2015 Chicago Spring Leagues – Floor Hockey Playoffs & Kickball Playoff Preview (April 19)

Updated: April 23, 2015

Emotions were running high on Sunday afternoon and that can surely be attributed to the Playoffs occurring/looming in both the Floor Hockey and Kickball Leagues!  It’s a special time of year where each Game has huge ramifications.. There are just two Sundays left but a TON still to determine..

Housekeeping Notes/Links:

Kickball Playoff Bracket

Updated Floor Hockey Playoff Bracket

Weekly Video Highlights

We’re going to dive into the week ahead for each League in their specific section below.. This week we’re going to start with Floor Hockey and first things first.. Let’s congratulate the All-Stars!

Floor Hockey Playoff Recap

Before we dive into the Playoffs and what’s to come.. A big Congrats is in order for those who have been selected to the All Star Team!  The All Stars will compete in an All Star Game on Championship Sunday. The 2 Leading vote getters will act as Captains and choose the Teams “school-yard” style.

All Star Starters and MVP 


Marcel Krawczyk – Team Albanese

Adam Harris – Team Harris** MVP

Matt Pedemonti – Team Holzman

Ryan Lefebvre – Team Holzman

EJ Silver – Team Holzman

Dan Kowalczyk – Team Kowalczyk

Matt Kowalczyk – Team Kowalczyk

Mike Kowalczyk – Team Kowalczyk

Mark Cassidy – Team Widen

All Star Reserves

*Named by League Office

Anthony Albanese – Team Albanese

Keith Hales – Team Albanese

Pat Mibogue – Team Albanese

Bryan Halpert – Team Free Agent

Sam Witt – Team Free Agent

Alex Hayman – Team Harris

Graham Conatser – Team Harris

Jason Butler – Team Holzman

Jeff Lake – Team Holzman

Drew Bienhoff – Team Kowalczyk (G)

Matt Lee – Team Widen

Phil Johnson – Team Widen

Scott Kandleman – Team Widen (G)

*Players were selected based on Games Played, Stats, and based on certain Players being ineligible due to Championship Game.

Playoff Recap (for real this time)

Quarters – 2. Team Widen (FGK Services Inc.) v. 8. Team Free Agent (Atomic Transport) – 2. Team Widen Wins Series 2-0

To start this Sunday, we had Games 1 and 2 of the QuarterFinal Series between 2. Team Widen and 8. Team Free Agent… 8. Team Free Agent was fresh off their first and second Ws of the year after sweeping 7. Team Santomauro in the Opening Round Series!

Team Widen wasted little time jumping out to a lead in both Games and really controlled the Series from the opening puck drop. They’ve shown all year that they are true title contenders and in their first Playoff Games they continued to do so.. They got another strong performance in net from Scott Kandleman and their offense led by Mark Cassidy, Matt Lee and Captain Jason Widen is always on point.  They move on to take on 3. Team Harris in the Semis in what has the makings to be the best Series of the Year.. A spot in the Championship will also be on the line.

For Team Free Agent.. It obviously took them some time to come together as it so often does with Free Agent groups.  However, when it mattered most they showed that they were formidable bunch as they won a Playoff Series — something many others will not be able to say as they leave for the Summer.. They’ll be back next year whether as one or potentially two different Teams and you can expect deeper Playoffs runs from them..

Quarters – 4. Team Holzman (Chicago Deli) v. 5. Team Albanese (Biaggi’s) – 5. Team Albanese Wins Series 2-1

Our first Win or Go Home – Game 3 – surely lived up to its expectations. Last week, Team Albanese took Game 1 before Team Holzman rallied back in Game 2 to knot up the Series and force the final Game..  For most of the Season, Team Holzman’s 6-man out attack has been well-documented.. They decided to switch gears and go back to the normal 5-man rotation with a Goalie.. We’ll never know how the Game would have gone if they stayed with their regular formation..

The Game sea-sawed in the early stages before seeing Team Holzman gain the lead for the majority of the game and into the 3rd period.  With just minutes remaining Team Holzman was up 6-5 but Team Albanese would just not go away.. They were able to tie it up and with under two minutes to go Team Albanese would strike again!  They took the lead and would hold on to it for a comeback W to clinch a spot in the Semis!  They did not have much time to celebrate as #1 Team Kowalczyk awaited for Game 1 of the SemiFinal series!

As for Team Holzman — they were the most entertaining Team to watch this season as their aggressive offense led to a seemingly endless amount of goals.  They will undoubtedly be disappointed with how their season ended.. However, one period does not define this group.. They have the building blocks of a Championship squad here and you can expect them to be back and a front-runner for years to come in the Floor Hockey League!

Semis – 1. Team Kowalczyk (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 5. Team Albanese (Biaggi’s) – 5. Team Albanese Leads Series 1-0

All season long Team Kowalczyk has been the front-runner. They won all but one of their Games (when they were really, really short-handed and without key contributors).. Vegas certainly has them as the odds-on-favorite.  Frankly though, Team Albanese doesn’t care.. These two played a very physical Game in the Regular Season and that carried into Game 1 here..

Team Albanese fresh off their big Game 3 W, struck first and looked as confident as they had all season long.  Team Kowalczyk was quick to respond and did regain the lead as the Game rolled along.. Into the 3rd Period, Team Albanese found themselves trailing for the second straight Game but for the second time in 2 Hours they pulled together in the closing minutes to find an equalizer..  This time, there was no go-ahead Goal with just minutes remaining.. Instead, for the first time this Playoff Season we had OVERTIME HOCKEY!  A 5-minute Sudden Death session began and about halfway through All Star Keith Hales lit the lamp for Team Albanese who just completed the biggest day of their season thus far.  If any Team can win two-straight.. It’s certainly 1. Team Kowalczyk.. We are in-store for a big Game 2 (and potential Game 3) next Sunday with a spot in the Finals on the line!


Kickball Playoff Preview

The Kickball Playoffs will be a double-elimination Tourney. Each Team starts in the “No Loss” Bracket.  Teams who Lose in the No Loss Bracket fall down to ELIMINATION GAME territory.. Losers of ELIMINATION GAMES are (you guessed it) Eliminated.  3. Team Muchacha Salsa v. 4. Team Popchips will kick things off on Sunday.. The Winner will take on 2. Team FGK Services Inc. The Losers of those two Games as described above go to the Elimination Bracket and compete in our first ELIMINATION GAME this Sunday (Game 3).  Then Game 4 will be between 1. Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. and whoever is left without a Loss in Games 1-3.  These First 4 Games will take place on Sunday April 26.

From there, we will be down to 3 Teams on Championship Sunday.. The two Teams with a Loss will compete in an ELIMINATION GAME.. The Winner of that Game will take on the lone Undefeated Team left in the Championship where they must defeat the Undefeated Team 2x.

The Link to the Bracket is above… It’s going to be a wild, action-packed day on Sunday!


Good Luck to everyone remaining and see you Sunday afternoon at Windy City!

– Holden