2015 Chicago Spring Leagues – Kickball & Floor Hockey Playoff Preview (March 29)

Updated: April 3, 2015

As March turns to April we enter the stretch run for Kickball and officially flip into Playoff Mode for the Floor Hockey League!  The Kickball League had an action packed double-header Sunday afternoon which will be wrapped-up below.. The Floor Hockey League finished the Regular Season and below will be the Playoff Preview!  Before we head into all of that, a couple quick notes — We are off this Sunday (April 5) for the Holidays but will be back on Sunday April 12 with a full slate of Games that includes the first Floor Hockey Playoff Games of the Season.  Finally, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video!  We’re going to do the Kickball Rankings first this week before getting to the Floor Hockey Playoff Preview OK let’s get to it!

Kickball Power Rankings 

1. Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker  Co. (5-2) – Currently 1st in Standings

They won two straight Games over previous #1 in the Standings — Team Muchacha Salsa — in what were a couple of the highest scoring contests of the season. What’s evident is that they come to play each and every week.. Except for a brief slide in early March they have been the Team to Beat in Kickball.. They have one more game to play with each of the Teams in the League and they own the inside track for the race to the #1 seed.  April 12 will be a big day for them as they have a double dip with two Teams trying to leap them in both the Standings and Power Rankings before the Playoffs begin. Enjoy the time off!

2. Team FGK Services Inc. (5-3) – Currently 2nd in Standings

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaww sweep. (clap, clap. clap, clap.) sweeep.

Rest of Pack (Alphabetical Order)

Team Muchacha Salsa (4-3) – Currently 3rd in Standings

Didn’t get their desired outcome on Sunday but they have proven week after week that they can play with and defeat anyone in the League. They won’t have to wait too long for potential retribution over Team Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. as they have another double header upon returning on April 12.. One of those Games will be a rematch from this past Sunday.  First place in the Regular Season is still within their grasp!

Team popchips (1-7) – Currently 4th in Standings

They weren’t able to grab a W against Team FGK Services Inc. this past Sunday but that doesn’t mean the day came and went without positives for Team popchips..  Sunday saw Team Captain Emily Fishman #Return from taking a line drive to the head a week earlier.  Great to see her back out there.  As for the Team in general.. Regular Season record has nothing to do with Playoff Success.. There have been many.. many.. many.. “upsets” in All Sports Series’ Playoffs past.. They just want to be playing their best ball at the right time..


Floor Hockey Playoff Preview

Playoff Format: There are 8 Teams. Everyone makes it. Each Round will actually be a Best-of-3 Series. Lots of Games to be played here.. There will be several double headers. The #1 Seed gets a BYE to the Semi-Finals as a reward for finishing in 1st.  Then the Teams that finish in 7th and 8th in the Regular Season will play in the “opening round” of the Playoffs.  The winner of that will face the #2 Seed in the Quarter Finals.  The other Quarter finals series will be 3 v 6 and 4 v 5.  Here’s the Bracket (as seen above)!  For Teams that are Eliminated early on, we will actually have time for more Games as the weeks go by because not all of the Series will last 3 Games.  Scheduling of those Games will happen during the week.

Opening Round Series (Best of 3)

7. Team Santomauro (Street Hockey Shop) v. 8. Team Free Agent (Atomic Transport)

EXTRA HOCKEY!  That’s what both Teams have to be thinking about their trip to the Opening Round Series.  Of course, that means more Wins stand in their way of holding the Crown.. These two Teams tangled about a month back in what was an instant classic that saw Team Santomauro mount a great comeback and late-game winning goal to notch their first W of the Season.  Their records would indicate a true toss-up here.. Both Teams have gotten better as the Season progressed and it’ll be interesting to see if whoever comes out of this Opening Round Series still alive can use that momentum and propel them past one of the true juggernauts in 2. Team Widen in the Quarter Finals.  First things first though.. Games 1 and 2 of this Series will be on Sunday April 12 with a potential Win or Go Home Game 3 taking place on Sunday April 19.  Good Luck!

Quarter Final Series (Best of 3)

1. Team Kowalczyk (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – BYE TO Semi-Finals

#1 and it feels so good.  They finished at 6-1 and tied atop the Standings with Team Widen.  They own the head to head tiebreaker with Team Widen after defeating them earlier in the Regular Season and, thus, the #1 Seed and BYE to the Semi-Finals are all theirs… They really have been the most impressive Team all season long as the family Kowalczyk has proven to be an unstoppable force on the Offensive end.  David Stern has also lit up the lamp with great frequency.. They must be careful to not get “rusty” as they will have a few weeks off before they take part in the Semis.  They will eagerly await the Winners of the 4. Team Holzman v. 5. Team Albanese Series.  Congrats on the tremendous Regular Season!

2. Team Widen (FGK Services Inc.) v. Winner of 7/8 Opening Round Series

2. Team Widen also had an excellent Regular Season as evidenced by their #2 Seed coming into the Playoffs.  Their only blemish was about a month ago at the hands of #1 Team Kowalczyk.  They have a well balanced squad that can win with Offense or stellar D.  They are going to be a tough out for any Team especially with the Best of 3 Series Format.  They await the Winners of the Opening Round Series — 7. Team Santomauro v. 8. Team Free Agent.. That means they are off for the first Week of the Playoffs on April 12.. They will take on the Winners of the Opening Round Series on Sunday April 19.  They have plenty of time to get back to 100% after a physical Regular Season run.  They are one of the favorites to hoist the Crown.

3. Team Harris (Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co.) v. 6. Team Kornblatt (Right Fit Personal Training)

3. Team Harris came into the Playoffs rolling and their latest W came this past Sunday against a foe they should get pretty familiar with — 6. Team Kornblatt.  Team Harris has shown they have the skills and depth to Win the whole thing in a few short weeks.. However, can’t hoist the Crown without getting past the Quarter Finals and Team Kornblatt have that Cinderella sparkle in their eye.  They too have shown great flashes this Season, just fewer and farther between than their Playoff counterparts.  Goalie play is going to have a ton of impact on this Series (yes, duh).  Both Teams have the ability to force the issue on Offense and a few timely saves may be all it takes to get a W here.  3. Team Harris are the favorites here but if 6. Team Kornblatt comes to Windy City at full strength and can take it one period at a time.. They can advance.  Games 1 and 2 will be on Sunday April 12 with Game 3, if necessary, coming the following Sunday April 19.  This should be a fun one full of many All Sports Series vets.

4. Team Holzman (Chicago Deli) v. 5. Team Albanese (Biaggi’s)

The 4/5 matchup should and likely will provide the most even and well-played Series of the Quarter Finals Round.  Both Teams are extremely evenly matched although they come to play with very different styles.  That level playing field was demonstrated just this past Sunday as these two Teams locked horns in the Regular Season finale.. Team Holzman pulled out a 14-13 OT W.. The first OT Game of the Season actually.. Team Holzman’s offensive attack is well-documented at this point.. In Week 3 they pulled out a 6-Out attack that has taken the League by storm.. They are the highest scoring Team in the League and their strategy absolutely plays a role in that.. Puck control is key for them as they often have an extra set of hands on the court.. However, having a 6th “skater” means an empty net.. Team Albanese likes to play a smart physical style. They have a lot of big guys and they are great at clogging up the right lanes in order to make it difficult for even the best Offenses to get going.  They too like to get control of the puck and the Team who advances from this Series will likely be the Team who controlled the puck best.  Games 1 and 2 of this Series will be on Sunday April 12 and if necessary a crucial Game 3 would take place on Sunday April 19.  The Winner of this Series moves on to play Team Kowalczyk in the Semi-Final Round.


Enjoy the Holidays and get ready for a big Sunday when we get back!

– Holden