2015 Chicago Summer Hoops – Week 1 (June 23)

Updated: June 26, 2015

All Sports Series’ newest League is the Chicago Summer Hoops League and some serious talent has assembled for its first iteration. This past Tuesday Night marked the first Games in and there were a couple eye-opening performances who took over Week 1. For those who are checking out their first Power Rankings article.. Here’s what you can expect each and every week.. A Link to the Weekly Highlight Video.  As well, you can count on a wrap-up of the week that was and a glance at the week ahead. Just keep in mind most of the Rankings are done based on a statistical analysis, I (Holden) don’t see nearly enough of each Game for these Rankings to be anything more than that.. They also have no barring on the actual Standings.

Now that the intro is out of the way.. The Chicago Summer Hoops League powered by Stephen Le Brocq has a great mix of All Sports Series mainstays and new squads hungry to make names for themselves. OK let’s Rank ‘Em!

Chicago Summer Hoops Power Rankings

1. Team Maione (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 1-0, Currently tied for 1st

How does the Team with the smallest margin of victory during Week #1 land the top spot?  Easy. Their resume.  Teams that are familiar with All Sports Series will not think twice about seeing Team Maione settled atop the Power Rankings. In fact, they are probably used to it at this point.. For the Teams experiencing their first go-around.. Here’s a brief history lesson.. Team Maione is comprised of a full-cast of past All Sports Series Champions.  Many multiple times over.  They are a deep Team that 1-8 can score, defend, create and space the floor.. They are a complete Team and that is why it is so tough to beat them in a 44-minute Game… Case in point, they trailed for much of their Week 1 Game with Team Harris but during the Game’s closing moments they locked in and made big buckets as they so often do.. All of this without two of their leading scorers.  In their absence Mikey Weisberg led the way with 27 points and a current share of the scoring title. They are the real deal and it’s going to take a lot to jump them in the Rankings.  Target officially placed on backs.

2. Team Foreman (Worth Sports) – 1-0, Currently tied for 1st

Team Foreman played in their first ever All Sports Series Game on Tuesday Night.  It’s rare to get an entire cast of “Rookies” and when it does happen you really have no idea what to expect.. Well, they exceeded every possible expectation. They were the only Team to go over 100 in the first set of Games and frankly they could have scored even more. Kyle Glancy led the crew in scoring and is tied for the League lead with 27 points.  They are big, they are fast, they are long and all of that leads to many open 3s.. Oh and they knock those down too.  This is one of the most impressive debuts in any All Sports Series League in quite a while.  Welcome.

3. Team Shamberg (Teplitz & Bell) – 1-0, Currently tied for 1st

Team Shamberg has been a mainstay in the Chicago Hoops League for the past two years.  For those unfamiliar with that League.. We run a League every Sunday from October through April and it has quickly become the most competitive League that All Sports Series (and I  like to think anyone) offers.  Anyways, Team Shamberg has brought back it’s core from past seasons, but with them come a few key acquisitions that have them looking like real Championship contenders. One of those new comers Timothy Dunlavy had 26 points in the W and helped get them close to the century mark.  It’s going to be fun to see how they stack up with some of these new Teams.. For example, next week they’ll take on #4…

4. Team LoadDelivered (Camp Ojibwa) – 1-0, Currently tied for 1st

Another cast of Players mostly new to the All Sports Series world.  They do have a couple guys who have experience with the Leagues and they’ll likely call on that as the season rolls along.. They got an important Week 1 W and now they move on to face two other Teams currently in the Top5 in the next couple of weeks.. They’ll need another performance like the one they got on Tuesday out of Michael O’Malley who had 19 on the night. Next week they take on #3 Team Shamberg with a spot in the Top3 on the line.

5. Team Harris (Kelly Parker Home Collective) – 0-1, Currently tied for 5th

Again, those familiar with All Sports Series will certainly be familiar with the Team Harris name.  Captain Brian has competed in more All Sports Series Games than any other human on the planet.  He has captained a Team to a crown as well.. Team Harris won the 2013 Champaign League Championship. Team Harris mainstay, Sam Shiner, was along for the ride then and is still today.

Those familiar with the Leagues will also be aware of a theme in Week 1 Power Rankings articles.. It’s important to highlight the Team that loses the Game of the Night… That is Team Harris. Team Harris is clearly among the upper echelon of Teams in the League and while the Teams ranked ahead of them may take their foot off the gas ever so slightly Team Harris has some added fuel now.. They know they aren’t invisible and the early loss is going to keep them hungry. If Brad Tivin can keep putting in 25 a night they are going to be in really great shape.  Really excited to see them take on Team Foreman next Tuesday.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Diamond (VIP Express Limo) – 0-1, Currently tied for 5th

A cast of total All Sports Series “Rookies” .. They lost a tight one in their first outing.. Nothing to get down about at all.  They got better in the second half and it seemed they just needed to shed a bit of rust early on.. That shouldn’t be a problem any longer. David Kretch got into double figures on Tuesday Night. Expect them to hop into the Rankings in no time.

Team Free Agent (popchips) – 0-1, Currently tied for 5th 

Lost in Team Foreman’s opening week success was that the Team they played was pretty impressive as well. The Free Agent squad only had half of their roster there so they certainly were gassed by the end of their first Game but their talent certainly shined through. They are a mix of All Sports Series vets and rooks.. But seemingly everyone can play.. Evan Zahniser had 27 points on the night.  The Free Agent squads always need a bit of time to figure each other out, learn tendencies, etc.. But this group, once they light bulb really comes on.. They have enough to do serious damage.  They are going to be a force by August. Book it.

Team Sider (Alternative) – 0-1, Currently tied for 5th

Team Sider aka Team Schwartz in the big Chicago Hoops League had a head-scratching opening night.. But let’s back up from that for a bit.. This group has had some real success in the past two years and they are really talented. They hustle. They defend. They play generally solid team basketball.. We’ve seen them beat the best that these Leagues have to offer. They are legit contenders for the crown…  In the pre-season they added some needed scoring punch in the Bros. Deutsch (young and old.. middle belongs to the Maione crew).. So all of that is positive.. Now, back to Tuesday.. The ball just wouldn’t go in. Brian Deutsch and Jon Sider both had 21 a piece, but they’d tell you it was not pretty getting there.  They had an off night. It happens, we’ve seen it before.. This is a group that plays better as the underdog anyways.. So they may have been just going for the “we have them right where we want them” model.. In any event, Tuesday wasn’t pretty.. But that’s all it was.. Just 1 Game.. They’ll get back at it next week against Team Diamond and every indication says that they will have a big bounce back Game.


That’s it for the Power Rankings this week. Have a great weekend and see ya back at it on Tuesday Night!

– Holden