2015 Chicago Summer Hoops – Championship Night (August 18)

Updated: August 21, 2015

What a night.  On Tuesday we crowned the first ever Champs of the Chicago Summer Hoops League powered by Lawyer Stephen Le Brocq.  We’ll get into who went home with the Crown in just a bit.. The Elite8 Round last week was mostly chalk and that provided us with a star-studded Final4 to begin the final night of the League.. The Winners from the Final4 then had to regroup quickly and compete for the Championship.  Recaps are below. First, here’s the Weekly Video Highlights with tons of playoff clips! OK Let’s Recap!


1. Team Foreman (Worth Sports) v. 5. Team Harris (Kelly Parker HC) – 1. Team Foreman Advances

All season long 1. Team Foreman had separated themselves from the pack, going undefeated in the Regular Season and earning a BYE into the Final4.  From the start of the Playoffs many pegged them as pretty much locked in for the Championship Game.  Well, 5. Team Harris had other plans.. They too had championship aspirations and after defeating 4. Team Sider in the Elite8 were feeling pretty good about themselves.  A key question heading into this Game, would Team Foreman show any rust after the week off?

From the jump it was clear that Team Harris was going to bring it.. Team Foreman didn’t so much start slow.. It’s just that Team Harris sprinted out of the gate!  By halftime, Team Harris had gone over the 50pt mark and built up a 14pt lead on the #1 overall seed. It was easily their best half of the season and all of a sudden they were 22-minutes from  shocking the world and heading to the Championship Game… After the half, Team Foreman came out with more effort on D and really locked in.. Team Harris was not given the same looks in the 2nd Half that they saw in the 1st.. #1 was poised for a comeback.. By the 10-minute mark, it was already just a 1-possession lead.. The big margin Team Harris had built, was evaporated.. Most Teams at that point, wither away.. Team Harris did not though.. Both Teams went to toe to toe down the stretch.. Entering the closing minutes it was anyone’s Game.. Finally, Team Foreman made one more of their many offensive surges and took the lead for good.  When the dust settled they got a 4pt W and would move on to the Championship!

For Team Harris, the core which is made of mostly All Sports Series veterans added some real firepower in this Summer Hoops League.  Bowing out in the Final4 to the Undefeated #1 seed is nothing to be down about.. They will get back a couple major Players when the big Hoops League starts in the Fall and if everyone can gel with the recent additions, this is a future Championship squad. They have that much talent.. Excited to see what the future holds for them. Thanks for playing!

2. Team Maione (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 3. Team Shamberg (Teplitz & Bell) – 3. Team Shamberg Advances

The fun thing about the Summer Hoops League is that each Playoff Game is a rematch from the Regular Season.. Last week, it was mentioned how difficult it is to get Ws over a Team you’ve already beaten earlier in the season.. It just works out where the Team on the short end of the stick usually takes more from the Game than the Team with their hands raised..  Anyways, 2. Team Maione got a W all the way back in the first week of July vs. 3. Team Shamberg, at the time in what was a battle of 2-0 Teams.. Team Maione would go on to win 3 more in a row to get to 6-0 on the year actually.. History and seeding marked Team Maione as the favorites here, but Team Shamberg has certainly been a different group this Summer.. Their athleticism and depth is significantly improved from past seasons..

As the Game got going both Teams traded the lead back and forth several times. By half, both Teams had shown why they were in the Final4.. At that time, they also were able to peer over to the other Court and see that Team Foreman was chasing double digits (they’d come back and win).. As the second half moved along, much of the same was taking place.. Neither Team was breaking away.. Until, Team Shamberg went on a Game-Winning run.. They got out and scored a few easy buckets in combination with a few big jumpers.. Team Maione couldn’t match.. We’ve seen dozens of times over the years that Team Maione is capable of big time comebacks and in a hurry.. So this one was never truly “over” until the final buzzer sounded.. When it did, it was Team Shamberg left standing and moving on to their first All Sports Series Championship Game!

For Team Maione, their Summer ends one game sooner than many figured.. It becomes exhausting constantly being the measuring-stick and that’s what they were all Summer long (and in multiple Leagues).. They are a Mt. Rushmore Team in the All Sports Series world and while they came up a bit short in this first Summer Hoops League they will continue to be favorites for as long as they lace ’em up.. This is a group that holds countless All Sports Series records and they will get back at it in the Fall for the start of the Chicago Hoops League.. Thanks for playing!


1. Team Foreman (Worth Sports) v. 3. Team Shamberg (Teplitz & Bell) 

Our Championship combatants both entered their first Championship Game on Tuesday Night. They had little time to celebrate their Final4 victories as the Championship Game immediately followed.  It was no surprise that the Undefeated #1 overall Seed Team Foreman was apart of the final game of the season. They are attempting to do the unthinkable.. In their debut season, run the gauntlet by going Undefeated and taking the Crown! Just incredible.. If you’ve seen Team Shamberg play the last month of the year, it’s really no shock that 3. Team Shamberg made it either.. Captain Shamberg has led many groups in past All Sports Series and this cast is easiest his best crew.. They aren’t going to go down without a fight..

These two Teams tangled in Week 4 where Team Foreman got a big-time W. That was the last time Team Shamberg had lost and they’ve really been stride for stride with the #1 Team since..  Something to keep in mind here is that both Teams are playing their first true Double Header of the Season and depth is going to go a long way in deciding the Champs…

As the Championship Game tipped both Teams were locked in from the field.. They were both feeling good from the Final4 W and the sense of confidence was high on both sides.. For those who don’t specifically remember Tuesday Night.. There was quite the storm brewing out side and about 7 minutes into the Game there was a power outage at the fieldhouse.  Total darkness took center stage for 10-15 minutes.. The delay allowed the Teams to take a breathe and as the lights came back on the Championship Game resumed!

After the break Team Shamberg came out fast once again.. They were able to get a lead and all of a sudden for the second straight Game, Team Foreman found themselves with a double digit deficit at the half.  In the Final4, they were able to go on a run as soon as the second half started and quickly erased that lead.. In the Championship, their comeback was just not meant to be.. Team Shamberg’s lead grew and grew until the sound of the final buzzer. Team Shamberg takes the Crown!!  More on the Champs in a second..

For Team Foreman, your hat must go off to them.. Their debut season will go down among the best in All Sports Series history. Each member of the Team was an All Sports Series Rookie and they took the League by storm.  Going Undefeated in the Regular Season is a serious deal that only a handful of Teams have ever done here.. They took down some of the best All Sports Series has to offer in the process as well. They are a welcome addition and it’s going to fun to see them lace ’em up in future Leagues.. There are many mainstays in All Sports Series that are going to be stunned by their talent level.  Congrats on a great first run and thanks for playing!

Now to the Champs!  Captain Eric has led several All Sports Series Teams in the past and this core has been there for much of it with him.. They added significant pieces for this Summer and those moves certainly paid off.  They end the season on a 6 Game W-streak that includes the Top 2 seeds (avenging their only Ls of the Season).  They were a true Team the entire year with many making huge contributions.  Really hope to see this group stay fully together and make a run in the big Hoops League starting in October. They’ve made a name for themselves now and there will be many awaiting a match-up with them.  Congrats on the Crown!


That’s it for the first season of the Chicago Summer Hoops League. Thanks for playing and see everyone again soon!