2015 Chicago Summer Hoops – PLAYOFFS Elite8 (August 11)

Updated: August 13, 2015

2..and then there were 4!  Tuesday Night provided a couple incredible performances and a few fantastic Games.. Included among those were Mike Gleason of Team Diamond going for an All Sports Series record – 99 combined points – in 2 Games. Just unreal.  We’re going to go Game by Game from Tuesday Night and recap the Opening Rounds.. We’ll also preview next week’s Final4 and Championship powered by Lawyer Stephen Le Brocq a bit.. First, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video with added Playoff clips. OK Let’s recap!

Opening Round 1 – 8 Teams Remain

7. Team Free Agent (popchips) v. 8. Team Diamond (VIP Express Limo) – 8. Team Diamond Advances

Both squads entered the Opening Round Game with aspirations of shocking the world later in the night.. The Winner of this one would of course move on to play 2. Team Maione in the Quarterfinal Round.  First things first, they needed to get through one another.. These two squads battled in a hard-fought Regular Season contest whcih saw the Free Agent crew picking up the W.  It’s extremely tough to defeat the same Team 2x in a single season…

As the Game got going, it was clear neither Team would pull away.. Both Teams were working very hard on both ends of the floor and neither crew was able to get on an extended run to break it open.. As mentioned in the open, Mike Gleason was incredible for Team Diamond.  He ended this one with 45 points and they needed every last one of those.. At the final buzzer, Team Diamond had picked a great time to get their first W of the season! They were moving on..

For Team Free Agent, they bow out earlier than they had hoped but they really have something to work with in the future here.. It’s tough as a Free Agent squad to get humming when many are just meeting each other for the first time during Week 1. They kept many Games close and really do have a stellar core if they choose to keep moving forward as a group. Thanks for playing!

Opening Round 2 – 7 Teams Remain

4. Team Sider (Alternative Apparel) v. 5. Team Harris (Kelly Parker HC) – 5. Team Harris Advances

These two squads took the court knowing a spot in the Final4 was at stake.. They had met just a couple of weeks ago and in that one, Team Sider grabbed a 1pt W.  As mentioned in the section above, it’s extremely difficult to beat a Team 2x in one season.. The losing Team usually just takes more away from the Game than the Winners do.. Something to keep in mind here..

As was the case in the first match-up, the Two Teams appeared to be very even throughout this one. The first half was close with Team Harris taking a slight lead.  As the second half began, Team Harris extended their lead, thanks in large part to the play of Mike Goldstein who was excellent in this one.. Never to go down without a fight.. Team Sider made their run.. They went to small-ball with about 12 minutes to go and wiped away the double digit deficit. They even took a small lead as the clock was really starting become a factor.  Both Teams had given their best punches at this point and with about 5 minutes to go, neither Team had pulled away.. Down the stretch, Team Harris hit a few big shots, while the ball would just not stay down for Team Sider.  When the final buzzer sounded it was Team Harris moving on to the Final4 and set up for a Rematch with 1. Team Foreman!

For Team Sider, no doubt a disappointing exit, but it has served as a great tune-up for the big Hoops League that will start in October. They’ve added a couple key players and over time those additions will be worked in seamlessly. This Team needed a bit more size and scoring.. They recognized that and went out and got it.  In time, they will be a true contender in that League. They will be able to look back at this and know this Summer League had a big hand in their success. Thanks for playing!

3. Team Shamberg (Teplitz & Bell) v. 6. Team LoadDelivered (Camp Ojibwa) – 3. Team Shamberg Advances

Team Shamberg came in as the #3 seed after a great Regular Season and have eyes on the final prize.. Standing in their way initially is the tough #6 seed Team LoadDelivered.. The Winner here would move on to the Final4 and being on the opposite side of 1. Team Foreman in the Bracket, having a real chance to get to the Championship..

Team Shamberg was hot early and they really took control from there. Team LoadDelivered went on a couple runs throughout and got to within striking distance a couple different times.. However, they were unable to ever really close the gap and it was 3. Team Shamberg moving on to the Final4 in a true team-effort.  They’d take on the Winner of the 2. Team Maione v. 8. Team Diamond Quarterfinal Game.

For Team LoadDelivered, in their first All Sports Series run they achieved more than many first-time Teams.  They have a lot of talent and had a couple of close Games gone their way in the Regular Season they could have been looking at a higher seed and, thus, a longer Playoff run.. They are a tough group that won’t dwell on this.. They certainly can and will achieve more success in future All Sports Series Leagues.. Thanks for playing!

2. Team Maione (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 8. Team Diamond (VIP Express Limo) – 2. Team Maione Advances

Let’s be honest here.. Most would expect the fresh 2. Team Maione to take out whoever was coming off of the Opening Round Game that had just finished up and that’s in fact what happened.. However, that wouldn’t tell the full story.. Yes, Team Maione built an early lead and yes, they led throughout.. However, for the second consecutive Game, Mike Gleason caught fire for Team Diamond.. This time going for 54 points! Which brought his 2-Game total to 99 points!  With his incredible shooting came a few moments where Team Diamond looked like maybe they could pull it off.. With fresher legs, who knows what could have been.. In the end, Team Maione moves on to face 3. Team Shamberg in the Final4 and get off the little schnide they’d been on. For Team Diamond.. Their best night of the season was also their last.. They broke through and got a huge W in the Opening Round of the Playoffs.. Many Teams went home this season without one.. Certainly something to be proud of.. They also leave the season with a new hope that they really can make a run in the future.. They took several punches from the #2 Seed and stayed alive for the whole Game. If Mike Gleason shoots like that, there’s no telling how high these Guys can go in the future. They improved quite a bit as the season wore on.. A sign of great things to come. Thanks for playing!


NEXT WEEK! Final4 and Championship Games!

2. Team Maione (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) v. 3. Team Shamberg (Teplitz & Bell)

1. Team Foreman (Worth Sports) v. 5. Team Harris (Kelly Parker HC)
Winners play for the Championship!
Thanks everyone. Have a great week!
– Holden