big statement.. They’ll have Team Kornblatt and then Team Harris next Sunday afternoon.

Team Free Agent (Atomic Transport) – 0-3 – Currently in 8th in Standings

Their first W was within their reach on Sunday Afternoon but they just couldn’t close the book on it. One thing is for sure, if Sam Witt keeps putting up 8 goals a game they will be in the Winner’s Circle in no time. Great performance out of many from them this past week and it’s a definite sign of positive things to come.

Team Kornblatt (Right Fit Personal Training) – Currently tied for 6th in Standings

They had a tough time containing Team Holzman’s 6-man out offense on Sunday.  They were chasing goals from the get go and decided to employ that strategy mid-way through the Game. Jono Matasar proved to be a great weapon on defense when they switched strategies.. It’ll be interesting to see if they want to go this way going forward as it did improve their offense a great deal. They are a grind-it-out Team on the rink however and they’re more likely to win on hustle plays than lighting up the nets. They are going to have their hands full once again on Sunday as they take on Team Albanese.


That’s it for this week. See you next Sunday afternoon!