2015 Chicago Summer Hoops – Week 4 (July 14)

Updated: July 17, 2015

We are now over half way through the Regular Season and right about now is when everyone starts to eye the Playoffs a bit.. We still have 2 squads Undefeated atop the Standings and they are starting to pull away from the rest of the pack as they are now at least 2 Games up on the field with head to head tiebreakers and just 3 weeks left in the Regular Season.  In terms of the Playoff Bracket, all 8 Teams make it.. The #1 Seed will get a bye to the Final4.  Teams seeded 7 and 8 will compete in the Opening Round with the Winner moving onto the Quarterfinals to face the #2 Seed.  Then we’ll have the standard 3/6 and 4/5 Games  to Round out the Quarterfinals.  Before the Rankings, here’s the Weekly Highlight Video! OK Let’s Rank ’em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Maione (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 4-0, Currently tied for 1st

For the 4th time in the Regular Season, Team Maione, found themselves pushed in the first 30-35 minutes of the Game.. Each and every week, they’ve managed to figure out in the last stretch and get the W.  They have managed to get the best out of each of their opponents and even with the target on their backs they sit here at 4-0.   Captain Ant had 31 points in a vital performance that will keep them tied atop the Standings.  They have built up quite the Rivalry with Team Sider/Schwartz over the years and Tuesday Night added another grueling chapter to it.. If Team Maione can take care of business the next two weeks they may be staring at a battle of the titans in Week 7 with Team Foreman.. Both have a real shot at getting to 6-0 before the Regular Season finale with the #1 seed and a Bye to the Final4 on the line.

2. Team Foreman (Worth Sports) – 4-0, Currently tied for 1st

How impressive have these guys been in their first 4 weeks in All Sports Series?  Team Shamberg held them to their lowest point total of the Season..  A lowly 90 points is all they tallied this week.. They have two weeks with 100+ and two weeks of 90+. They are running through the competition and frankly show no signs of slowing down. Jeffrey Dirkin had another great night with 29 and Kyle Glancy had 23 as well.  It’s mentioned above but there’s a real shot that we’ll have a battle of two 6-0 Teams in Week 7 between Foreman and Maione.. The Winner will get the #1 seed and more importantly a Bye to the Final4.

3. Team Harris (Kelly Parker Home Collective) – 2-2, Currently tied for 3rd

This is the Team Harris many expected to see at the start of the Season. After a rough couple of weeks to start the Summer (vs. Team Maione and Team Foreman) they have rebounded nicely and are now back to .500.  The first two weeks don’t look so bad now either considering their two opponents are both still Undefeated.  Tony Rizzo had 19 to help key the W against Team Diamond this Week.  They will get Team Sider next week in a Rematch from their fantastic Playoff Game in the Hoops League this Spring.  Team Harris will surely look for Redemption next Tuesday Night!

4. Team LoadDelivered (Camp Ojibwa) – 2-2, Currently tied for 3rd 

Back to .500 for LoadDelivered.  They took down the Free Agent squad this past week and with the W moved firmly into the middle of the pack.. They are about to embark on the hardest part of the schedule as the 2 Undefeated Teams await them in back to back weeks.. They seem to really be gelling right now and it while they may not be the “favorites” in those contests, it wouldn’t be shocking to see them knock at least one of those Teams from their current perches.  If Spencer Stanek can continue to go for 20 a night they will be in good shape. One thing is for sure.. Tempo will be key for them in the next couple of weeks.. They need to slow the Games way down to defeat Maione and/or Foreman.

5. Team Shamberg (Teplitz & Bell) – 2-2, Currently tied for 3rd

There are going to be ups and downs in a League such as this with several quality Teams. They are exiting the teeth of their Schedule as they just faced Team Maione and Team Foreman in consecutive weeks. Captain Shamberg is a Veteran with righting the ship and there’s no doubt he’ll get his crew heading back in the right direction. They started 2-0 for a reason and a couple weeks doesn’t impact their title aspirations. They look to get past Team Free Agent next Tuesday and get back over .500.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Diamond (VIP Express Limo) – 0-4, Currently in 8th

Here’s the deal. No point in looking backwards.. They have a rough stretch in terms of the Schedule to finish the Season but all of that is really insignificant in the bigger picture. Each Team makes the Playoffs. They have 3 weeks to get everything on track before it’s Win or Go Home time.. They still have time to climb out of the 7 or 8 seeds as well considering they are just a Game back of the 6 spot..  Tons of time.

Team Free Agent (popchips) – 1-3, Currently tied for 6th

Dropped a Defensive battle to Team LoadDelivered this week.. They were missing some of their Offensive firepower but should regain their normal form next week.. All in all they have to be generally encouraged. They are really learning each other’s Games still and as long as they can fine tune everything in the next couple of weeks they are going to be just fine!  They finish up the Regular Season with three straight Games vs. Teams who they are either tied or a Game back of in the Standings. They’ll have a big say in their Playoff seeding..

Team Sider (Alternative) – 1-3, Currently tied for 6th

They are not the type to sugarcoat anything.. They’d tell you they are disappointed to have dropped the Game with Team Maione last week.. One that they led in throughout.. They’d also say they are disappointed to have started 1-3.  Here’s the thing.. They know full well that they can play with each and every Team here.. They also know what it takes to get through the rigors of the Playoffs in All Sports Series.  It’s a marathon and not a sprint.. Seeding will not be crucial to their survival.. Just need to play their best!


That’s it for this Week. Have a great weekend and see you next Tuesday Night!

– Holden