2015 Chicago Summer Hoops – Playoff Scenarios (July 28)

Updated: July 31, 2015

Just one week left! We are rapidly closing in on the Playoffs and the Potential match-ups that will fill the Opening Rounds.. Just one more week to fine-tune the rotations and get game-plans set for Win or Go Home time. This Week, the Power Rankings will transform into a Potential Playoff Scenarios article.. Before we get any further, here is the Weekly Video Highlights!

We are going to go through the Standings Team by Team from top to bottom discussing potential landing spots for each squad as we head into the Regular Season Finale… OK let’s get to it!

Playoff Scenarios

Battle of the Unbeatens: #1 Seed and BYE to Final4 on the Line

t-1. Team Foreman (Worth Sports) & Team Maione (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 6-0 

Going to give a peak behind the 4th wall here.. The schedule is made completely at random using a matrix with letters/numbers.. Then Teams get plugged in randomly.. If someone were purposefully trying to make it so the two 6-0 Teams met in Week 7 for the Regular Season title, Undefeated Season, #1 Seed and BYE to the Final4.. Well, there’s no way to have planned it this well purposefully.. Thankfully, the stars have aligned and we are left with a dream match-up to close the Regular Season.

All year we have been watching these two titans slash through the competition, basically on a crash course, spiraling toward one another.. Team Maione is a member of a few select groups that have multiple Championships in All Sports Series.  A pre-season poll would have pegged them as potential Undefeateds… Enter Team Foreman.. A Group in their first All Sports Series League and a group that has seemed unstoppable in their first month and a half.  Coming into next week, they are actually AVERAGING OVER 100 POINTS PER GAME.  That is no joke..

The odds say this will be the first of two meetings between them this season.. No matter what happens next week, they will be the top two seeds in the Playoffs and favorites to meet for the Crown in the Championship Game..  A lot can happen before that potential second encounter however.. This is what we know for sure.. The Winner on Tuesday Night will finish 7-0, and earn a trip to the Final4. They will get to sit back and kick their heels up while the rest of the League puts their Playoff lives on the line trying to meet them in the Final4… The Team who loses will need to shake-off their first Loss, which isn’t always easy after a long W-streak and get ready to take on the Winner of the Opening Round Game.  We couldn’t ask for more intrigue in the Game of the Week powered by Lawyer Stephen Le Brocq.


Locked into 3 Seed

3. Team Shamberg (Teplitz & Bell) – 4-2

Team Shamberg is one of a couple of Teams without much to gain (or lose) entering the Regular Season finale.. At 4-2 they are 2 games back of the Top2 Teams, so can’t catch them.. They also hold the Tiebreaker with Team Sider, so can’t get jumped.. They know for a fact that they will enter the Playoffs as the #3 seed which means they have a couple of weeks to to perfect their Game in preparation for a potential Final4 matchup with the Loser of the Maione/Foreman Game this Tuesday.  These guys have been playing fantastic as of late and they will be a better Team than the one who lost to the Top2 Teams a couple weeks back.. They are for real and ready to make a splash come Playoff time.


Clinched Top6 Seed

4. Team Sider (Alternative) – 3-3

We’ve seen this Jekyll/Hyde deal from Team Sider in League’s past.. The rest of the League should beware.. It usually winds up with them making a run come Playoff time..  The last two weeks we’ve seen them not at their best necessarily but at their “we’re not losing” mode.. In the past two Games they’ve won twice by a combined 4 points.. They are gearing up for a run and it would be a huge mistake for the other Teams to overlook them when the Calendar turns to August.  Here’s the deal in terms of seeding.. They can’t get higher than #4, as they lost the Tiebreaker (head to head) to Team Shamberg..  A win on Tuesday locks them in at #4.  A Loss means that they would be tied with Team LoadDelivered at 3-4, who would have beaten them in that Game and, thus, would hold the tiebreaker with them.. Depending on what Team Harris did, they could fall to #6 and then an Elite8 date with Team Shamberg (not ideal)..  They still hold their fate in their hands though. Just win baby.


Race to Top6 Seed

t-5. Team Harris (Kelly Parker HC) & Team LoadDelivered (Camp Ojibwa) – 2-4

Both Teams have key Games in the final weeks that could impact the other one.. Both are currently tied for 5th (and hold the 6th spot as well) and have Games with the Team immediately above them (Sider) and below (Free Agent).  Team Harris takes on Team Free Agent.  A win from Team Harris keeps both of these Teams in the Top6 and, thus, out of the Opening Round Game. The Opening Round Game means you have to not only win an extra Playoff Game, but also will have to face either Maione/Foreman in the Elite8… Not good.  So, in that sense Team LoadDelievered will be rooting for Team Harris.. If both win, they enter a 3-way tie with Team Sider for 4th as Team LoadDelivered would defeat Sider.. Crazy tiebreakers would ensue.. If LoadDelivered Wins and Team Harris loses.. Team LoadDelivered moves up to #4 and Team Harris would fall to #7 as Team Free Agent would leap them based on the head to head tiebreaker.. If both Teams lose, we’d have another crazy 3-way tie for 5th with them and Team Free Agent.. One of those Teams than fall into the Opening Round Game.. Basically, these two Teams hold much of the early Playoff matchups in their hands.. Good Luck!


7. Team Free Agent (popchips) – 1-5

Lost one they could have had on Tuesday Night.  They are improving though.. It’s obvious and makes sense.. This Team isn’t an optimal Playoff matchup early.. They have a few guys who can really score and when the Games slow down in the Playoffs, having go-to scorers are even more important.. The scenarios for them are simple.. Lose and you play Team Diamond in the Opening Round Game.. Win and depending on Tiebreakers you can jump out of that Game into the #5 (avoid Team Shamberg in the Elite8 Round) or #6 (at least avoid the Opening Round Game).  Tuesday is huge for their Playoff survival.


Playing in Opening Round Game

8. Team Diamond (VIP Express Limo) – 0-6

They are going to be in the Opening Round Game.. There is some benefit to knowing early.. They can use next Tuesday as a chemistry lab.. Just throw out some new rotations.. See if something sticks and can be of use to them when the Playoffs begin in August.. Other Teams are busy jockeying for position and they have the ability to really just go out there and play without a worry in the world.. In fact, it could be a great way for them to get some momentum and feeling good before the second season begins!


That’s it for this week. Counting down the days to the Undefeated Battle. Have a great weekend!

– Holden