2015 Chicago Summer Hoops – Week 5 (July 21)

Updated: July 24, 2015

5 Weeks down. 2 to go.  We are closing in on the Playoffs and with the single-elimination format looming, seeding holds great importance. Here’s the blank Playoff Bracket.  Our final 2 Undefeateds are still standing alone atop the mountain right now.. We are just one week away from a potential clash of the titans between Team Maione and Team Foreman with a Playoff BYE on the line.. Before we get into the Rankings, here’s a the Weekly Highlight Video! OK Let’s Rank ‘Em!

Power Rankings

1. Team Maione (Dr. Jacob D.D.S.) – 5-0, Currently tied for 1st

Another Week, another W, for the co-favorites..  They’ve found new ways to win just about each week and it’s a testament to their depth and teamwork. These guys have played together forever and truly how to utilize each other’s strengths.. Captain Anthony had himself a night with 24 and Chris Wroblewski had 21 as well.. They seemed primed for a Championship and it’s going to be really fun if they along with Team Foreman can win next week setting up an Undefeated Clash for the Regular Season finale.

2. Team Foreman (Worth Sports) – 5-0, Currently tied for 1st 

Team Foreman has made it clear since Week 1 that there’s no hope in keeping them from scoring.. They a juggernaut.  In 5 weeks now, their lowest point total is 90 and last Tuesday was the 3rd time they went over 100.. Back to not being able to stop them.. The school of thought then becomes, to beat them, you have to just get into a shoot-out and catch fire.. Well, Team LoadDelivered also crossed the century mark on Tuesday Night… Still not enough.  Just not sure how to beat these guys at this point.. They are one Win away from what should be the Game of the Regular Season.

3. Team Shamberg (Teplitz & Bell) – 3-2, Currently in 3rd

Team Shamberg is now through the toughest part of their schedule and with that came the light at the end of the tunnel. They are now back up and over .500 and have no plans of going back.. Timothy Dunlavy was excellent once again with 31 points in the W.  They have a big Game next Week with Team Harris who is just a Game behind them in the Standings.. It’s very tight in the middle of the pack right now.. Team Shamberg has the inside track to the #3 seed and with another W or two to close the season it’ll be theirs.

4. Team Sider (Alternative) – 2-3, Currently tied for 4th 

They snapped their brief losing-skid and in dramatic fashion.. They got a 1pt W over Team Harris and with the W they pull into a 3-way tie for 4th with Team Harris and Team LoadDelivered.. As the Regular Season winds down and Playoff seeding becomes clearer.. This W might be the biggest of the Regular Season for Team Sider.. They now control their own destiny in terms of staying out of the Opening Round Game and, thus, away from the Top2 seeds until the Final4. Big W.

5. Team Harris (Kelly Parker HC) 2-3, – Currently tied for 4th

Always tough to swallow a 1pt Loss.. If it didn’t bother you, there’d be something wrong really.. That being said, this is a Team chalk-full of All Sports Series vets and they know too well that there’s no time to dwell.. They still hold their destiny in their hands.. If they win out, they won’t be in the Opening Round Game and stay away from the Top2 Teams until the Final4 in the Playoffs. That’s a big deal.. Especially for a squad with a lot of moving parts; they need time to gel still.  They have #3 Team Shamberg next week in a Game that really could impact both Teams’ Playoff journeys.

Rest of the Pack (Alphabetical Order) 

Team Diamond (VIP Express Limo) 0-5, – Currently in 8th

Dropped one to Team Maione last Tuesday Night but so has everyone else that’s played them so far this Season.. They have another tough test with the other Undefeated .. Team Foreman.. Next Week.  We’ve mentioned it over the past couple of weeks.. This group is better than their record would indicate and they are playing better each week.. Mike Gleason went over 20 for the 3rd straight week and he’s really become someone they can lean on.   They have Playoff Wins in them.  Especially if Teams take them lightly because of their record.

Team Free Agent (popchips) 1-4, – Currently in 7th

Much of what is said above about Team Diamond can be said here about Team Free Agent. It’s their first run together and the Team is playing at a higher level than their current record shows.. They played #3 Team Shamberg to a close one on Tuesday Night and it’s a strong indication they are improving each week.  They finish the Regular Season with Team Sider and Team Harris.. Both Teams are just a Game above them right now.. If they can beat both (or maybe just one depending on how it shakes down) they will be able to leap up out of the Opening Round Game into the 5-6 seed range when the Playoffs tip.  It’s go time!

Team LoadDelivered (Camp Ojibwa) 2-3, – Currently tied for 4th

It was already stated up in Team Foreman’s section above.. But what are you supposed to do when 100 points isn’t enough? This is easily the highest scoring Game thus far this Season and more than anything just shows how tough it’s going to be for someone to knock off Team Foreman. Team LoadDelivered is right in the thick of the middle of the pack.. They have another shot to knock off an Undefeated squad – Team Maione next week.  Don’t sleep on these guys.


That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend and see you next Tuesday Night!

– Holden